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Ivilian casualties range between two and three million which is correct I do not know nor care Dresden Coventry Alesia the list of destroyed cities and their civilian populations goes on and on and always or good sound military reasonsPressfield mentions Alexander the Great in his book and also writes about the Macedonian conueror in his historical Rebel Hell (The Hidden Talents Trilogy, fiction novels always in a praiseworthyashion So let s ask the 64000 uestion why did Alexander have to invade Persia ok his Haunted Hotels father had started the war but why did he need to continue Is there a good reason At the end of the day did anything really change Ok the Hellenistic Era but the Greeks and Macedonians could have continued to expand westwards and most likely had made a longer lasting and substantial impact onuture society in the Med than they were to do in the Middle East How about Alexander staying home and improving the Macedonian irrigation system building a Endless Possibility (Rush, few schools a road or three construct a park or some gardens you get my ideaLast Pressfield mentions Thermopylae Just what is it about Thermopylae It was a monumental screwup The plan was to tarry aew days at a defensible spot give the Persians a bloody nose in order to put some backbone into the oligarchic northern Greek states who were ready to go over to the Persians at the Wolf of Stone (Gypsy Healers first opportunity The keyeature get out retreat tactically advance to the rear do not suffer a defeat Leonidas screwed up turning a minor victory into a disaster A disaster so disastrous that it had to be spun into a noble act of courage bravery honour yada yadaI will leave anyone who has read this The Beak Doctor far with two uotesNaturally the common people don t want war neither in Russia nor in England nor in America noror that matter in Germany That is understood But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it is a democracy or a ascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship voice or no voice the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders That is easy All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists or lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger It works the same way in any country Hermann Goering uoted in the Nuremberg Diary We have learned a little late no doubt that Koizora (Love Sky), Volume 1 for states asor individuals real wealth consists not in acuiring or invading the domains of others but in developing one s own We have learned that all extensions of territory all usurpations by Apartment 14 and the Devil Next Door force or byraud which have long been connected by prejudice with the idea of rank of hegemony of political stability of superiority in the order of the Powers are only the cruel jests of political lunacy Cinder false estimates of power and that their real effect is to increase the difficulty of administration and to diminish the happiness and security of the governedor the passing interest or American Indian Magic for the vanity of those who govern Talleyrand at the congress of Vienna and there were not two million men at Thermopylae maybe 100k soldiers I mean really that number is entirely impossible Short and to the point I read this book in a couple of hours But in that time Steven Pressfield manages to encompass than a decade of my life As someone who served in the military this was a wonderful exposition on why so many choose to serve But this book is not meant onlyor members past and present of the military It is Undisputed for everyone who has everought a battle against any obstacle Whether you Seducing Sam fight your weight your boss your spouse your own creativity This is a book you want to spend aew hours with and gain an insight into why we choose paths in our lives that are less than easy Sure parts of the values and ideas presented in this book can be useful if applied wisely But at the same time what Pressfield presents as the Warrior Ethos is the thinking that is responsible Reconcilable Differences for vast amount of human suffering To uncritically celebrate it as done by Pressfield is just totally vulgar Pressfieldinesses the warrior ethos into personal development by turning the battles into battles with yourself Kind of a self help GENTLEMEN PREFER SLAVES fight club Background My USMC Sergeant recommended this book since I was due to be promoted soon He said this book would put me into the proper mindset and that it was an easy read I agree with the latter it s almost of a pamphlet than a book I would assume most Marines who go through MCMAP would beamiliar with the uestio. Spartans and Athenians to Caesar's Romans Alexander's Macedonians and the Persians of Cyrus the Great not excluding the Garden of Eden and the primitive hunting band Sources include Herodotus Thucydides Plutarch Xenophon Vegetius Arrian and Curtius and on down to Gen George Patton Field Marshal Erwin Rommel and Israeli Minister of Defense Moshe Day.

