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Who died in a workhouse in 1942 Reading a few passages and then heading off to wander awhile amongst the pictures has proven a truly memorable experience Sadly this book unlike the artist has fallen into obscurity and has been out of print for many years This is a pity It is a emarkable evocation of a life shaped by the sea and an old man slipping into bewilderme. 28 he was discovered in St Ives by Ben Nicholson and Christopher Wood and for the est of his life alone in his tiny cottage attacked by periods of madness he painted furiously In MATISSE'S WAR Peter Everett explo.

Nt who finds solace in painting And what paintings I haven t stood before a Wallis since that 1999 exhibition and yet whenever I think of them which is often enough they burn vividly Now my children who know Wallis only from books and fridge magnets are becoming fascinated too The final dozen pages are especially poignant with a nice level of gentle experimentatio. Red the psyche of one of the most celebrated painters of our age Here he performs a similar feat for another artist one who knew no fame in his lifetime but whose paintings have found vast popularity since his dea.

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I first ead this soon after it was published in 1999 at the time I was working in a museum that was hosting a fairly important Alfred Wallis exhibition which meant I was turning these then pristine now yellowed pages under the same Flavor and Soul roof as the strange primitive brilliant paintings on cardboard that have ensured that weemember this mariner and ag and bone man. Alfred Wallis was born in 1855 and died in a workhouse in Cornwall in 1942 A fisherman sailing from Newlyn Mousehole and St Ives he began to paint in the 1920s strange brilliant pictures of ships and the sea In 19.