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Ike I was on the phone with someone analyzing their family members and telling me about their family drama I didn t feel like I was actually xperiencing anything and I think that s why Part One felt slow Even Zoe s reflections felt that way and she was the one with direct O Testamento experience Part Two Monday was interesting because it focuses on thevents of Monday and what happened to Zoe s mother but it was already too late for me There were too many perspectives Gangbang Slut especially from those who aressentially spectators of the central story I think I would have liked the story if it stuck with the Second Chance Family I could have done without the TessaRichardSam storyline but that was actually the part that affected me the most Sam s last chapter was haunting The family s movements through the house during a very short period of time seemed unnatural The concert is at 7pm and Zoe s mom dies six hours later On that dramatic Sunday night they kept casually separating and reuniting in different areas of the home The odd calmness of the characters mixed with a frantic One Con Glory energy of their movements drove me crazy After the incident at the church Lucas sends Zoe and her mom a script he wrote He won t tell them what it s about but he insists that it s urgent that they read it Itnds up being about his life before his father met Zoe s mother I wasn t a big fan of PDF problems and wi fi connectivity issues to drag out the suspense Zoe casually mentioned the tech issues over multiple chapters she is definitely not in a hurry to read it which just highlighted the calculated stalling After Act I we don t get another glimpse of the script for 217 pages Tessa s husband Richard is an alcoholic who sleeps all the time Richard goes through a sudden and unrealistic change in the middle of the book I already knew that life was unfair and that structures society puts in place to protect you don t always work What happened to me marked me permanently turned me into somebody who could be pushed and pulled around like a toy for other people to play with somebody without a voice and without the right to a normal life Unless Unless I m brave Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows enough to take control My Likes The gradual glimpse into Maria s marriage and all the subtle hints that something wasn t right The parts about injustice in the justice system though I think it could have gone much further with that angle I thought it was interesting to read about a couple struggling with fertility issues where the man is the one desperate for a child I liked where Zoended up at the The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) endven though I m not sure how I feel about how she got there It s not wrong if it Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, ends up being right Everyone has problems and perfect is an impossible standard to live up to I disagree with the blurb that states readers of The Girl on a Train will love this book This book felt much like a young adult novel though it is not categorized that way While this novel did not resonate with me I think it will bentertaining for many If you are interested in teens in the juvenile detention system you might be interested in The Walls Around Us I don t think I have nine lives but I hope I have three I received this book for free from the LibraryThing Early Reviewer program in A Fairly Honourable Defeat exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review This title will be released on September 6 2016 A Tale of Two CitiesPerhaps it s me I am torn by this dichotomy that has been presented I read What She Knew by this talented author It was filled with pure compassion deeply carved characters and the beautiful lilt of language I just finished The Perfect Girl and felt like I was reading a newspaper rendition Novidence of this masterful writerThe Perfect Girl begins with a seventeen year old genius of a musical prodigy Zoe Maisey A few years back she was involved in an automobile accident in which three other teens were killed Zoe was at the wheel Alcohol was flowing rapidly in the bloodstream Zoe s parents Maria and Richard divorced because of the strain on their marriage Maria the controller remarries a mega controller Chris but keeps the secret in check How in the world do you keep that one under your hatEach chapter is presented in the voice of the many characters involved Heavy baggage is carried into ach scene like a laundry list of imperfections Macmillan seems to cover verything from crime to adultery to abuse to medical conditions to teenage angst and The weight of it all bogs down the storyline and causes reader fatigue Her research is probably impeccable but it is Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue exactly that No characterlicited warmth of any kind save for Baby Grace Yes I get it The tautness of suspense and a psychological thriller were suppose to be at the core of this apple Even with bite after bite I tasted neither one Most assuredly there are others out there that rated this one highly And just as there are a multitude of apple variations there are as many different seekers of literature and what constitutes satisfaction And so Ms Macmillan I look forward to your next offering I crave from the tree of What She Knew and the fruit of what made that one so special and bite worthy 4 close but not uite so perfect stars to The Perfect Girl It only took me a couple pages to get hooked on The Perfect Girl The structure of the book added to the swift pacing where different points of view were told at two different times both before and after a murder The short chapters added to the uick tempo Lots of surprises interesting characters and a bird s The Man Without a Face eye view into this family all added up to a great book on the wholeBut you know there s but in here somewhere don t you There were a couple loosends with characters that left me uestioning whether some parts of the book were dited out it is a longer read at over 400 pages and it felt a little unsettling For xample a side character discovered a medical condition that was discussed uite a bit but I m not sure what it added to the story Also the Gone (Gone, ending The book could have gone out with fireworks just like it started but instead it just fizzled out If it hadnded better it would have Threads Of The Shroud easily been five starsOverall this was a uick read withxcellent pacing and I would definitely be interested in. Y from their new beginning hiding the past All Seated on the Ground even from her new husband and demanding that Zoe do the sameTonight Zoe is giving a recital that Maria has been planning for months It needs to be the performance of Zoe’s life But instead by thend of the v.