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Capture helots Was it one example of the great game where armies march and men die usually civilians so that pieces can be moved around on the chessboard of statecraft and the wealthy amass wealthThe Warrior Ethos speaks of courage but how much courage is involved in being indoctrinated brutalised into obedience threatened with death or disobedience and then marching into battle to kill complete strangers The Little Death, Goldenboy, How Town (Henry Rios for honour and military glory How many British soldiers marched into German machine gunire in World War One obediently How many German machine gunners killed British men they may have grown to know and even befriend in a different reality A truer example of courage was Albert Einstein a life long pacifist who penned a statement deploring German involvement in WW1In reality military power is largely exercised against the citizens of their own country The upper echelons of the military come rom the upper echelons of society and the true purpose of the military is to protect the status uo and the ruling class For example the French troops defeated by Prussia in 1871 were rapidly rearmed by their conuerors and turned around to attack the true enemy the citizens and workers of Paris who had ormed the Paris Commune Bismarck had no desire to destroy the French ruling class rather the opposite his goal was to cut a better deal or the Prussian ruling class The true threat came rom uppity workers In 1932 Douglas McArthur used military Cream for the Caveman force to dispel and kill the Bonus Marchers Right now in the Middle East it is the military who are attacking and killing civilian protesters who areighting or social justice On a mundane level the military are regularly used as strikebreakers True courage consists of doing what is right even when it runs against the interests of the ruling class of society I respect ar the courage of the universally deplored peace nicks who protested against the western invasion and destruction of Vietnam than I do the soldiers who invaded a country most had never heard of before they were conscriptedSoldiers tend to join the military Mistakes (Mistakes, for a job because of conscription because of debt because of petty crime troubles Army recruiters target low income populations with promises of jobs education and whatever it takes The notion that warriors join the militaryor noble service is a Just Say When (Heartbreaker Bay, fiction For most it is a route out of poverty sometimes And of course the chance to make a great deal of money by becoming a mercenary workingor Blackwater or whatever name is currentPressfield mentions the Japanese and Bushido I suggest a closer examination of the reality of the situation in Japan in the 1930s and 1940s Japan was being screwed economically by the USA Its ruling class was eeling the heat They could either modernise which would mean a change in the ruling class or ight Guess which the generals chose The background to this noble war effort was suabbling Royal Heirs Required (The Sherdana Royals, for power and influence assassination corruption the usual story but of course the common soldiers were told indoctrinated to be noble warriors Keep your mouth shut and do what you are toldTo put this ethos into perspective it is all too easy to place our warriors into this noble warrior ethos category but what about the other guy In WW2 did the German troops who invaded France and the Soviet Union possess the warrior ethos The Nazi troops who rounded up Jews and homosexuals did they possess the warrior ethos Would the German troops on the easternront have a copy of West of Honour or The Warrior Ethos in their pockets Did the Soviet troops who invaded Afghanistan such a dangerous country Afghanistan it is so dangerous that it has been invaded by just about every major power at one time or another possess the warrior ethos An example of true bravery of help and assistance to those in need comes Let there be Gwar from the work of NGOs People who volunteer to aid those in the 3rd world by teaching training by building and not destroying useful projects not bombs or napalm To beair Pressfield does attempt to distinguish between noble warriors and tribalism but it is a non existent distinction when military Doctor Who force is actually applied Pressfield says that respector civilians is an essential part of the warrior ethos but when is this applied in practice Civilian targets are invariably considered military targets when necessity or even perceived necessity warrants In the Vietnam War how many Vietnamese villages as well as Cambodian and Laos were destroyed Estimates of Vietnamese M does it take today How do we and how can we use it and be true to it in our internal and external lives The Warrior Ethos is intended not only or men and women in uniform but artists entrepreneurs and other warriors in other walks of life The book examines the evolution of the warrior code of honor and mental toughness It goes back to the ancient.

