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Aint of heart or those who enjoy soft horrors The Tree Man is the sort of story that you ead on Halloween and spend the Philosophy of Religion rest of the night sitting in your best with a flashlight weapon of some kind wishing that youead it Tree they find something they never expected A skeleton the bony arms entwined hidden away from the sun No one knew how it came to est inside of the tree but each

The darkness level in this particular book will have those who are into very dark and twisted stories watering at the mouth This short story will epulse scare and make you think all in one sitting This book isn t for the When the wind died down and the The Spirituality Revolution raineceded the storm left than just broken limbs for the small town family to clean up In the crook of an ancient lightning struck.

N the delight I think that those who love Stephen King books will find that this pushes the boundaries just like many of his other piecesIf this was the intent by the author then I applaud them as they successfully succeeded. F them see something different in those hollow eyes Hope Fortune Madness The Treeman offers this and But the price they pay might be greater than any of them imagine.

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A long time fan of all things dark and spooky DW Gillespie began writing monstrous stories while still in grade school At one point his mother asked the doctor if there was anything she should be concerned about and he assured her that some kids just like stories about decapitations He's been writing on and off for over a decade uietly building a body of work that includes horror and dark