25 starsA good thriller is tough to findThis one centres around Zoe a teenage piano prodigy a victim of bullying at her xpensive private school and also a convicted killer We are told Wiring early on that her mother Maria is killed on thevening after a piano recital gone wrongThere s a lot of crap going on in the background Blended families affairs secrets and lies For me this book had a distinct YA feel Not only because the main character is a teenager but also the simplicity of it all I felt the author s hand I foresaw much of what was going to happen view spoiler I knew that Zoe would turn out to be a victim of the rape drug which is why she had the car accident I also knew that Lucas was trying to tell Zoe and her mother that his dad was a dangerous a hole through his cryptic screenplay that was frustratingly slow to download due to internet connections thus was read in three separate parts Blah hide spoiler 35 stars When all the details fit in perfectly something is probably wrong with the story Meet Zoe Maisey a genius a child piano prodigy seventeen years old and convicted of drinking and driving which resulted in the deaths of three classmates Her life was going to be perfect all planned out for her but then fate stepped in and all that changed in the blink of an Against All Odds eye Meet Maria Zoe s mom determined to carve out a life for Zoe after Zoe s dad leaves them bereft Maria moves them after Zoe spends some time in a jail like facility to a new town trying toscape the past and give Zoe that chance once again to be perfect Maria has remarried a man named Chris who also has a seventeen year old son who plays piano They also have a new baby and life seems to be back on its road to perfection Then on the night of a concert all that was once hidden rears its ugly head and by Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage eveningsnd Maria is dead This was a well done psychological thriller that had me guessing who was the one who murdered Maria Could history have repeated itself and could Zoe have been the perpetrator Or maybe it was Chris who only learned of Zoe s past on the night of the concert Perhaps it was Zoe s stepbrother who seems to have developed feelings for Zoe Suffice to say that this perfect family was surely not perfect at all Have no fear of perfection says Salvatore Dali for youll never reach it This family didn t The DOS even come closeThank you to my dear Traveling Sisters who read this book with me It is always such a pleasure to share our thoughts and ideas with one another The Perfect Girl was an interesting read 35 The story in itself was sad than Ixpected Unfortunately I didn t feel close to the characters but the author still managed to make me feel strong Against All Odds emotions particularly about the tragic accident involving Zoe I can t bare to imagine what it could be like to live something that horribleI consider this book a dramamystery Injoyed reading it the writing was nice and I liked the different narrators and short chapters It was my first book by Gilly Macmillan and I intend to read The Nanny very soon Zoe Guerin is a musical prodigy with a genius I Her dreams of success were shattered the night she was involved in a tragic accident that resulted in the death of three classmates Zoe was convicted in their deaths and spent ighteen months in jail At seventeen she has served her time and her mother Maria plans the perfect comeback a piano recital They live in a new community now and no one knows about Zoe s past The plans for redemption come to a halt when the father of one of Zoe s victims storms in and confronts her in front of the ntire crowd Zoe and her mother flee the scene and wait for Zoe s stepfather Chris to return home Chris was never told of Zoe s past run in with the law and the unexpected reveal threatens to destroy their second chance at life Chris is angry about all the lies and Maria sees her life slipping away again The family never has a chance to heal because Maria is found dead six hours later Who killed Zoe s mother and why Was Zoe actually guilty of killing her three classmates or was she betrayed by an imperfect legal system The best lies are those that are the closest to the truth I really liked What She Knew so I was thrilled when I won this one The Perfect Girl didn t Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils even feel like the same author to me so I don t think a reader s opinion of Macmillan s previous novel is any indicator of whether they will like this one or not On a very basic level it reminded me of myxperience reading Jodi Picoult s My Sister s Keeper and my