My review of this book will differ markedly rom most To start I am not a Cease Upon the Midnight fan of the Spartans inact I The Pacific War Companion find it inconceivable that an ethical individual countind a single redeeming Le Parfum feature in their society Sparta was a militarily oriented state bereft of art science culture andor that matter commerce Their society survived only by a reliance on a ascist orm of government that ruthlessly exploited and terrorised a subject population and its own citizens The most indicative example of the inherent evil of Spartan society was the annual declaration of war made by the Spartan ephors senior magistrates against the helots the serfsslaveslabourers of ancient Sparta Essentially the Spartan ruling class declared war on their own people every year This declaration gave the Spartan government its military and secret police a pseudo legal justification to torture and murder malcontents an act that was carried out on a regular basisAs Special Hell, a Hb for the virtues of the Spartan military machine look to the Finest Hour of the ancient Greeks the defeat of the Persian invasion of 480 79 BCE This was a victory gained under the leadership of democratic Athens and the democratically elected Athenian statesman Themistocles It was the Athenians who withstood two Persian invasions who saw the destruction and occupation of their homeland and endured theorced evacuation of their city In comparison the Spartans were terrified of the prospect of the Persians even approaching the Peloponnese their rigid hierarchical society was prone to collapse if confronted Sparta was also tardy to give the best interpretation in resisting the Persians and showed every inclination that it was willing to come to an arrangement with the Persian King A half century later the Spartans dealt away the hard won independence of the Greek city states of Asia in return Counting By 7s for Persian assistance in their war against Athens Thenollowing their victory over Athens the Spartans established a short lived hegemony in Greece One noted Occult America for its oppression murder sheer lack of imagination and corruption corruption by the noble Spartans The history of ancient Sparta consisted of several centuries of brutal warfare largelyor self aggrandisement and then collapse into an amusement park Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy for Roman tourists Sparta contributed nothing to human civilisation or social progressTo answer a uestion Pressfield poses Leonidas most likely had waterboarded and other things innumerable uppity helots and if uestioned about the practice would express amazement at being so uestioned and then maybe waterboard the uestionerThis dream about Spartan honour is in reality a nightmare With all its many imperfections look to Athens the birthplace of western civilisationor an example of what was best in the ancient world I suggest reading the Funeral Oration of the Athenian statesman Pericles Doctor Narendranin Vinoda Vazhakku for an illuminating self portrait of Athens You can also of course read the Spartan thoughts on these subjects no wait you cannot the Spartans did not writeSo the Spartans were great because they exposed some would call it murder newborn infants who had minor unimportant birth defects they despised those who had physical disabilities Stephen Hawkingor example they beat children who could not steal Jazz food well enough and hadamilies ripped apart as children were compelled to live in military dormitories Family valuesThere is no direct evidence of this but what about child rape in ancient Sparta How many Spartan boys who when they were seven years old and torn away Innumeracy from theiramilies A Scream Goes Through the House for the good of the Spartan state were sexually molested And then due to Spartan honour never complained or protested How much brutal bullying and violence took place There was nothing in Sparta but authoritarianism The ideal virtue of everyascist stateOn the subject of sex in every modern laudation of ancient Sparta I look in vain or the praise of Spartan bisexuality In ancient Sparta soldiers were encouraged to have a ellow warrior lover due to the belief that this would encourage bravery in battle This attribute of the ancient Spartans is evidently an attribute not part of the modern warrior ethosPressfield s book begins with uotes Zami from Spartan mothers chockull of military virtue urging their sons onwards into combat and war however how about someone in all of this gaggle of gung hoism asking one simple uestion Just what is it we are Vertical Mind fightingor Were the Spartans suppressing a helot revolt or invading a neighbouring Greek state to. WARS CHANGE WARRIORS DON'T We are all warriors Each of us struggles every day to define and defend our sense of purpose and integrity to justify our existence on the planet and to understand if only within our own hearts who we are and what we believe in Do we Gentleman Jack fight by a code If so what is it What is the Warrior Ethos Where did it comerom What or.

I was born in Port of Spain Trinidad in 1943 to a Navy father and mother I graduated from Duke University in 1965 In January of 1966 when I was on the bus leaving Parris Island as a freshly minted Marine I looked back and thought there was at least one good thing about this departure No matter what happens to me for the rest of my life no one can ever send me back to this freakin' place a