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Soseuel starring the Black Wolf yy I love this bookThis book is so good Perry and Gabe are a fantastic paring and their adventure kept me glued to the book I want I can promise you if the description sounds like something you ll like then you will indeed like this And in addition to kinky pirate sex not that that alone is not enough justification for a book there is an entire boat book with plot someone even had the weather gage at one point so you know it s a legit boat bookHowever the way it is written is just odd Maybe the author was concerned that if it weren t front loaded with kinky pirate sex readers would give p I don t know But instead of SHOWING the build p of the relationship which apparently they d spent non detailed months working towards the author just skipped all that at the beginning jumped right to the sex scene now loose of its emotional moorings yes that was a boat metaphor and then tried to put some of the relationshipcharacter development in flashbacks later which of course didn t work This was definitely a book that would have been better served lol by being told linearly not starting in medias resI mean I still enjoyed it don t get me wrong Both parts the kinky pirate sex and the boats But I would ve liked it four stars worth at least if only I could ve had the emotional connection to the characters that the weird structure denied me Jules Radcliffe is a writer of historical mm and mmf romances She was a new author to me on this one and even though I had some issues with the timeline of this story I am glad to have discovered a new historical author and her workThe setting is in Caribbean waters the year 1664 a time fraught with political intrigue and the changing of a way of life Who knew Apparently this author who did her research and does a great job of captivating her audience and taking them there in a very believable way This story is about inn and Perry two men who being just one generation removed from the English invasion of Ireland and the pressing of her people into slavery have every reason to hate each other based on their Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue upbringings aloneLt Thomas Peregrine is as English as they come His deceased father and extended family have strong Puritan beliefs and Perry was raised to be as radical as they are Only Perry wants no part of it and joins the Navy as a way to escape his cousins and still take care of his widowed mother and his sister Perry also has certain inclinations secret. The Caribbean 1664Anptight naval lieutenant A free living buccaneer Enemies from the firstIt all changes the night inn reluctantly rescues Lieutenant Peregrine from the conseuences of his folly Their tentative truce leads to a wild tryst and the th.

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S he has kept hidden his entire life which are about as far from Puritan as you can get Perry is stoic aloof a bit prejudiced by his pbringing and totally out of his element among all the men on a ship This feeling of being alone has been with him his entire life and his way of combating it is to be haughty and napproachable When Perry is transferred off a naval vessel to one filled with buccaneers or pirates as they were commonly called he begins to estion a lot about himself and the country he serves Perry cringed inwardly He had been a judgmental arse and his priggish views had led him to make erroneous assumptions about the men who served Gone (Gone, under the Black Wolf Deep in his heart he had resented their freedom something he would never have as a lieutenant in His Majesty s navy and he had buried his envy in sneering disdain But while he might feel guilt and remorse for his attitude there would be no forgiveness for his behavior He certainly deserved none For the first time since he had joined them Perry regretted that he had no rightful place among the Brethren of the Coast Gabrielinn is a former slave Sold into slavery by the English he escaped to the sea and lives his life openly and wantonly Gabe is master of the Audacious and is fiercely proud of all he has accomplished The instant enmity between him and the new mate on the ship is often Threads Of The Shroud uerulous but also stimulating He loves to rile the seemingly formal stoic naval liaison it s almost better than foreplay with the two of them Gabe is involved with many things both on and off land and wondering just why his particular ship needs a naval liaison is something he is determined to figure out Following Perry when they dock in Port Royal seems like a no brainerntil he saves the man from being robbed or even killed and the passions so easily ignited between the two finally explode All Seated on the Ground uinn felt gratification wash through him at his friend s words We all misjudged him Kit I thought him surly and cold soothly he is private Shy sometimes The stony face is a mask he wears and when he takes it offinn drew a breath recalling his lover s face transformed by laughter filled with passion writhen by an exhilarating mix of fear and ecstasy I love a good pirate story and this one didn t disappoint The historical aspects are spot on at least they seem that way and learning about the politics of the time as well as life aboard a privateer was interesting Radcliffe does an excellent jo. Rilling discovery that their Untitled. unconventional desires are perfectly matchedPerry is the most delightfully submissive loverinn has ever had and he wants Perry by his side for good But such an affair would not only end Perry’s career he may never be

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B blending these facts with her romance between these men The political intrigue only enhances her story it doesn t detract actually it makes her romance seem rooted in real life and we get transported to 1600s Tortuga Radcliffe did her homework on this one You can tell and I appreciate thatNow I did mention the timeline of the story and I did have issues with how the book was laid out The book is divided into three parts Why There is a fair amount of jumping around in time don t get me wrong I am all for flashbacks things that give Wiring us insight into a character s motivations and helps make sense of current events but I need them to tell me something Against All Odds useful I need the kernel the takeaway not just be an overview I still had too manynanswered Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage uestions that could have been addressed better in those flashback paragraphs Like Perry s back Why did he get flogged What really was at the core of the animosity with his old captain Pobjoy Especially if you are going to end the book with the confrontation between the two I needed tonderstand the root of the relationship better I actually think this would have been a great story told straight through start at the beginning and take it to its conclusion I would have loved to experience of the sparks and foreplay between our MCs And yes I know that would have made the book longer with the input of all the intrigue in the latter half of the story but honestly that wouldn t bother me at allThe things I loved about this story far outweigh the issues I had with the timing This is an interesting historical at times a suspenseful and intense story Part three especially paces very well and has a colorful and satisfying conclusion Frankly the kink and the chemistry between these two MCs is off the charts and I totally enjoyed reading their love story I have found a new author to get my historical fix from Yay And when you re pleasure flushed aroused your eyes dark with it I want to kiss you and fuck you over and over The DOS until there s naught left of me but what s inside of you Whew Yeah I recommend itReviewed by Carrie for The Novel Approach Reviews I love pirates I especially love these piratesJules Radcliffe wove a story of strong love peril and friendship in the beautiful background of 1664 Caribbean The enemies to lovers story line is touching and believable I read this book in just a few hours because I could not put it down Now I m going back to read it againI hope there will be a seuel. Ble to return to England and his family Fearful of discovering Perry’s desire for respectability is stronger than his loveinn leaves him behind in Port RoyalBut in his darkest hour inn discovers that Perry will risk his life for them to be togeth.

Jules Radcliffe is an author of historical mm and mmf erotic romances