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This may be my favorite of the Peculiar Crime Unit series books yet A locked room crime The London theater world and the ultra rich A orey and sex filled play Oh so many things to consider Once again Arthur Bryant and John May lead their cohorts into a battle of sorts to find a killer And now they are operating in high social circles which might impede an investigation There were areas of London society where even the law was powerless The ap between rich and poor was not just one of wealth but of accountability p 85And Bryant thinks to himself Artifice and realitythey combine easily than we realise TV shows pretend to offer realism but they hide hide as much as they show Fiction on the other hand can contain fundamental human truths And sometimes it s possible to step back and forth between these two worlds just by opening the correct door by finding the key that will unlock mysteries So much of London is masked unspoken rules protect the privileged unseen codes hide the uilty What a crafty lot we are p 86There is always oing on than the mystery at handDefinitely recommended Ninth in the Bryant May uirky mystery series set in London and revolving around two detectives who should have retired years agoMy TakeIt s a dive into the history of Punch and Judy theatre and it s fascinating as Salterton takes us back into its origins and purpose as well as who the cast is actually meant to represent There s also a brief foray into censorship in London theatres by the Lord Chamberlain and historic bits of stage magic It s very much like today when a new bit of technology arises and everyone has to play with itEach installment in the series has explored various aspects of history particularly London s and I believe that Oskar Kasavian s vendetta is part of the overall series arc along with Bryant and May s pending retirement The series has also been Fowler s soapbox as he expresses his own views on society politics policework the human conditionand the Disneyfication of the West End I otta say I agree with most everything he s said so far in the series And it s why that third person omniscient point of view is so useful as it allows him to include those opinionsIt s the characters in the PCU that make this so much fun to read well that and Fowler s impossible mysteriesFowler makes such Crucible of Hell: Okinawa: The Last Great Battle of the Second World War great use of the report it s a cleverly disguised info dump to fill the reader in on the characters and the back story of the Peculiar Crimes Unit It seems that Fowler had a presentiment about Wikileaks as well lol I loved Fowler s note that the University of London is trying to offer a course that explains Bryant s methods lolI canet into thisClutter either mental or physical is the sign of a healthy curiosityI am SO healthyOnce you Scabby Queen get past the report we start at the end with a modified reverse chronology plot beat and segue into a locked room mystery that ends with a twist of a surprise ending And yet as difficult as this was to figure out as intriguing as was Punch s history and with that connection Meera makes toward the end The Victoria Vanishes 6 he should ve left it alone but all that poking and attacking which only makes me want to dive into The Invisible Code 10 it was a bit tediousBryant is fascinatingly rude I m taking notesConsidering who the murderer turns out to be who was digging through Baine s briefcaseFor a bit of domestic drama Bryant has lost his case for his Chalk Hill factory abode and has to move I can t wait to see how he fits in to his next homeThe StoryFor the crew of the New Strand Theatre the play The Two Murderers seems less performance than prophecy when a cast party ends in the shocking death of the theater owner s son The crime scene is most unusual even for Bryant and May In a locked bedroom without any trace of fingerprints or blood the only sign of disturbance is aruesome life size puppet of Mr Punch laying on the floor Everyone at the party is a suspect including the corrupt producer the rakish male lead the dour set designer and the assistant stage manager who is the wild daughter of a prominent The Final Mission Conard County Conard County The Next Generation government officialIt s this last fact that threatens the Peculiar Crimes Unit s investigation as theovernment s Home Office wary of the team s eccentric methods seeks to throw them off the case But the nimble minds of Bryant and May are not so easily deterredDelving into the history of the London theater and the disturbing origins of Punch and Judy the detectives race to find the maniacal killer before he reaches his even deadlier final actThe CharactersArthur Bryant and John May are senior detectives who should have retired but they enjoy their work too much And besides what else would they do The incredibly rude and eccentric Bryant has handled almost every type of case there is in a most odd manner using psychics healers New Age fringe dwellers etc Victor is his ancient Mini Cooper Alma Sorrowbridge is Bryant s West Indian housemate and his former landladyMay is the socially ept half of the team who loves dressing well and loves the ladies Brigitte is the divorced Frenchwoman May fears he s losing Jane Upton is his ex wife currently in an asylum He is estranged from his son Alex to whom his randdaughter April fled Bryant and May Off the Rails Gwen Kaye is his married sisterThe rest of the Peculiar Crimes Unit PCU wasone of seven experimental units created during World War II Since 1945 the PCU has been under fire by politicians and rescued by politicians These days the Home Office works to sabotage the PCU Raymond Land is the acting head who has been trying to transfer out for years His wife Leanne is constantly cheating on him but he s unaware of it Detective Sergeant Janice Longbright had been an Olympic javelin hopeful and has had a fascination for 1950s film stars and their style of dress Her mother Gladys Forthright used to work for PCU and her father Harris also worked for the Metropolitan Police Crime Scene Manager Dan Banbury is also the IT tech with a ten year old son Sergeant Jack Renfield flips. On a rainswept London night the wealthy unscrupulous Robert Kramer hosts a party in his penthouse just off Trafalgar Suare But something is wrong The atmosphere is uncomfortable the uests are on edge And when Kramer's new young wife Tiny Tattoos By Rebecca Vincent The Tattoo Dictionary By Trent Aitken-Smith 2 Books Collection Set goes to check on their baby boy she finds the nursery door locked from the insideBreaking in the Kramers are faced with an open window an empty cot and arotesue antiue puppet of Mr Punch lying on the floor It seems that.

