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Antastic Why is The Milepost recommended Unlike the lower 48 states Alaska and Northwest Canada have few roads and very limited tourist infrastructure Gas stations restaurants stores and places to sleep with a roof over your head may be few and far between separated by highly variable weather and fair to partly crappy roads What there is tends to fill up uickly especially in summer Planning ahead is a great way to ensure a positive experience and The Milepost is ust the planning resource that most visitors need Even the locals tend to carry a copy in the carThe 2018 version of The Milepost is the 70th edition of this incredibly useful travel guide Upfront it offer practical tips to the visitor whether arriving by road sea or air Most importantly the Milepost offers a mile by mile travelogue updated annually for the main roads along with maps diagrams of some key towns photographs and advertisements for attractions accomodations and other travel facilities It includes small delights that might not make it into guide books like scenic overlooks of glaciers or places to book a fishing trip It includes basic information for the Alaska Marine Ferry System a way to see Southeast Alaska from the water and take your vehicle with you This guide is a must have resource for those planning an extended trip whether by car RV or camper The Milepost is most highly recommended don t leave home without Tion of this classic travel guide which was first published in 1949 as a 72 page guide to the recently opened Alaska Alcan Highway A history of the Alaska Highway is included in The MILEPOSTThe MILEPOST® has than 100 city and road maps; the wildly popular pull out Plan A Trip Map; than 600 photos; and free access to a digital edition for print book buyer.

While this book is excellent for its thorough details you may want to bring maps if you are going to very remote places There was no information for Inuvik or Tuktoyaktuk so it took a bit of driving around to figure out where to go Make sure you familiarize yourself with the layout and organizational style of the book before you hit the road Its a bit confusing but once you get the hang of it it has a lot to offer Lots of detail so need to sort out the chaff from the wheat but nothing else compares This book is interesting as an overview to what you ll find on the many scenic highways in Alaska However it tries to do much while covering a gigantic geographical area If like most people you re going to the Anchorage area or the Kenai for fishing this book includes only a few pages of marginally useful information I bought it for my trip this past August and didn t even bring it with me There is Love for Imperfect Things just nothing of any value toustify carting a big heavy book like this on a trip It would have been useful to issue multiple volumes covering specific geographic regions and then going into detail on those We ve been to Alaska four times Two times on a cruise you probably don t need this book if you are cruising We went three times by rental motorhome YOU NEED THIS BOOK IF YOU ARE GOING TO DO THAT or are traveling in your own motorhome We wouldn t dream of going without this travel planner The Described as the uintessential reference for Alaska travelers The MILEPOST® offers mile by mile descriptions of than 15000 miles of road in Alaska Yukon Northwest Territories British Columbia and Alberta Its 700 plus pages detail accommodations camping sightseeing attractions and servicesas well as fascinating facts on the history and wildlife of the Nor.

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Ages are very thin and easily tearable if you are not careful ask me how I know but that s because they have a TON of useful information and history about all the major and minor roads in Alaska scenic viewpoints photo opportunities where to watch for moose and bears where the pullouts are to boondocks where to get gas etc It s updated every year to the road conditions which is extremely important if you are traveling in a motorhome where you have to worry about rocks and windshield chips a very real possibility when traveling in Alaska even on the main highways Every year that we have gone this directory sits on my lap as the passenger and we know exactly what s coming down the road and what to watch out for The price is VERY reasonable for the fantastic up to date information that you get We wouldn t travel to Alaska without it Alaska is the ourney of a lifetime for many visitors Alaska and Northwest Canada are still large undeveloped offering an unsurpassed opportunity to experience a world before urbanization where wild animals still roam a landscape covered with forests streams lakes mountains tundra and glaciers In Alaska it is still possible to spends hours or even days or weeks in the wild with little to no contact with other humans The area offers no end of outdoor adventures The hiking biking canoeing kayaking skiing snow machining dog sledding fishing and hunting are simply Th Trip planning help and answers to freuently asked uestions are addressed in the Travel Planning section with features on crossing the border traveling with pets the Alaska ferry system driving conditions railroads tours and wildlife Suggested itineraries are mapped out to help travelers plan their tripsThe 2018 edition of The MILEPOST® is the 70th edi.