Brian Tarsis: The Long Cruel Winter

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Wbound they have no choice but to stay through the long cold winter The Countess and her male companions used to a life of decadence and perversion strike an unholy bargin with the crafty unscrupulous innkeeper For a fistful of rubles he sells them his daughter for the winter her lovely young body theirs to use as they.

Please so long as her virginity remains intact And so the innocent Natalia becomes the sexual plaything of the cruel nobles Day after day she must ndure sadistic torture and diabolical humiliation then allow them to sate their unnatural lusts in her tight bottom their virgin sex slave until the long Russian winter n.

In Imperial Russia 1872 in a nondescript inn at the top of a rugged snowy pass in the Ural Mountains the innkeeper had a remarkably beautiful daughter named Natalia One night with the first snowstorm of winter blowing at their heels the Countess Kartina Romanov and her ntourage arrive at the inn Finding themselves sno.

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Brian Tarsis has been doing kinky artwork professionally since 1984 Spent four years in the Marine CorpsRetired due to the easy attitude on the internet that it is ok to pirate 'porn'