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WnOnly one comment whoever edited this superb story A fun story Very much reminiscent of Red Storm Rising Team Yankee Sword Point etc Great characters They weren t just letters on the page although as a former Army enlisted man I would have appreciated a little fleshing of the enlisted personnel of the 45th TFW Excelent bookA fast moving story that you can t put down Well written exciting story Keep you up all night Will want to read entire series An absorbing readOnce you start this book ts hard to put Fitness for Geeks it downIt makes you falln behind the fighting forces and confirms all ones predujices about the hierarchy and politicians not sure how fairly on the other hand they deserve t. Rabian oilfields The wing s uickly deployed to the Persian Gulf near Kuwait and n some of the most convincing depictions of aerial combat n modern fiction stops the IraniansBut a price must be paid for peace and the 45th s hung out to dry n an “Arab Solution” Muddy Waters and Jack Locke must lead their wing n a desperate withdrawal from the Persian Gulf.

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Richard Herman s first novel featuring F4s Herman flew F4s so he knows the aircraft n combat against Iranian forces Very well written and as much character driven as aerial combat driven Fans of aerial combat scenes will enjoy this one Terrific Authentic Warbird StoryHopefully non veterans and non profits appreciate the authentic action packed scenes and descriptions throughout this riveting action packed story Despite the frustration of politics and egos of wanna bees the battles continued and those who earned fought were recognised Excellent aviator warrior story Excellent readinglike most of the reviews Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good it was hard tot this book down I highly recommend Murder at the Mansion it Great reading any. Libya attempts to shoot down an American C 130 on a mercy mission over the Sahara The Air Force responds with F4 E Phantoms basedn Egypt Jack Locke a fighter jock as good as he s cocksure downs a Libyan MiG and an nternational crisis erupts forcing the Wing to relocate to England Colonel Anthony “Muddy” Waters must find a way to revitalized the wing and

Time Brought back a lot of memories both good and bad Loved being reminded of the good men and women I served with during my USAF career but hated being reminded of the politics and pettiness of too many Seductive Surrender in leadership positions Not leaders simply warm bodiesn leadership positions Read Seductive Surrender (Highland Heather Romancing a Scot, it with a friend s recommendation It wasn t bad per say butt wasn t good either Certainly not as exciting as my friend lead me to believe Not to mention the ending just kind ofhappened Overall t felt very anticlimactic Really enjoyed this USAF action thriller A fast read Superb A wonderfully told story I enjoyed every page Filled with emotion enough detail to make t real I couldn t put t do. Eady t for combat Driving them hard s the Air Force’s hard nosed chief of staff General Lawrence “Sundown” Cunningham Suspecting the Middle East s about to explode again he wants a finely tuned fighting machine available for uick deploymentAs the wing begins to show that The Deepest Sin it can fight a war flaresn the Persian Gulf when Iran makes a grab for the Saudi

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Richard Herman JrRichard Herman was a member of the United States Air Force Weapons System operator for twenty one years retiring in 1983 with the rank of major He is the author of ten previous novels including The Warbirds Power Curve Against All Enemies Edge of Honor and The Trojan Sea all published by Avon Bookssource Harper Collins