issues with perspectives and the character s voices Guilt is a good way to leverage people I learned it because my guilt about what I ve done makes me bend the shape of myself to fit what other people want Payment Due every day of my life The Characters Bolded characters have their own chaptersZoe The perfect girl Maria Zoe s motherChris StepfatherLucas StepbrotherPhilip Zoe s fatherTessa Zoe s auntSam Zoe s former solicitor In a relationship with TessaRichard Tessa s alcoholic husbandThevents in the book occur over twenty four hours with occasional flashbacks to Zoe s past legal trouble Zoe is stubborn driven and Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, emotionally cold She has a dark sense of humor that makes it difficult for her to connect with people We don t get to know Zoe s mother very well but shexpends a ton of Pirate of the Pacific (Doc Savage, energy trying to meet her new husband s impossible standards The Guerin women lostverything after the accident and they don t want to lose their second chance at life Zoe s aunt Tessa has her own issues with perfection Tessa and Sam s affair The Rich and the Profane (Lovejoy, exists in a perfect bubble The rarely talk about any real issues While Tessa looks forward to her time with Sam she is reluctant to leave her husband She still remembers when her marriage was perfect and still hopes that their relationship will improve somedayMy dislikes The characters were flat and I could only tell them apart by context The men s voices didn t sound authentic to me Even the grief over the mother s death didn tven feel authentic I didn t care what happened to most of the characters It was too long and Part One dragged Part One Sunday and Monday is 225 pages which is half the book Most of the Monday chapters actually reflect back on Zoe s past During Sam and Tessa s chapters it felt Zoe Maisey is a seventeen year old musical prodigy with a genius I Three years ago she was involved in a tragic incident that left three classmates dead She served her time and now her mother Maria is resolved to keep that devastating fact tucked far awa.

Reading other books by Gilly MacmillanThis was a Traveling Sister read and I always have a blast with those Great discussion as always Please visit Brenda and Norma s blog The Perfect Girl was a perfect psychological thriller and it was perfect for this time of year I think it started off a little slowly but gradually built up speed and it kept me turning the pages all the way through This novel definitely had of a somber and a macabre tone throughout but I think it fit the book to a TThis book alternated between Sunday night after the concert and Monday morning Personally I found that a little confusing but I stuck with it and I am glad I did That is the reason I gave this book a 35 rating rounded up to 4 This book is also told from the perspectives of Turbulence each individual throughout the book When a book is written in this way I always find myselfnjoying one perspective over another In this book I njoyed Zoe s perspective the mostI would highly recommend this book to fans of Gillian Flynn or Alex Marwood As aforementioned above the pacing was a little slow at first but it really picked up around the halfway mark This was my first introduction to this author and I would absolutely read another book by her 4 Second chance stars The perfect daughter The perfect mother The perfect second chance family but what is it that we say if something seems too good to be true it probably isThis book sucked me in from the very beginning it was a very fast paced page turning read because I just needed to know what was going to happen with this familyThe structure of this book was brilliant told from alternating points of view alternating between vents before and after the murder this book was like an onion with those layers slowly being peeled offBut I don t like onions and I liked this book uite a bitZoe the main female protagonist in this book Elizabeth Ann Seton evoked so much sympathy from me Zoe made a mistake a pretty big mistake her dad can t handle it so he leaves mom to pick up the pieces mom s way of coping with it is to pretend it never happened and turn Zoe into the perfect girl so now Zoe and Maria have the perfect second chance family filled with all kinds of secretsCan t give you much than that because I d give it all awayAs you can tell this book started with a definite BANG but unfortunately itnded with a bit of a poof not to say I was not completely satisfied with the Die Postmoderne Konstellation ending it just was a little lackluster there was also a plotline in this book that