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Silenced Storyline 1010 Whores Enabling men to conuer their bodies as an ultimate prize during a conuest Scurrying around from bed to bed giving disregard to the countless broken hearts laid by a path of deceitful pleasure Paheli s mother was a whore A profession she does not wish to follow Paheli earns for a better life but all hope was shattered when her mother attempted to sell her to a man in exchange for a favor Lost in disbelief running without a destination she comes across 25 Stars I wanted to enjoy this book but it ended up falling flat for me The premise seems very interesting but the concept didn t end up living to its full potential The cover is stunning and I loved the idea of a magical girl suad that could represent many readers who felt not represented in the YA genreThe Wild Ones is on girls and women that centers on their hard struggles in life the strength they can find from others and creating a loving family that they can feel supported Azad expands on how we form relationships and the horrors or beauty that can lay within themThis novel brings to center stage issues girls and women face around the world in our society It demonstrates how we can find a community with others to face head on the struggles that all women endure We get to see how the survivors cope after these horrible experiences they have faced over their lifetimeOne of the main problems with this book was it was so difficult to follow this book The book switched between the first person of Paheli the leader of the Wild Ones and another point of view of one of the wild ones But we are never told who the other point of view is This made it even confusing because it was just some mysterious Wild One we don t know much aboutThere were also so many characters in this book There were 11 girls in the Wild Ones then Les brumes d'avalon : roman you have various side characters as well as Taraana I didn t get the chance to know who they were and what they were like as people I don t even remember most of the Wild One s names except Paheli Valentina and Taraana I would have liked to know about the characters we do get these little excerpts from each Wild Ones but for me that isn t enough Either the characters should get development or have fewer Wild Ones so we can learn The writing was another major problem in this book was the writing Usually there is only one writing style used in the book but various writing styles were confusing to follow There were moments where the writing style was full of so much life and written beautifully Other times we switch to writing which was similar to middle grade writing style and it was choppy and many things were redundantBut other times the writer did the one thing writers should avoid Instead of showing the story through the writing she just straight up told us what was happening This took so much away from the story and creates a disconnect for me A wide majority of this including telling rather than showing so it wasn t like it happen once but it happens consistently The writing style did not match up with the serious themes presented in the bookThe worldbuilding was very weak Most of the time we would receive vague descriptions of places The Wild Ones would travel In this world there is a place called the between whereou can travel to any place Malakai (Wicked Games, you want through doorways We are told that there is a Keeper of the Between I would have liked the concept of the between expanded upon because I didn t really know what it was I just thought of it as a place with doorways whereou can travel to other locationsNot only do we have The Between in this book but we also have humans and Middle Worlders Middle Worlders are people who can use magic Many times in the book they are either described as human or not human Honestly doesn t give us details about them rather it just says they are Middle Worlders but they don t look human I would have liked description and to get backstory about them Most of the time I found the worldbuilding to be lacking and sometimes to be very confusing Honestly I feel like we got worldbuilding for the food the characters ate rather than the actual world they live inThe pacing in this book was also all over the place The beginning was very slow so it took me forever to get into the book I found it to be very confusing while simultaneously being very boring The book doesn t begin to pick up until towards the middle but even then it s still painstaking slow and still contains scenes that slow the plot down It isn t until about the last 100 pages the book beginnings to pick up and starts to go at a zooming pace I would prefer for it to keep a faster pace throughout rather than having a super slow beginning and fly by endingOverall this book fell flat for me and ended up being a major disappointment I had high hopes for this book and it ended up not reaching most of themTW Misogyny child endangerment human trafficking abuse rape mention bullying grief blood violence and victim s guiltThank The Carpenters Wife and Heart of Stone you to NetGalley for providing me an ARC of The Wild Ones in exchange for an honest reviewCheck out this review on my blog Dear ReaderI wrote this book for many reasons but perhaps the most prominent among them would be that sometimesou have no choice but to confront Celtic Fire (Rogue Angel, your vulnerabilities Sometimesou have to stare at the person in the mirror no matter how much she scares The Family Plan you or hurtsou So I did THE WILD ONES comes with a whole slew of content and trigger warnings so please be kind to A Family Practice yourself and pass on it ifou need to The story is I confess to an extent an own voices one I ve been there I have tasted the helplessness the darkness the frustration and the anger The guilt the self blame the hurt THE WILD ONES is my rallying cry for every girl out there It wasn t A Doctor in Her Stocking (From Here to Maternity your fault You are not unworthy You are precious This world isours tooI may have gotten things wrong but please understand there was no conscious malice intended The story is true to my experiences and my experience isn t universal The novel contains a lot of humour a lot of sisterhood some romance and a whole ton of anger It also contains hope because how can we be human without hopeI hope Celebrity Bachelor you enjoy THE WILD ONES and I hope it reachesou and touches For Better and Worse you in any wayou need it to. He world helping the hopeless and saving others from the fates they suffered Then Paheli and the Wild Ones learn that the boy who gave them the stars Taraana is in danger He’s on the run from powerful forces within the world of magic But if Taraana is no longer safe and free neither are the Wild Ones And thatis a fate the Wild Ones refuse to accept Ever aga.

