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Novella but it s as close as we ll get I thinkThe story is set in Scottland and fascinating for a lot of reasons I was especially interested in how despite being so blunt and stylized there was an incredible amount of character to Gaiman s prose and there was a subtlety to the scene construction that reminded me a little of Gene Wolfe The general arc is phenomenal and strange in all the right ways and it was an amazing reminder of just how good a writer Gaiman can beSo I m sure Gaiman is going to continue disappointing me but I liked this story enough I m looking forward to the Ocean at the End of the Lane which seems good and it almost makes me want to read Anansi Boys Anyway it s a uick novella which I think is the perfect length for a story and definitely worth checking out for anyone interested in Gaiman especially if you ve read the novel I am a fan of the novel American Gods and this is a novella from the same world It s the centerpiece of the short story collection Fragile Things at about 150 pages The story was set in Scotland and there was a fancy party that needed a bodyguard All very mysterious I thought it was a nice entry into the American Gods world I m not a monster said Shadow Aye that s what monsters always say said the little man Set about two years after American Gods Shadow is just traveling backpacking nowing places drifting I say And in this story ends in the north coast of Scotland when some guy offer him a job as a bouncer for the weekend in some private partyWell I m aware that Gaiman is hit or miss for many This story to me despite the no so big surprises in the run is really good Manage to evoke that sensation of timelessness to blur relax the bounds between realities I mean when you step in some old places is easy to wonder to imagine to aweYou want to believe him He imagined time as something that pooled and puddled wondered if there were places where time hung heavy places where it was heaped and held cities he thought must be filled with time all the places where people congregated where they came and brought time with them And if that were true Shadow mused then there could be other places where the people were thin on the ground and the land waited bitter and granite and a thousand years was an eyeblink to the hills a scudding of clouds a wavering of rushes and nothing in the places where time was as thin on the ground as the people And then are all the currents and undercurrents the hints the irony and though Shadow should have to new better it feels like he is still trying to find his place stumbling in the twilight Si yo fuera Sombra me daria yuyu eso de los trabajitos ue le ofrecen Aunue uizas ya esta aburrido de pasar sin estar metido en lios uien sabe SPOILER view spoiler Me dej intrigada lo del barco de los muertos Naglfar esta implicando ue Shadow tiene un rol ue jugar en Ragnarock Oo Y ue fuerte lo ue le dice la Jennie hide spoiler The I read Neil Gaiman s books the I m starting to realize that I don t really enjoy his style of writing So two years after the events of American Gods Shadow is roaming Europe searching for a cause While he s in Scotland he meets a man who offers him a job as a bodyguard and Shadow s lik This novella is included in my copy of American Gods and it is a total treat I loved all the references to Beowulf and I loved that Gaiman engages with one of the most interesting and most overlooked thematic threads of medieval epic poetry that is how the hero to defeat the monster has to become a little of a monster himself I didn t expect any less from Gaiman. He wealthy gather at a grand old house in the glen And when the strange local doctor offers him work at the party Shadow is intrigued He nows there is no good reason for him to be there So what do they want with hi.

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The Monarch of the Glen is a novella set after American Gods featuring the main character from that story It was only 62 pages so it wasn t nearly as meaty of a story as the book it was based off of but I did enjoy it We find out what Shadow has been up to in the months following American Gods and he once again manages to get himself into trouble Aside from Shadow the other characters are pretty much new characters It was entertaining but uick and I m not sure the story will really stick with me aside from maybe blurring together with the original bookI don t think you can get this novella by itself any It s contained in two anthologies Fragile Things Short Fictions and Wonders which contains several stories by Neil Gaiman and Legends II which is an anthology of stories by various authors I really didn t want to read an entire anthology at this point I just wanted to read the novella and then move on to the other full length book in this series Anansi Boys So I borrowed Legends II from the library read just the novella then turned it back in If the Neil Gaiman anthology had been available at my library I might have been tempted to read the whole thing while I had access to it I was far less tempted with Legends II because I think most of those stories are set in established worlds that I haven t read yet I d rather wait and read them as part of the larger series they each belong to Story is set about two years after American Gods I iked it but I don t think it was necessary or made difference to the whole story of Shadow Moon s life Wow Novella novelette whatever you wish to label it this is a fantastic trip Gaiman here returns to the world of American Gods only this time he s back in the Old World rather than the New and it works a treat While I enjoyed Gaiman s American Gods I found the meandering vignettes took me away from the chief narrative