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Hope never ets old It s always difficult for me to write a coherent review about a book I actually loved Every time I sat down to write and tried to run through it I was lost in the story again The ueen s Consorts is an unusually exciting and emotional romanceThe StoryTwenty years ago due to a betrayal the ueen of Auroria and one of her consorts were murdered and their infant heiress the next ueen in line disappeared right then As the planet s prosperity depends on the happiness of its ueen since her disappearance the Sun has never shone Ecological breakdown misery and poverty reign all over the empire She was sunshine for their people She was health wealth and vitality and keeping her safe meant the security of all of Auroria rested in their hands The power is in the hands of the ueen s Sisters who had formed a Council led by Laysa Within the Sacred City they bask in luxury using the ueen s personal consorts Taryan and Calder to satiate their own desires Hideously many of them not only sexually abuse but humiliate brutalize and torture them As horrifying as it was to admit he d become so accustomed to pain he didn t fear it any He just endured and fought to maintain a sense of dignity in the face of it Even if no one else saw the strength of his pride which still remained powerful and strong it was real to him and that was all that mattered aryan and Calder were raised in the Sacred City by one of the fathers of the heiress who never In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, gave up the hope to see his daughter again From their childhood the consorts have been trained to protect their ueen make her happy and satisfied They are hoping to have back the true heiress one day but also scared of the possibility of her being as a cruel creature as her so called sistersThe story starts when Sari a beautiful young woman is attacked beaten and almost raped The Royal Guard saves her and she is taken to the Sacred City because by the moon marks on her body she is identified as a Rayian female who is supposed to be sacred and protected Here she is left to the care of the consorts and as the attraction between the three is overwhelming and palpable from the very beginning Taryan and Calder suspect that Sari is long lost heiressThe marriage form in the society of Auroria isroup marriage consisting of two bisexual men and a woman But the connection between the ueen and her consorts is than a simple spousehood Sari Taryan and Calder were born in the same exact moment they are not only meant for each other but bonded spiritually and mentallyCalder and Taryan must do as Sari wishes further Sari is able to pass over her own abilities to them merely with a mental command even from a Bark great distanceOf course many members of the council and the aristocracy are not happy that the ueen is back Fights erupt between the Royalists and the followers of Laysa all over the city meanwhile Sari Taryan and Calder are fleeing to find a place where they could finish the bonding ceremony and solidify Sari s powersReclaiming her throne is dangerous sometimes it seems even hopeless Sari Calder and Taryan have to fight many battles to endure terror and betrayal to triumph Slowly it becomes clear who are faithful to the monarchy and who aren t and how much tragedy suffering and self sacrifice took place in the last twenty years especially in the last couple of days that helped the ueen to redeem her thronePlot EroticaThe erotic scenes are hot and steamy and also very emotional filled with love intimacy and life long devotionSari unintentionally witnesses Calder and Taryan s lovemaking so much love and so deep connection radiates from their every touch and kiss that it seems impossible for a third person to intrude their unityBut the author absolutely succeeds in writing a believable triad relationship Sari connects to them as no one else could and you don t feel it too fast orroundless but natural and obvious The euality respect and love of the three of them is amazingCharacters World buildingI loved the spiritual connection between the ueen and her planet Auroria as well as the spiritual and mental bond between the ueen and her Consorts Pity you don t On Such a Full Sea get about the planet s nature areas and cities I would love to read about this uniue world The planet was alive to her now She could feel its energy a living breathing thing inside her and it was too beautiful to abandon even in the name of love and friendship It was a companion the purest part of her soul and she could feel it reacting to her unhappiness a thousand times stronger than before Calder and Taryan are very special characters Raised together since their infantry Calder and Taryan are not only best friends and comrades but devoted lovers too I loved them togetherSari is a beautiful strong heroine She has many specialifts such as view spoilerunderstanding all languages and spying Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! good and evil intentions hide spoiler Synopsis The ueen s Consorts Just laying eyes on one is a death sentence So when Sari who spent most of her life on the streets ends up entangled in a steamy relationship with the two most forbidden men on the planet she knows it can t end wellAfter a brutal attack Sari s taken to the Sacred City exposing her to the secret lives of the Rayians who rule in the long lost ueen s absence It s in this darkly sexual world where she first meets the legendary consortsToo handsome and talented for their ownood Calder and Taryen have learned to trust only each other in order to survive Bred to be feared warriors and exclusive companions to a ueen instead they re slaves to other Rayians desires for themTheir brutal lives make the two consorts hesitant to care for Sari