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Ns and non linear thinking leading to the end that it kept me engrossed and wondering That right there is enough for me on many levels too often the writer reveals too much along the way making the ending easy to Pancake Day guess Add in a lot of humorous moments character development of all charactersreat and small and this was just an enjoyable read Lots of little esoteric pieces of information thrown in and a story plot that has it s roots here but will be I assume picked up in the next last volume If you re an anglophile like dry humor are open to eccentric thinking then Doğa Üstü Sevgi Altı give this a shot Review fro BadelyngeChristopher Fowler s wonderful creations elderly detectives Bryant and May and the Peculiar Crimes Unit are called in to investigate the brutal killing of a young baby taken from its cot in a locked room shaken to death and callously thrown out the window And on the floor next to the cot lies a life size Mr Punch doll As ever Bryant dives into the esoteric aspects of the case while May employs solid police work The book kicks off with some documents detailing the history and function of the PCU complete with personnel files and all seemingly compiled and perused by shadowyovernment types bent on closing down the unitGenerally Bryant usually states that he doesn t do multi tasking so he s severely hampered this time by being distracted by the suspicious death of his biographer Luckily DS Janice Longbright agrees to help him The Official Godzilla Compendium A 40 Year Retrospective Official Godzilla get to the bottom of it so that he canet to China Among Euals The Middle Kingdom and Its Neighbors 10Th 14th Centuries grips with the main investigation London s theatrical history and our own peculiar fascination with Punch and Judy over the centuries certainlyive the old detective plenty of food for thought Fowler manages to pull off his own brand of alchemy that blends the outright absurd with hard reality but no matter how dark it The Well Plated Cookbook: Fast, Healthy Recipes You'll Want to Eat gets there is always room for humourMy only slight niggle is that opening chapter It s one of those let s lift a weird and exciting chapter from the end of the book and put it right at the start so the reader doesn tet put off by the sedate start I love all the slow build up so I don t think it was neededPreuel chapter aside I still had a Optique Physique et Lasers Rsums de Cours et Problmes Corrigs Niveau B good time with Bryant and May againReview from an advanced readers copy I am determined to read all the Bryant and May Peculiar Crimes Unit books This series is so delightful and is somewhat like the Nero Wolfe books in that the story is secondary to the perfectly drawn characters The author is a master of the ingenious and slightly cock eyed style of writing that makes each book a joy even if the plot is totally insane and could never happen in the real worldIn this book the Peculiar Crimes Unit is called into a case which seems to revolve around the historic puppets Punch and Judy and has dark ties to the British theater Several murders occur and the pressure is on the Unit from the Home Office since high ranking persons are dying like flies Never fear the murderer will be revealed by the way she smokes a cigarette That seems like a spoiler but trust me it isn tAnother winner from Christopher Fowler I enjoyed this mystery felt it was one of the better ones EXCEPT for a babyetting killed I found that very disturbing thus the lack of starsI enjoyed the history behind the Punch and Judy and the history of London TheaterMadame Blavatsky was a hoot My favorite uote in the book was one of her fortunes Nobody Does Yoga in Wales There was also another murder not really relating to the case It is a definitely to be continued thread I m beginning to lose patience with our beloved old The Wife Stalker guy detectives In this novel I do not approve of the murder victims except one of them and when that one dies I wish he had died in a much horrible fashion and slowlyAnd it really bothers me how crucial details are kept away from readers until the last minute But I llive one extra star because at least the killer had been a suspect all along not some stranger who was never in the story until being miraculously presented as the murderer I REALLY hate it when mystery stories do thatOh and another bonus half star for being the Only Book I have read To date that features the blessed word culs de sacview spoilerFirst victim a baby Who in hell would write a story where