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So I saw this book and i thought it looked pretty interesting Sherlock Holmes and James Moriarty being teenagers in the current time being roommates at a sleepaway school The twist is that the story is being told from a 1st person perspective most of the time of Moriarty s sister This seemed interesting enough as there was a big mystery about a book that the three of them had to solve It started out okaybut about halfway though started to implode upon itself First of all the twist with the bible at the endwas actually very lame In fact it seemed that about halfway though the book really fell apart A character dies and everything really goes downhill from there However the biggest issue that i have is that none of the characters are really likable She tries to act like James is a great brother and a good person but all we ever see him as is a erk He has anger fits at the drop of a hat and hates Sherlock right off the bat He wasn t likable and you don t feel bad for him Sherlock is a pompous Prisoner of Night (Black Dagger Brotherhood, jerk and while this is usual for him heust got very irritating and i can see why James didn t like him The sister on the other hand is meant to be the audience s mouthpiece Kind of the character we re supposed to identify with But she s a girl So what does the author then decide to do That s right Drop not so subtle hints that in the future books there s probably going to be romance between her and Sherlock And it was painfully awkward implicated romance that wasn t appealing or even remotely fun I kind of hoped the author wouldn t be so lame as to do that butttt unfortunately he did Lame In general the ending was terrible and the story itself read well enough but I wasn t rooting for anyone The only thing I cared about was the resolution of the mystery and that turned out to be a big fat nothing Overallam I going to read the second book when it comes out shrugs maybe But I won t be rushing out to buy it on release day I ll tell you that Honestly it was a big fat meh 255 rounded up to a 3 Although I enjoyed this book I felt it paled in comparison to Peter and the Starcatchers and I honestly don t find myself likely to finish this series any time soon It s cute but not terribly memorable I found the pace to be a bit slow and overall this was ust not a huge stunner for me A terrific idea to explore what made James Moriarty into a criminal mastermind but the execution fell flat Told in an awkward combination of 1st person POV of little sister Moria Moriaty and third person teenage James and his sister are sent to boarding. The New York Times bestselling author of the Peter and the Starcatchers and Kingdom Keepers series Ridley Pearson brings us the riveting first tale of the Lock and Key trilogy about the origins of the rivalry between literature’s most famous enemies Sherlock Holmes and James Moriarty told from the perspective of James’s observant little sister MoriaBefore James grew up to be a ruthless remorseless villain

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Ut I had two problems1 Why make it contemporary if the children were still going to talk like formal Victorians Maybe that s what rich white American kids normally sound like but it sounded forced and not at all 21st century Of course Pearson tried to modernize it by dropping references to Snapchat how many middle grade readers use Snapchatwhat are they using it for and books like Harry Potter or The Da Vinci Code so random and oddly dated but it probably would have been better to keep it in the past 2 Why did it have to be from Moria s POV side note Moria Moriarty It s like he didn t even try to come up with a girl s name I get that she became an important character but having her tell the story meant I often felt like I was a step removed from the action especially in the James andor Sherlock scenes It was a clever plot device but it didn t feel efficient I ended up not caring about any of the characters because I couldn t get into their heads 35 STARSThe Da Vinci Code meets ElementaryI was really looking forward to this one after seeing it on Goodreads a few months ago I was interested in reading a retelling of Sherlock Holmes that had Sherlock and his arch nemesis Moriarty both attending the same boarding school as young teens After getting a hold of a copy I had hyped myself up for this book and I really wish I hadn t Don t get me wrong it was a really fun and adventurous story but what made it not as exciting to me was the introduction of romance between our main protagonist and the ever fantastic Sherlock Holmes It was not necessary for the story AT ALL and for me damaged my full enjoyment of the book Personally I don t see a place for romance in Middle Grade books it s best for YA in my opinion Romance in Middle Grade to me does nothing but water down a story I tried my best not to let it ruin the rest of the book for me and I m happy to say it didn t ruin it entirely This was a fun uick and thrilling read but it was a tad too soft for me I will explain that in my Book Thoughts video for this but you all know I love me some DARK Middle Grade books and this lacked in darkness uite a bit But I still enjoyed the story and will be reading further installments for Sherlock Holmes s character in this book He saved the book for me Would I recommend it of course it s not a waste of time at all It was definitely a good time read But I do have to say it s not a MUST READ Looking forward to book 2 to see what this story has in store and to see how these unsolved mysteries in the first book are put to rest Richard. N the school wide scandalThe school is on lockdown until it’s found strange clues keep finding their way to James and a secret society lurks behind it all It’s a brave new reimagining of the Sherlock Holmes series as only master of suspense Ridley Pearson could envision As Rick Riordan author of the Percy Jackson series says “This tale will change the way you see Sherlock Holmes and leave you dying to know

School James s roommate is Sherlock Holmes She keeps telling us James is brilliant but the only brilliance we see is Sherlock s The character of James is never really revealed and Sherlock outshines him in analytic ability arrogance and kindness Found this to be uneven I enjoyed the setting and the subseuent mystery at Baskerville Academy with Holmes and the two Moriarty children but some of the talking about stuff their knowledge or lack thereof or how the This is my first Ridley Pearson book and I m not too impressed Perhaps it s because he chose to write about such celebrated literary characters the writing seemed too stunted and the characters were like caricatures Frankly I have no idea how the whiny brat of a teenager Pearson has Moriarty portrayed as could end being the mastermind who Sherlock a run for his money I was continuously told how smart James was but rarely did I see that intelligence put to use More often than not I saw him acting sullen and Not feeling this one The beginning was okay but the I read the I disliked all the characters The story wasn t strong enough for me to continue once this happened so I decided to DNF the book half way through made it to page 205 As a middle grade reader I loved Sherlock Holmes stories but often tired of the old time settings It was ust the type of reader I was I loved mysteries and puzzles but tended towards modern stories The Initiation provides all the elements I love about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle s works and places them in the current era Not completely I must admit There are some flowery passages that I would have skipped over in this book as a child but the tale its clues and characters would have grabbed me As an adult reader I was entertained and hooked unable to set the book aside for long Ridley Pearson tells a great tale regardless of what audience he contemplates The characters here are 7th and 9th graders They still cry when separated from their parents They have trouble making friends There is a parental death but with so much warning that it is anticipated This is an excellent book for fans of Sherlock Holmes and mysteries Suzanne R DNF 30%2016 HarperCollinsI have read a Ridley Pearson s novel for adults so I thought I would try this one It wasn t a bad book it ust didn t capture my attention I think there is a movieshow based on this book I received a complimentary copy of this ebook from the publisher through EdelweissNetGalley Opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own 25 stars if I was being generous I d up it to 3 stars E was a curious boy from Boston with a penchant for trouble and an acid tongue Thrown into a boarding school against his wishes James winds up rooming with a most unlikely companion a lanky British know it all named Sherlock Holmes “Lock” to his friends An heirloom Bible donated by the Moriarty family than a hundred years ago has gone missing and it doesn’t take long for the two to find themselves embroiled

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