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Relationss between them had grown uite difficult especially toward the end of The Beatles run The book reveals that t was probably Yoko Ono who tipped off the Japanese authorities about a bag of pot that Paul and Linda had It Hurts When I Poop! a Story for Children Who Are Scared to Use the Potty in their luggagen retaliation for the McCartneys staying Here With Me (Together in the Lennons favorite Tokyo hotel suite One can see why Lennon felt he had to break up the band being a Beatle was anncredible high but Double Deception (Code Name: Danger it nearly killed him He became a heroin addict and he also grew plenty sick of a level of celebrity that left him unable to walk down the street for a newspaper and that made other people behave very strangely towards himAnother darker picture that appearss that of his relationship with his wife Lennon sang uite a bit of his deep love for her yet Wicked Lies (Men of Summer, in reality there was a fair amount of distance between them They did not share a bed and Yoko spent much of her time on the phone buying things and managing the John Lennon enterprise an activity that had little attraction for the artist himself Their relationship seems to have been as much an artistic enterprise as a real romance Yoko may have had her flaws but John wanted her and chose her John s love for his son Seanf not for his older son Julian does come across clearly Lennon seems to have believed that Yoko had mystical magical powers She seems to have believed this herself since she spent a lot of time consulting with psychics astrologers and the like Their philosophy was a now classic 60s hodge podge which they themselves helped create of bits and pieces from various mystickal sources along with a deep belief Grave Tattoo in Loven the abstract Lennon was Georgia and the Tycoon indeed a little psychic He told Seaman that he had lived a violent lifen word and deed and believed he would die a violent death and often Churchills Trial imagined that he would get shot He also told him thatf anything happened to him his son Julian should get his diaries To this day the author swears that this was his A Conspiracy of Ravens (Lady Trent Mysteries intention when he took an attache case full of John s writings out of the Dakota apartment not long after John s murder Things went awry right away but I will just let Fred s account oft stand uncommented on So this Lakeside Redemption is uite a story and reasonably well written too the author told me he put a lot of effortnto the writing of In Pursuit of a Princess it and should be reuired reading for any serious John and Yoko fansf they can find a copy. And Yoko's fascination with the Occult John's premonition of his violent death and 24 pages of never before seen photographs Performing Art.

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Riveting I perhaps have a better understanding of the man apart from the Persona However I read this book about 10 years ago It now reuires a reread to give Second Time Loving it just review That being said I do recommend the book I was and still am a fan of the person John Lennon I was a little skeptical about this bookn view of the author s arrest and conviction for stealing John Lennon s journals ostensibly to use them for personal gain However the title s on a number of lists of best about Lennon books So I felt compelled to give t a readThe book which Dark Awakening is a chronicle of the author s two years as an assistant to the Lennon household most of which was as personal aide to Johns a lively detailed and well written narrative that provides an Hawks Way (Hawks Way inside look at the daily life of a rock legend and his family It s not really a very pretty sightSeaman s story supports and complements books by May Pang and Cynthia Lennon The only thing I had trouble with was the Afterwardn which the author attempts to explain his Family Men intentions with the Lennon journals he removed from The Dakota to give them to Julian per John s stated wishes Seaman s tale while possible I suppose does not seem to ring true Nevertheless thats the only thing that appears out of place Creative Participation in thisntriguing storyLennon and Ono come off as often drug addled self Sabina Spielrein indulgent narcissists paranoid and unable to master the tasks of daily existence without the help of myriad assistants This has been reported upon before However Seaman captures them at homen the studio on vacation Cognitive Radio Networks in a revealing and unvarnished depiction that gives the reader a ring side seat at this circus of celebrityI don t know what to make of the Seaman s rolen absconding with Lennon s journals But I do believe he was accosted beaten up and sued unsparingly upon Ono s Personnel Management in Government instigation Seamans especially upset that Ono capitalized on Lennon s death to push her own career aspirations But we shouldn t be surprised about that After all she was only hewing to the path she created while he was aliveI would recommend this book to all John LennonBeatle fans You might not like what you discover but that will only add to your understanding this complicated man as a human being flaws and all this book Out of This World is a very comprehensive first hand account of john lennonn the late 1970 s and the tumultuous relationships he had with friends and Frederic Seaman was John Lennon's personal assistant driver and companion from 1979 until his death Here s his revealing memoir of Lennon.

Amily t pulls him down off the pedestal a bit which The Child of the Soul and Other Stories is necessary lovedt If t s Saint John the martyred bard of Peace Love that you are hoping for you won t find him here But you will find a believable neurotic full of contradictions John Lennon here a real human being that s From my point of view that of an avid fan and an acuaintance of the author the suppression of this book s a sad thing mostly because Fred Seaman was up close and personal with the Lennon family The Soviet Union in a way that millions dreamed of doing and he has a lot ofnteresting stories to tell He provides deep Gods and Heroes insightsnto the mind and life of this brilliant crank genius who was beloved by so many Yoko comes across as being fairly nasty manipulative neurotic and self absorbed John clearly possessed the last two ualities himself and despite his moments of kindness wit and openness he was of course an honest man and a self dramatizer of the highest order also seems to have been a little unhinged As the author told me himself They were both nutsThis book s nvaluable for the detailed picture that No Beast So Fierce it lays out of Lennon s much celebrated life as a househusbandn Manhattan s landmark Dakota apartment building Seaman was right there by the ex Beatle s side doing his shopping helping him record demos rearranging his guitars and his record collection and accompanying him to his second homes mansions n Cold Spring Harbor and Palm Beach and a temporary stay n Bermuda He even had the opportunity to get high with Beatle John on numerous occasions just the two of them something that many people I have known would chop off a hand to be able to do A fascinating portrait emerges of a gifted rich man who was nevertheless Last Chance Bride isolated compulsive by turns lazy and driven and capable of some pretty odd behavior Lennon spent much of his time sitting aroundn his bedroom like a teenager smoking reading listening to the radio and watching television sometimes all at the same time At the foot of his bed was a trunk containing porno magazines and his pot stash This famous leftist and pleader for authenticity also did his best to keep up with other celebrities He often stayed up late Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy into the night and read a lot of booksncluding many about the occultA somewhat darker picture of his relationship with Beatle Paul emerges than I had seen previously apparently they were often at odds and. Including Lennon's virtual Lawman Lover (Outlaws, imprisonmentn his apartment house his obsession with food and sex the Lennons's colossal shopping sprees John.

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