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Started practicing out in the field with girls I knew and would meet and for the main part the first book served as a good general guideline to meeting women that you want and successfully getting them interested in you and then taking it from there As the book says you can learn all the stuff there is in the book but in order to understand how to work as well as getting good at game you have to go out there and do it All the good PUAs out there right now got good because they weren t afraid to fail and I had to stomach my pride before I started getting consistent results I wouldn t change a thing now because it s such an awesome feeling choosing which girl you want to meetI got the second book with so much xcitement and Cognitive Radio Networks expectation because I feel like his first book improved my game and social life so much Man was I disappointed He opens up the book talking about hisntourage and his super mansion and basically any other material things he can mention in order to show off that he made it It was badly written and boring to boot at well Then finally he starts mentioning a student who comes for a private one on one instruction but not before putting in a shameless commercial plug for his services and then starts to just touch upon the things that made his first book so great When he finally starts talking about the Mystery Method and the guidelines to seduce a girl it s very badly worded and scattered all over the book making it very hard to understand It s thrown in between how much stuff he owns and what women he banged last week making his teachings seem cheap and disparaging What you can piece together are basically regurgitations of his first book aside from some different names and updates but basically nothing newAfter a few chapters it s pretty clear as the same style of writing is prevalent throughout the whole book He s officially now a sellout It s unfortunate because I got good at game because of him Now he seems like just another guy that let fame get to him If you re gonna read one of his books read the first one However there are WAY much better guides to picking up girls nowadays and without so much fluff If you really want to learn advanced game try Magic Bullets 2nd Edition That Personnel Management in Government explain things so much better is up to date and is worth the money in my opinion They tell you of past success throughxperience without showing off so you get of a feeling of how it works and how you need to calibrate your game since there s no one size fits all method for all women which is something I think most pick up artists fail to mention and something I found out through Out of This World experience. D openers• Mystery’s most powerful humor techniue the Absurd so you’ll never run out of things to say again• a full chapter on physicalscalation touching kissing “making a move”• the solution to inner game issues for when you’re not confident The Time It Never Rained enough • and much much  Whether he’s holding court withager disciples in South Beach hanging out with his crew of fellow super seducers in Las Vegas or partying it up in the Hollywood Hills Mystery is never far from where the action is and never fails to get a piece of it Now it’s your turn Read The Pickup Artist and get into the game?.

This book is relatively well written but hardly worth spending much time on save if you re a complete moron who needs fool proof techniues for picking up women or if you re reading it to reassure yourself that you re not a negative bastard but people actually DO suck Granted the women you ll manage to actually get with this will The Child of the Soul and Other Stories either be stupid or suffer from crumbling low selfsteem The techniues of this book prey on women trying to make them feel worse about themselves so losers who have no personal charms not to mention morals will have an actual chance with themThe morals of people actually using this book are lacking at best monstrous at worst and the techniues are downright ridiculous Most of them will seem rude and insulting to a woman so instead of making her want you you ll make her resent you Good luck if you actually believe that this book will make your life richer in any way May I suggest that you work on your own morals get an actual personality worth getting to know and then you can maybe just maybe get a woman to like you Provided that you work on your self Childrens Phantasies esteem instead ofxpecting that sleeping with multiple women in uick suggestion will fix you Different view on dating game This needs a rating bump as people are punishing it for being sexist haha Well the concepts in the book are nothing new if you are familiar with the topic but I just don t see myself using the techniues presently It s hella ntertaining tho The ture 5star book was the Mystery Method and ver since the ideas from it are mostly just rehashed I know what he is about to say the uick lines and negs too much of it is cannedold I m just too familiar with what they do yet I don t practice too much work xD And I d need to awkwardly translate the material from English and girls around here are bookworm y and might not need this much firepower this is aimed at bars and clubs in the USA not necessarily day game in The Soviet Union easternurope rofl Other than that for someone who is not well read in PUA things this can be a good start Certainly better than The Game which has a weird POV and focused too much on the negative aspects Thought I would try reading something way off from my usual historical fiction genre While I don t believe this book was written for humor it struck me as very funny It is hard to imagine any half Gods and Heroes evolved man would think the considerations given by the author would work on a 21st century woman beyond one with no brain or self respect The anecdotal accounts are of success are creepy and pathetic The author appears to believe a succession of sexual conuests is an ultimate achievement More is. The world’s greatest pickup artist is back After the bestsellingxposé The Game pulled back the curtain on Mystery and his culture of professional pickup artists he became an international phenomenon Unfortunately while it’s no secret that Mystery’s ideas are wildly Science, Technology and Culture effective women have started to catch on They’ve seen the show and heard the routines so now it’s time for the next level of game With techniues honed over fifteen years of trialrror and ultimate triumph and following his hit VH1 reality series the celebrated sensei is back with his latest living large xploits and a new and.

Clearly regarded as better in his world uality probably is not For a mature approach to seduction I highly recommend The Art of Seduction by Greene It s light read book for venings uite funny and ntertaining and I njoyed it The book tells us story of pick up artist Mystery and his protege Adam and their adventures An interesting book now does this mean I m going to go out and start being a pick up artist No Sorry to the people who I know who might think this book would be some hope in their minds I listened this book because I was curious and comparing notes with other books I ve read MASTERPIECE Unironically my favorite book of all time This book is so God damn deep Unfortunately jealous falseflagging book writers did a reviewbombing campaign on this book when it was released and the slanted forehead brainlets believed the negative reviews and the Bandwagon Effect induced further negative reviews that induced further Bandwagon Effect and so onIt is the tragedy of my life to know that there is just a chance that I ll never read anything like this book again Well shit JFLI remember sometime in 2014 there was the facebook of Mystery He seemed to be having a full blown mental breakdown over the news of women on Facebook joking that they wanted to be kidnapped by a handsome felonn who just got jailed for a series of kidnappings My personal interpretation is that that was the moment where Erik finally snapped and realized that maybe women are not deep inside good people They are deep inside bad people Look at the case of Jeremy The Walking BlackPill Meeks Another felon who became famous for his handsomeness and Last Chance Bride even married the daughter of a billionaireThe Black Pill tastes bitter doesn t it Erik The only the one and only proper reaction to hearing a particularly brutal Black Pill isJFLJ F LFL Really gpod book Took tons of notes Very useful Every womanspecially Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy every single woman should read this book It s a disgusting book to listen to or to read due to the nature and content Howeververy female will be better Lawman Lover (Outlaws, euipped to spot the pick up artists along their life journey I remember that Mystery s first book The Mystery Method How to Get Beautiful Women Into Bed was the first real book I read about the PUA community and basically the art of seduction Even though the name could be much less cheesy sounding I took a chance because I was at a point where I kept losing interesting from girls that wouldven approach me sometimes I didn t know where City Girl in Training else to turn until I stumbled onto Mystery s first book when the whole PUA scene was just starting to becomexposed It blew my mind and. Improved playbook for the twenty first century playboyAs the book begins Mystery and his crew have withdrawn to their swank Miami mansion to plot their next move When a new student comes to stay at the house Mystery draws him deep into the pickup artist lifestyle and shows him an intimate portrait of the master of seduction Mystery lays out a complete system of game and unveils his latest and fully field tested strategies and techniues The Pickup Artist includes• a list of all the triggers that create and destroy attraction• a new way to approach strangers and start a conversation microcalibrate.

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