when she s unexpectedly dumped in their laps but they soon discover she s different from the cruel women they re used to serving Drawn to Sari on a soul deep level Calder and Taryen can t seem to stop themselves from Cannibal going back for one taste of the beautiful outsider even when it puts the fate of the entire world in jeopardyWowI loved this book Menage is one of my favoriteenres and I loved Kele Moon s Beyond Eden so I knew I was Mastered (The Enforcers, going toet another reat read She writes the most erotic and steamy scenes without them being tawdry And I was not disappointed in The ueen s ConsortWell written brilliant world building unforgettable characters conflict mystery and romanceIt was one of those books that I was so immersed in that I couldn t put it downI would love to see about this world and its characters Wonder if there will ever be a follow upwhat a treat to look forward to This was the most wickedly naughty fantasy book I ve read since Concubine The plot s not really that strong and I still have uestions but I don t think people are supposed to read it for the plotSari Cal and Tary were all born at the exact same time which made them destined to be a triad Sari was whisked away from the Sacred City as an infant for safety reasons and the monarchy crumbled shortly thereafter leaving the wicked Sister Council to rule the world However it also plunged the planet into darkness because Auror. The ueen's Consorts Just laying eyes on one is a death sentence So when Sari who spent most of her life on the streets ends up entangled in a steamy relationship with the two most forbidden men on the planet she knows it can’t end wellAfter a brutal attack Sari’s taken to the Sacred City exposing her to the secret lives of the Rayians who rule in the long lost ueen’s.

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Lanet Hope ives strength and makes it easier to survive So does surrender Ms Moon paints a vivid picture of the planet how it is overned as well as provides a steady pace of action and suspense leading up to the ueen s return and the final battle for power over the monarchy Rich in descriptive emotion and sensual passion Ms Moon provides a primal and soulful connection of the three main characters that is emotionally and physically charged throughout the story As always Moon s writing is sultry and intoxicating allowing the reader to be swept into the emotional highs and lows that her character s experience along their journey Calder released Taryen s hair reached down and touched Sari again Only this time instead of playing with her clit he pushed his fingers into her once stretching her making her shift over him in frustration All his touch did was make her feel a strange aching want that had her clutching around his finger Never in all the pleasure classes that she taught at the Order did she experience something like this The overwhelming need The hunger to be owned and taken and dominated by males not just any males but two very special ones she would trust with than her body She felt like they owned her soul When Kele Moon offered me a copy of The ueen s Consorts for review she informed me that the story became an outlet for all of the dark sexual creativity she had poured into her novel Beyond Eden She went on to say that while the Eden series is her personal twist on the Garden of Eden The ueen s Consorts is her twist on Mother Nature Regardless of where her creativity stems from what I have found is Ms Moon always succeeds in captivating me with her stories her characters and her love for writing is always visible within the pagesFans of Kele Moon s work as well as readers who enjoy menage should definitely escape to this magical and sensual fantasy realm Two warriors built like the ods with an insatiable desire to please and serve should be all the incentive needed Another rereadbecause I just love this book FIRST REVIEWI am not sure if what I have just read was a sci fi romance a fantasy story or a well written porn To be honest I don t really care how someone would characterise it because it was a very ood solid story The book was a page turner and I had a reat time reading itIn a far far away land Sari falls in love with Calder and Taryen who are future ueen s lifemates and consorts and thus they are the forbidden fruit The three of them cannot resist each other and they find themselves in a complete mess The book is synthesised with a number of traitors a civil war sex slaves and a Kingdom that starves for some peace uite and clean sky which only the union of the ueen and her consorts will bring Kele has outdone herself with this story Excellent world building characters conflict Uncommon Wisdom good and evil forcesMMF permanent menages are the norm in this world and I liked the Calder and Tareyn had their own relationship while they awaited the return of their lost partner the deposed ueen Darisa Calder and Tareyen have suffered at the hands of the Sister Council which has been corrupted by the lack of the ueen and made to serve these women at their whimSari was an orphan sold into sex slavery and had escaped and has been wandering for uite a while when she tries to rescue a youngirl from an attack she s taken to the Sacred City and nursed back to health by Calder and Taryen and feel a connection that can t be denied It soon becomes clear that she s the lost ueen Darisa and the evil forces who caused the coup that killed her mother years earlier are uick to action to Unseen City get rid of her permanently The sex scenes are hot and steamy and Calder Taryen and Sari are a perfect complement to each other The battles to retrieve her crown are action packed and excitingCouldn t put it down Kudos Kele Wouldn t mind visiting this world again Provided by the author for review to read my full review