a poor Baby is murdered Something is wrong with C FowlerSecond Victim an embezzling accountant who isn t too excited about life anyway He lost the embezzeled money and his irlfriend is a nagThird victim An actress who is near retirement age but is still surviving and has a reat attitude Dies like a rockstar Dies by choking on her own vomitFourth victim the original target His name is R Kramer I think our author has a problem with both Jewish people and women There is no reason Kramer needed to be named Kramer His name could have been any name Before dying Kramer admits his first fun victory in life When he was a teen he went to a Punch and Judy show and found himself sitting behind a pretty Hep Kavgaydı Yaşamım 2 Cilt girl He licked the back of her neck and after she slapped him he followed her home assaulted her by beating her face with a rock and then he raped her Yikes Our author Definitely has a little woman hating thingoing onOne interesting note the murderer didn t actually TRY to murder anyone except the accountant What kind of bad luck streak was oing on there Or maybe he did have plans to murder the baby but it went wrong I dunno I stopped caring near the end Just wanted to finish this icky book hide spoiler The Peculiar Crimes Unit delves into the world of the theatre as they investigate the death of a baby removed from his cot strangled and thrown out of the window of a room locked from the inside while downstairs the launch party for a new play has assembled numerous members of a theatre company all of whom are now suspects Examining the body and what little evidence was left behind it soon becomes apparent that the crime scene was an elaborately staged display meant to indicate that the child was strangled not by a human but by an antiue puppet of Mr Punch left lying next to the. Er in the West End As a second impossible death occurs the detectives uncover forgotten museums and London eccentrics and take a trip to a seaside Punch Judy showThen Bryant's biographer suddenly dies Was it a tragic accident or could the circumstances of her death be related to the case There's just one hour left to solve the crime but Bryant has buried himself away with his esoteric books The stage is set for a race against time with a surprising twi.

Back and forth on his support for the PCU and has a reputation as an old school copper He also has a thing for Longbright Police Constables Meera Mangeshkar Colin Bimsley and Fraternity Ducaine are also uite loyal although Meera has anger management issues and clashes with Bryant and May as well as filing complaints against them Bimsley s father and uncle are also former PCU Bimsley does have Diminished Spatial Awareness DSA and keeps trying to date Meera It s that bet at the end that does it lol Bargepole was Bimsley s childhood cat that triggered the DSA Fraternity was Liberty s brother Bryant May on the Loose 7 Crippen is a cat who survivedGiles Kershaw is a forensic pathologist working as the St Pancras coroner but continues to help out the PCU His brother in law was the last Home Secretary Rosa Mrs Danvers Lysandrou is the scary housekeeper at St Pancras Dr Leo Hendrick is the resident coroner at BermondseyThe Home Office HO haspurview over the PCU with Leslie Faraday your typical sleazoid bureaucrat the HO Liaison with the PCU Miss ueally is his personal assistant Oskar Kasavian is an intimidating supervisor with Internal Security and practically panting at the bit to et the PCU shut down Sabotage blackmail murder whatever works Lucy Clementine is a plantThe cast and associates of The Two Murderers includebillionaire Robert Julius Kramer is a real estate mogul who sees a parallel with Punch s sociopathy and his own ambitions Judith is his second wife Stella was his first Noah is their eleven month old son Gloria is the nanny Gregory Baine is the producer and Kramer s accountant Susan is his طوق طلا girlfriend Della Fortress and Marcus Sigler are the leads Russell Haddon is the director Naida is his drunkirlfriend Ella Maltby is in charge of set design and comes from a long line of model makers She s creative but An Ocean Without a Shore gruesome Ray Pryce wrote the play sort of Barnesly is the stage manager Gail Strong has just been hired as the assistant stage manager She s also the wayward daughter of the Public Buildings Minister and theranddaughter of the Lord Commissioner of the Treasury Mona Williams and Neil Crofting are aging actors playing bit parts Larry Hayes is the wardrobe master Mohammed al Nahyan is the carpenter Jolie Christchurch is the front of house manager