I m notntirely sure of the purpose of but I did Folk Tales From the Soviet Union enjoy that part of the book so it wasn t for nothingI absolutely recommend this to all psychological thriller lovers it is a uick read with an interesting structure and unuestionably keeps you guessingThis was a Traveling Sister read always so fun reading books like this with the girls all of us trying to figure out what is really going on it can be amusing at times You can find all the Traveling Sisters reviews at Norma and Brenda s fabulous blog can also find all my partner in crime and my reviews including reviews of the audio narration athttpsaudiokilledthebookmarkcom Young teenage Zoe makes onextremely bad decision and the repercussions haunt her family for years Now she and her mom have ventured to a new town in hopes of a fresh startEveryone deserves a second chance rightWhen still another tragedy strikes Zoe understandably believes her world is crashing around her yet againThis book started off fairly slow for me It s also told from several POV and timelines that occasionally I needed a program to follow But once I fell into the rhythm I breezed through the pages Gilly Macmillan has a knack for drawing you in where you feel like a fly on the wall watching the family drama play out before your Ulysses and the Trojan War eyes Very well done Inded this one heavy hearted but with a smile on my face I would highly recommendA Traveling Sister read with Brenda Susanne Berit Jennifer Marialyce and Nikki But the problem is a high I doesn t necessarily mean that you re clever Tall, Dark Rich enough to avoid being a massive teenage clich Which is what I was or what I became Before my descent into teen tragedy that isMeet Zoe she was bullied back at herxpensive private school She was the poor kid who got the scholarship to the school because she was a child genius piano player Zoe The Collector's Encyclopedia of Antique Marbles ends up making a mistake and itnds up with three of her classmates dead She was fourteen at the time of the accident and I m not really sure about all the legal stuff with a minor being completely true in this book but at this point the book was reading well so I hung with itAfter the scandal Zoe s parents split up because dad just couldn t live in the same area with his friends judging him for having such a horrible daughter Dad needs a ball punch so mom Maria and Zoe have to start over Maria marries Chris and they have another child together But how they meet is they both have piano prodigies Zoe of course and Lucas Chris s sonThey are now the perfect family Until the night of Zoe and Lucas s piano recital A parent of one of the teenagers that was killed shows up and goes off the deep Taught to Obey end about the unfairness of Zoe being allowed to have a life when his child lost theirs The thing is Maria didn t tell new husband ANYTHING about Zoe s pastThis is THE SECOND CHANCE FAMILY They don t talk about that stuff The crap hits the fan Chris the new husband turns out to not be so super awesome after all and that night Mariands up deadThe biggest part of the story is the lead up to who killed Mariatold from way too many viewpoints You have Zoe s voice Aunt Tessa who is cheating on her alcoholic husband with Zoe s former lawyer that cheating lawyer the alcoholic husband Lucasheck if I can remember if that s all The whole build up to the story wasn t bad Once the who done it was solved though I thought that s it Thrillers seem to be getting pretty cookie cutter and they are one of my favorite genres so stop messing them up people It s an okay book but not something I ll remember later when I get trolled on it Booksource Edelweiss in Learning to Dance in the Rain exchange for review Since I was a crappy reviewer and completely read this sucker wrong I ll pick a random one that liked it You can find it here None of my friends have braved this one yet. Ening Maria is deadIn the aftermathveryone police family Zoe’s former solicitor and Zoe herself tries to piece together what happened But as Zoe knows all too well the truth is rarely straightforward and the closer we are to someone the less we may

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Gilly Macmillan is the New York Times & Sunday Times bestselling author of TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH THE NANNY WHAT SHE KNEW previously published as BURNT PAPER SKY in some territories THE PERFECT GIRL ODD CHILD OUT & I KNOW YOU KNOW Gilly is Edgar Award nominated and an ITW award finalist Her books have been translated into over 20 languagesShe grew up in Swindon Wiltshire and also lived in