Perhaps if the vignettes themselves had been removed from the novel and sold separately they d have been effective This novelette despite involving Shadow rather than some minor character feels like one of these vignettes from American Gods but reads even better Shadow is in the Scottish Highlands and soon finds himself in a battle with a monster from the Old World It all appears part of their destiny an age old ritual which neither can escape from I love The Monarch of the Glen It s intriguing atmospheric rich in myth and simply entertaining For me it surpasses American Gods I regard it up there with Gaiman s very best works I d highly recommended The Monarch of the Glen to any lover of myth and fantasy Before I even begin to type I To the Eastern Seas (Kydd Sea Adventures know what I will hear Hey aren t you the guy who doesn t like series Slap a The End on it and move on to something else weren t you the one that said thatYes yes that was meBut American Gods was awesome loved it and I wanted and Anansi Boys was also awesome loved it and I wanted to read and And so when I heard that Neil Gaiman had written another American Gods story a novella contained in Robert Silverberg s Legends II anthology I was compelled to read itAnd it is not a series in the sense that it is a ridiculously truncated cliffhanger or a thousand page behemoth that just ends and so the reader must then go plunk down cash to catch the next thousand page paper weight like the pun Gaiman has crafted a thematic vehicle where he can explore the myths and legends that have transformed our culture and have made us who and what we areAnywayGaiman catches up with Shadow Moon in the north north of Scotland Or is it the southern most region of the Norse. The Monarch of the Glen an American Gods novellaHe was not sure what he had been looking for He onlynew that he had not found itShadow Moon has been away from America for nearly two years His nights are broken wit.

Land The reader is taken on a fun ride through the lives and adventures of left behind gods and monsters The Monarch of the Glen is a must read for those of us who loved American Gods and or Anansi Boys 475 starsDid ya Zarlah the Martian know that Gaiman is my favorite author Yeah if it wasn t that obvious before younow nowWhat can I say I fucking loved this novella As someone who read American Gods for the first time maybe 4 or 5 years ago I have no idea how I never picked this novella up before now I love this world I love the characters I love how Gaiman brings mythology to life I adore how everything he writes is a perfect fairy tale in the end A scary and strange one but so beautiful and captivating to experienceThis novella is not a proper seuel to American Gods but it is a new tale and it s of course weird and trippy otherworldly and full of subtleties it s deeply atmospheric and so so wonderful to readIf you haven t finished American Gods or you don t wanna Slenderbone know about the fates of a certain characters I d say stop reading this If younow how that story ends then don t worry it s a spoiler free reviewIt follows a new little adventure A battle again not against a God but against a monster Not in the new world but in the old oneThe Highlands are the perfect place to find our hero Shadow Moon is still a troubled man a little lost a little sad a little wonderful and fantastically human in the end Two years have passed since the battle of the Gods and Shadow s been running away dealing with grief and loss trying to find a place in this broken and wonderful world It is in Scotland where he will find himself in a new adventure where his dreams will take him once to fantastical places and where he will be tested againThis story is all about the ambience it is perfectly placed in the Scottish Highlands there are dark things bad people lurking around and what definitely add to my reading experience and the enhancing of the tension and atmosphere that I enjoyed very much in this book were the illustrations throughout the whole novellaThis edition illustrated by Daniel Egn us is one of the most beautiful books I own and have ever had the pleasure to read Please if you are ever interested in reading this go pick up this hardcover edition I promise you won t regret it I ended up reading this ind of by accident since I m out of books I d planned on getting to the library today but it was snowing so badly I decided not to And I had no idea until a few hours ago that Gaiman had written a novella set after American Gods so I figured why not It s probably worth mentioning that I have a weird history with Gaiman I think of him as a very good writer but an incredibly disappointing one as despite the incredible ambition in a few of his projects American Gods which I think was an excellent novel and Sandman which maybe wasn t good but aimed high despite being sort of like a car that reved its engine for days and never left the parking lot he s coasted for years on young adult novels that aren t bad exactly but aren t special either silly pastiches twee rewrites of fairy tales that show up in overpriced boutiue editions and the occasional not very good screenplay But to take a step back I thought American Gods was an incredible novel despite some problems and it s rare for me to enjoy fantasy with a contemporary setting since it can be so incredibly hard to pull off and I ve been curious for years to see Gaiman tackle a larger complex project especially one that played with myth in that particular way Monarch of the Glen isn t uite that since it s H dangerous dreams Sometimes he almost believes he doesn't care if he ever returns homeIn the Highlands of Scotland where the sky is pale white and it feels as remote as any place can possibly be the beautiful and