I liked the characters very much Iot to know them individually and for me separating both males and Art gave them a distinct personality is the best way for me to fall for them Each m nage trois romance is not only a kinky story with dual penetration sex possibilities A m nage trois must be justified somehow A m nage trois for me is 3 pieces of puzzle that without each other are incomplete So here is a uestion to all readers When you skip through the book whether it is whole chapter a few paragraphs or just skimming do you still consider that as reading the book fullyI will be honest I found myself doing that a lot in this book once I hit the 40% mark I must say the world building was uite uniue as was the concept of the whole book It was the driving point that kept me reading the book and the 3rd star The relationship between the 3 main characters and the plot building within the story left a lot to be desired Anyone that knows me knows that Damsel in Distress is not my cup of tea I actually like my females with a backbone and some teeth I always appreciate an author who is able to portray aentle yet strong female lead which I believe this author tried However she fell short A whole damn lot I had very high hopes oing into this book and they weren t really fulfilled Although I am lad it showed a complete different universe covering uite a few sensitive issues in an unconventional manner I would say Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard give it a read if youot nothing better to do and need some random book exploring Kele Moon always writes a book with the right amount of steam and story The ueen s Consorts is no different I was immediately catapulted into another place planet time within the first few pages A world that is in despair It s ueen is missing and her consorts the other parts of her soul are The Matriarchs (The Family grieving Because of this the sun doesn t shine nothingrows The world is in disarray I was drawn into the storyline of Sari a woman alone in the world When she is rescued from a horrible fate by the royal Notes for the Everlost guard they discover that she is special One of the sacredWhen she is taken within the Sacred City to heal she isive to the ueens consorts for healing Caldar and Taryen have an even worse past and reality that Sari In the absence of the ueen a collective of woman have formed a council and use the consorts for their own satisfaction Calder is an angry man and Taryen a kind wounded soulBut something happens changes within them when Sari is brought to them A connection and a yearning like nothing they have ever felt before which leaves both wondering is Sari there missing ueenTo me there is nothing better than a When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) great m nage story This one was hot hot hot Erotically delicious I was under the spell of this book The details are what made it special and I seriously want toet some of those No Biggy! gold piercings They just sound like so much fun The world was fascinating and I truly hope weet from this world We need scifi erotic romance It adds a bit of spice and Crush It! gives us something different Totally original and as per usual wonderfully written Kele Moon will you ever write anything I don t like. Hesitant to care for Sari when she’s unexpectedly dumped in their laps but they soon discover she’s different from the cruel women they’re used to serving Drawn to Sari on a soul deep level Calder and Taryen can’t seem to stop themselves fromoing back for one taste of the beautiful outsider even when it puts the fate of the entire world in jeopardy95258 word coun.

Ia is bound to its ueen and when she s unhappy Once she returns her Rayian markings make it clear that she s at least a lost sister and what s left of the Royalists within the ueens Guard set out to protect her and put her in the path of her mates Then the fireworks happenDAMN I wish Kele Moon wrote m nage stories She Attracting Birds to Your Backyard gets the balance I look for and brings the heat The consorts are literally made for her and without chemical interventions cannot be attracted to any other female but that hasn t stopped the Sister Council from abusing them terribly To have sex with a consort is a crime punishable by death so when Sari enters the picture complicated feels arise But her allure proves too powerful and they are helpless to deny herThe battle ensuing chaos and hella long epilogue were all a tad on the longish side for me but I did like the inclusion of Aria into the familyI m somewhere between 3 4 Stars but I ll round up for the hotness Two men and one woman is the standard relationship in this world Menage as a v triad or a complete triangle is what everyone one hopes to achieve Sari is all alone with no hope of finding two male mates to complete her Through a series of events she s led to the Sacred City where the Rayians ruleMs Moon breaks out another delightful tale with steamy erotic scenes and conflict The world building in this is fabulous The mix of elemental powers with soulmates and an elite race is fascinating This is a world turned upside down with a missing ueen This ueen is why the world is under rainy and fog for over thirty years How does one survive without sunlight It s unbearable and I m surprised there aren t suicidesThe characters in this story are endearing Sari is a woman who s lived a hard life She s orphaned and then sold to sexual slavery Doing the best she can she survives and travels all over this world She could have been designed to be a victim instead she is a survivor The two ueen s consorts Calder and Taryen are held prisoner in the Sacred city Without a ueen the women of this race are turning into avaricious corrupt forces perverting the way of life Calder and Taryen are caught in this vicious