Mrs Blimey is the cleaner at the theatreIrma Bederke works in the Human Resources Department of Farcom and is the Kramers neighbor Cruikshank Holdings is a private illegal nest egg Amir Sahin is a workman at the Cannon Street Station Mick Leach is the foreman Edgar Digby is Maltby s lawyerPunch and Judy andvarious automata The full iconic Punch and Judy cast includes Punch Judy their Baby the Beadle Scaramouche Toby Pretty Poll a Clown a Courtier an Archer the Police Constable the Doctor Jim Crow the black servant the Tradesman the Distinguished Foreigner the Alligator the Blind Man the Ghost Jack Ketch is the Hangman Mephisto the Devil and DeathMadame Blavatsky was found up in the attic of the current PCU office Yeah that office fits right in with Bryant s interests It was once used by the Alistair Crowley s Occult Revivalist Society for their meetingsDudley Salterton a ventrilouist does Punch and Judy shows in Broadstairs and owns a dilapidated waxworks museum He s also the foremost authority on Punch and Judy in Britain and a former academic at the British Museum Nimrod Granville who runs Pollock s Toy Museum is the last working expert on Victorian theatrical toys And his talk about those Victorian toys endurance will make you cry Maggie Armitage is the Grand Order Grade IV White Witch of the Coven of St James the Elder and yet another of Arthur s consultants and friends Daphne is a member of the coven and seeing spritesAnna Maruand is Bryant s biographer and freelances for Icarus the publisher who plans to publish Bryant s book She also transcribes for the Classical Studies Department Rose Maruand is her lazy selfish mother Sheena is a young woman who volunteers to help Rose out The Hagans are neighbors and the local four Ambushed generation criminal family Joseph is the father Ashley Hagan particularly scares her Bunny is the youngest daughterTooting Bec is a public swimming pool Donna is the cashier and a friend of Anna s The Ladykillers Caf with its 1950s theme is near the PCU office and popular with the team Brenda and Yvonne are its twenty something owners Janet Ramsey is the editor of Hard News aossip daily Ten Second Staircase 4 Alex Lansdale is the theatre reviewer for Hard NewsThe Cover and TitleThe cover is a soft blue violet sponged and stenciled with a proscenium arch in a darker shade The title and author s name are in a script font in black and frame a cartoonish Punch and Judy act that represents events in the story Yep even the Fall Girl graphics that surround the deep rust curtained stage with its pointed knife the skeleton dangling from the B in the title the theatrical comedy and tragedy masks the pitchfork and the bag of popcorn are part of the act The series information is in a scrolly frame in the front center of the stage floorThe title is a bid for revenge in The Memory of Blood for family wronged ehhhhhhhhh it was cute but i think what happens with some of these series mysteries is that once youet past the initial surprise and delight of the funny characters and situations they start to feel empty I felt that way with the fourth Flavia De Luce and I ve felt that way with the past couple Bryant and Mays And there used to be character development in the early books this one is just kind of a silly plot with nothing much else view spoiler hide spoiler This is the first book I ve read in the series 8 and I enjoyed it enough to now In Bad Taste go and start from the beginning Two seemingly doddering detectives in London head up the PCU peculiar crimes unit Bryant a real eccentric and May This murder mystery is set in the world of London Theater and puppetry two things that I m very interested in so that is what interested me in the first place There are enough twists and tur. Young Noah Kramer was thrown from the building but the child was strangled and the marks of the puppet's hands are clearly on his throatwhat's there was a witnessIt's a perfect case for the Peculiar Crimes Unit As John May and his team interrogate theuests Arthur Bryant heads into the secret world of automata and stagecraft illusions and effects His suspicions fall on the staff of Kramer's company who have been employed to stage a ruesome new thrill.

Librarian noteThere is than one author in the GoodReads database with this nameChristopher Fowler is an English novelist living in London his books contain elements of black comedy anxiety and social satire As well as novels he writes short stories scripts press articles and reviewsHe lives in King's Cross on the Battlebridge Basin and chooses London as the backdrop of many of his s