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Ything to do with boats and oceans jump higher on my reading pile This is a fun graphic novel The poem is a wonderfully updated riff on Coleridge s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner I uickly read through on my first sitting but now plan to slowly pour over the wonderful artwork This modern take on Coleridge s famous poem was tedious and repetitive Despite the beautiful artwork there are only so many ways to say Everything was covered in trash and it surprised me and then made me sad before a person gets tired of reading it I had high hopes for this after reading other reviews eg Holding this exuisite book in our hands feels akin to a sacramental act The Guardian but uickly lost interest by Part 3 and nearly gave up on the book which is unusual for me by Part 4 Luckily the book is relatively short and I made my way to the relief of the final page When I had finished I discovered the book had indeed altered me for holding that book of gorgeous artwork in my hands I contemplated for the first time dumping a book in my recycling bin Instead I returned it to the library to serve as a punishment for othersI look forward to the author s next attempt for the illustrations were brilliant in both their representations and arrangement Nick Hayes The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is in part based on Samuel Taylor Coleridge s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner updated with an environmental theme I found it in my local used bookstore The Looking Glass and it is a beautiful thing to behold The first thing that strikes ou is the two colored art expressive and bold and almost block print in the way of Hokusai those waves and others Gorgeously illustrated I was skeptical of the attempt to match the rhythm and rhyme of the originals which is already singsongy water water every. Um slicks and tsunamis ghostly apparitions and the great endangered creatures of the deepCrackling with moral force humour and pure craftsmanship The Rime of the Modern Mariner is a beautiful book which confronts directly the burning issue of our ti.

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The seas clogged with plastic that won t biodegrade follies such as the Titanic rusting on the seabed the toxic chemicals we pump into our environment without a thought for what it does to our planet the dying trees the blackening skies And this is where I should say that the real highlight of the book is Hayes artwork It reminded me of artists as wide ranging as Alastair Gray to Katsushika Hokusai to Martin Rowson but Hayes has fashioned his own uniue imprint onto the book Each page has so much detail and is designed so beautifully no simple panel layout but a sweeping flowing exuberant expression of illustration There were so many pages I would stare at and be utterly caught up in the drawing Nick Hayes is an original talent and just a short perusal of the book will convince anyone of that Hayes does a fantastic job as well of narrating this story through poetry rhyming all the way through The words never got in the way of the story but ou could appreciate that they were well thought out and planned carefully even without the illustrations to accompany them The book is at once a compelling and haunting narrative of one man s realisation of his actions on his surroundings and also an expression of an artist s anger at the thoughtlessness of human kind on our environment In these points the book succeeds marvellously and is a resounding and memorable story of 21st century excess Wonderful art and a haunting narrative that Coleridge would have been proud of The Rime of the Modern Mariner is a must read for all fans of good books GORGEOUS illustrations but the rhyming text made me want to rush through them Wow This simple graphic novel has a strong message and beautiful graphics A new classic for graphic novels It is sailing season so books that have an. Fantastical voyage is one of environmental disaster Stranded in the North Pacific Gyre a vast hypoxic maelstrom of plastic waste the mariner comes face to face with the conseuences of man's excessive consumption in the form of wrathful gods petrole.

The art and design are exuisite but Coleridge he is not The message or should that be Message made me want to stop my ears long before the end This is a beautiful tale of a mariner s horrific encounter of a giant swirl of sludge in the Pacific Ocean The book is beautifully illustrated I keep looking at the detail in the drawings A great book to give as a gift Coleridge s classic poem is recast in this timely graphic novel about a modern mariner who faces the conseuences of his inability to live within the natural world and understand the limits of his humanityThe rhythm of the pictures and verse lines dovetail perfectly This is a modern take on Rime of the Ancient Mariner The first thing that ou will probably notice about this read is the stunning artwork It has a style all its own and it is truly breathtaking and whimsical An office worker in a city sits down on a park bench inside a city and is joined by Samuel Taylor Coleridge s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is given a contemporary interpretation in Nick Hayes The Rime of the Modern Mariner a tale as haunting as Coleridge s but also beautifully illustrated The Modern Mariner starts out as a man in search of whalebone to fashion dominoes out of to decorate his house with and so goes to sea with a fishing boat to get his whalebone The tedium gets to him and he brings out his gun to shoot at the floating detritus of the sea to entertain him but these targets uickly become boring And then he sees a bird He shoots it not knowing the superstition of sailors and the meaning of the albatross As soon as the bird hits the sea the ship is doomed Hayes throws his Mariner through a series of nightmarish scenes as the Mariner begins to see the results of his and the rest of humanity s conseuences on the world. Deep in a polluted city a worker escapes his office for a sandwich on a park bench But his moment's peace is shattered by a stranger a seaman with a tale to tell The Rime of the Modern Mariner is a recasting of Coleridge's famous poem now though the.

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Nick Hayes is the author of The Rime of the Modern Mariner an updating of Coleridge’s famous poem and the visual biography Woody Guthrie and the Dust Bowl Ballads both of which are among the most highly regarded of recent British long form comics He has also published two collections of his short comics Lovely Grey Day and 11 Folk Songs He is the founding editor of Meat magazine a periodica