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Who has a long term affair with the reacher or the woman who struggles to overcome the alienation and shame she feels about her own body These female Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, protagonists feel so lively so real so three dimensional and the convincing way the author crafts facets of human interaction is really a spectacle to behold Food sex relationships with others the women in the stories are looking for comfort and happiness while fighting various demons and sometimes each other or even themselves In most cases short story collections have a certain number of meeehhh efforts or fillers but not this one Here the one text that falls short Jael doesn t work because it is over ambitious and goes off the rails with its many shifts and tricks thus at least failing in an interesting way So thanks National Book Award I wouldn t haveicked the book up if it wasn t nominated which means I would have missed out on a wonderful intense Not Without a Fight powerful collection taps Is this thing on Yes Ok Let me introduce you to your new favorite author Deesha Philyaw Deesha isn t a new author she s been writing for a minute but what she does in The Secret Lives is something special She flips the script andortrays good church girls as the real women and girls they are not some erfect beings who worship at the altar 247 and never let their slip show The Secret Lives is not non fiction and I feel like that needs to be emphasized before it s tosssed aside as such This is a collection of nine short stories that explore a variety of experiences in the lives of women From the great grandmother who frets over whether it makes sense to keep her 14 year old granddaughter home from church so she can t openly lust over the first lady of the church or if she should send her to Sunday School in hopes that she ll have the sin knocked out of her to the daughter of a dying woman who seeks relief with a stranger in a arking lot from a girl who lives her mother s shame as a The Unseen Wonder preacher s mistress to a woman who has strict instructions for her married lovers Philyaw brings the reality of these women s lives to our attention and shines a light on those subtle nuances that we tend to overlookWithin theseages you re sure to find a woman or girl whom you connect with I know I did. Ng with who they want to be in the world caught as they are between the church's double standards and their own needs and assio.

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Anthology is a love letter to the Black women who grew up watching The Young the Restless Dynasty Falcon s Crest with their mother s and grandmothers The Black women who spent many days in the kitchen learning how to fry up some chicken and frost the erfect cake Some highlights for me included Snowfall where a woman reminisces about her life down South in the warmth where Sunday services and crab boils Zu schnell prevailed compared to her life now where snowfalls heavy and she wakes up extra early to shovel snow The life where her lesbian lover seems to be drifting away from her Where she finds herself yearning to reach out to her mother who has disowned her due to her lifestyle not fitting her strong Christian valuesPeach Cobbler where a teen girl reflects on her mother s long going affair with the reverend of the local church How her mother would bake him the besteach cobbler he ever had while never letting her have one bite The neglect she felt as her mother Sleepless (Bird of Stone, put forth effort into taking care of this man with his own family vs her daughter whom she couldn t bother to muster up affection forDon t bring you re mess to my doorstep is theroclamation the lead in Instructions for Married Christian Husbands roclaims If you like the drama of Greenleaf the family bonds and reading eople with Scripture this is right up your alleyhttpswomenofcolorreadtooblogspot I chose this book initially because I loved the cover it s so great and was also intrigued by the title I have been wanting to read broadly to get fresh erspectives and to ick up books by authors of color despite being a POC myself my books tend largely toward white authors and I grew up in a Invisible (The Curse of Avalon predominantly white culture This book definitely gave me insight into the Nominated for the National Book Award for Fiction 2020This collection contains nine short stories focusing on Southern Black women who attend or attended church but defy conservative religious norms The book shines because it manages to give its characters distinct voices that draw readers into their world immediately it s easy to feel with the group of half sisters who just buried their selfish father and now contact the one half sister they haven t met yet with the girl who lives with a mother. Dursue a momentary reprieve from being good The nine stories in this collection feature four generations of characters grappli.

A stunning collection of real and raw stories centered around the Black community and the importance the church Yummy Supper plays in the conflict messiness andain which comes as a result of being guided by a construct built on a foundation of unflinching faith and allegiance some are forced to endure as a result of trying to live right Standouts include Peach Cobbler How to Make Love to a Physicist Eula and Jael Where Peach Cobbler centers on a young girl s realization that the man she thought was God the reverend at her church is actually just one who loves taking advantage of their overty as a means of satisfying his own rimal urges Eula and Jael both focus on the restrictions Deep Listening placed on whom we re allowed to love the confusion and anger caused when trying to reconcile how to inherit HIS Kingdom with our own desire to best find some semblance of happiness here on earthHence the messiness All three stories center on the difficulty of navigating Black womanhood in a community where men are given far freedom to be hedonistic and still acceptable because God accounts for their imperfection while women are held to a different set of standards How to Make Love to a Physicist focuses on one woman s journey to learning how to love herself before allowing her heart to truly love another Each storyacks a unch that stays with you and makes you wonder if some us are utting to much stock in the interpretations of too many self serving men in the hope of satisfying one MAN This exchange in Eula was one of my favorites because it speaks to an issue I continue to have with religion as a whole The Bible is the inerrant word of God Eula whispers as defiantly as a whisper can be And you only believe that because of how another group of men interpret the first group of men People say you re supposed to Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature put your faith in God not men Do you think God wants you or anybody to go untouched for decades and decades For their whole lives I don t uestion God But maybe you should uestion theeople who taught you this version of God Because it s not doing you any favors I truly enjoyed this offering by Deesha Philyaw and look forward to reading of her work in the future Thanks to Edelweiss for this Advanced eGalley Opinion is my own This. The Secret Lives of Church Ladies explores the raw and tender laces where black women and girls dare to follow their desires an.

Deesha Philyaw's collection of short stories about Black women sex and the Black church THE SECRET LIVES OF CHURCH LADIES is forthcoming from West Virginia University Press in Sept 1 2020 Deesha is the co author of Co Parenting 101 Helping Your Kids Thrive in Two Households After Divorce written in collaboration with her ex husband Her work has been listed as Notable in the Best American