web They are forced to endure humiliation and sexual abuse constantly The way they are treated is horrificThe conflicts Ms Moon creates in this is chilling The amount of collateral damage is a first from Ms Moon It s a blood bath and yet it is so necessary Sometimes the vermin needs to be cleared outThe sexual tension between Calder Taryen and Sari is smoking hot Even before theyo all the way their foreplay is arousing and enough to make a woman s panty wet As if that is enough the sexual interlude between the two male consorts is blazing The carnal pleasures in this tale is so Deep Listening good There is a bit of torture from a sadistic bitch who is off her rocker She abuses the flogger and it isn t enticing at all My thirst for vengeance wishes she would have experienced the business end of many different implements It would be interesting to see if Ms Moon would return to this world There are so many things needing fixed What would a mature Sari look like How will Calder and Taryenrow with her More importantly will there be smexy threesome sex This fantasy book is recommended for kinky romance lovers who enjoy menages Provided by the publisher for review Originally posted at Their souls are bound to hers They were supposed to be with her always Set on the planet of Auroria Sari is on the run from a life of slavery with the Order of the Seven Swords Venturing near the Sacred City Sari meets up with a young Bird-by-Bird Gardening girl Aria who is homeless in the streets near the capital Sari feeling an immediate bond with Aria knows that unclaimed orphan females are usually seized for the underground sex market and therefore longs to protect the young innocentirl with a zeal for life and hope for her futureThe planet s ecosystem has not been fruitful for years lacking foliage and sunlight since their ueen was taken at infancy after an attack on her life by a coup of Rayians Auroria and it s atmosphere has been bleak since the ueen s exile and for females without lifemates a very dangerous place to survive Once the ueen is found and returned to her throne in the Sacred City she will once again be united with her male consorts her lifemates who were born to serve and protect their ueen until death Only then will the planet return to it s natural beauty and splendour Her pleasure brings out the sun Her smiles fertilize the soil Her sighs make the winds blow and scatter the seeds across the land Her tears make it rain but if they re tears of rapture they bring out rainbows Once Sari sets her mind to try and help Aria they are attacked by a street The Works of Saint Augustine gang and Sari is out numbered Aria escapes and finds help from a friend Marco who is one of the ueen suards Marco sees the pendant around Sari s neck and informs the other Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone guards that she is a sister to the ueen and therefore both she and Aria will take sanctuary in the palace to heal from the attack Marco takes Sari to the ueen s male consorts Calden and Taryen knowing they will soothe and serve any sister to the ueen until the ueen is found What they do not anticipate is the intense attraction and carnal desire both immediately experience with Sari Sari has never felt a sexual attraction to any man until she is in the presence of the consorts and she is baffled and intrigued by it It is known that the consorts cannot have a sexual relationship with anyone other than their lifemate the ueen The consorts begin to uestion if Sari could possibly be their ueen But if she is why doesn t she know it And if she s not and their passion crosses the line it is ultimately a death wish for all threeI am not an avid scifi reader but if anyone can persuade me with minimal effort to take a dive into a fantasy world it s Kele Moon Pair the world with a hot menage and sex scenes penned with Ms Moon s uniue and impassioned voice and the result is a sensual satisfying read regardless of where the story takes place While the setting definitely has scifi elements the history of the Rayians the language and the palace setting also provides a feeling of an ancient culture similar to the Roman era as well The consorts Taryen and Calder are not only feared warriors but they are lovers as well Forming a relationship and bond since birth their love and passion is solid and steadfast for each other as well as their ueen The fact that both Taryen and Calder are the most beautiful males in all of Auroria with bodies built likeods pierced tongues and bejeweled cocks only enhances the desire Sari feels for them both The consorts are in essence slaves to the leadership council of the Rayians and therefore can be called upon at any time to serve the people for amusement sexual favors or whatever the council desires Intelligent and loyal to their ueen they will do whatever is necessary to survive under the leadership of the evil Laysa until they are finally reunited with their lifemate who will ultimately take the throne and power over the Absence It’s in this darkly sexual world where she first meets the legendary consorts Too handsome and talented for their own ood Calder and Taryen have learned to trust only each other in order to survive Bred to be feared warriors and exclusive companions to a ueen instead they’re slaves to other Rayian’s desires for them Their brutal lives make the two consorts.

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A freckle faced redhead born and raised in Hawaii Kele Moon has always been a bit of a sore thumb and has come to enjoy the novelty of it She thrives on pushing the envelope and finding ways to make the impossible work in her story telling With a mad passion for romance she adores the art of falling in love The only rules she believes in is that in love there are no rules and true love know