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N t a good fitWhereas The Wild Ones is justso badThe first 50 pages are telling telling telling Nothing is shown to the reader it s a never ending lecture about the Wild Ones and the Between and non humans and all the rest of it One loooong info dump The writing is blunt and choppy there are attempts at pretty description but it s cringingly clunky with sentences like thissweet milky treats that taste a little like heaven if the place was a flavorAn editor should have cut the last six words of that sentence and it would have been fine Looksweet milky treats that taste a little like heavenDone Much betterThe book is written in first person unfortunately aside from brief excerpts from the book of memories which are titled with a character s name half the time it s not at all clear whose head we re in Sometimes it s Paheli but then in the next chapter someone else seems to be talking because they re referring to Paheli in third person now but there s nothing to tell Cassidys Kids (Maitland Maternity, you who the narration has switched to Whoever they are they speak like veryoung bratty childrenI glare at Valentina and pretend I have all the answers I am really good at pretending in case Rescuing the Texans Heart you re wonderingA few lines later We ll find out about this person later All right stinky Valentina says trying to make up for putting her foot in everyone s mouth earlier Stinky Valentina What areou five This from a character who has supposedly lived for over 70 Wrangled (Whitehorse, MT: Chisholm Cattle Co., yearsRead the rest at Every Book a Doorway Thanks to the publisher for providing an eARC of The Wild Ones in exchange for an honest reviewI wanted to love this book with my whole being and while I did still love the core plot themes and a lot of the narration particularly the Memories sections I am either far too dumb for this book or the narration is really really disorienting The Wild Ones uses a lot of really flowery poetic narration freuently juxtaposed by often childish fourth wall breaks and humour that I can see working to create really uniue character voices but to me constantly shifting between the two was really disorienting I also had a lot of trouble figuring out who s head we were in since the book shifts from Paheli to someone clearly outside of her I m assuming another one of the girls in a way that I think is intentionally supposed to be vague to signify how connected all of The Wild Ones are but it just really didn t work for meSections here are absolutely stunning but I was so consistently perplexed that I don t think I d be able to reread it over and over again like I wish I could with books this poetic I want to stress that I really did like it which is why I gave it a fairly good rating but because of the parts I liked the parts I didn t bothered me all the Check out this review and others on my blogWe have the temerity to be not just women but women of color Women with melanin in our skins and voices in our throats Voices that will not be vanuished Not now not ever We will not be silencedThe story follows Paheli an Indian character who was sold by her mother in exchange for a favor After she ran away broken and hurt she bumped into Taraana who tossed her a box of magic stars before vanishing Paheli then gathered girls like her who were betrayed and abused and together with the magic stars they help others who have lost hope and save them from miseryAzad painted this story in a rich whimsical writing style that left me starry eyed haha pun haha The writing made up a huge part of the story with it s lilting style showcasing how much each Wild One went through before Paheli found them The writing fills the plot with emotions which made me sniffle and smileThe plot was pretty slow for the first 20 25% of the book which had me a little irritated After that it picked up pace though and things were uite exciting after that The scenes were action packed and thrilling but sadly the magic descriptions weren t up to par We just get told that the Wild Ones screams destroy the middle worlders but the those scenes were limply described and I feel they could have been better doneThe world building seems uite complex but also kind of vague at first with the Between getting most of the attention However it all unfurls nicely and we get to know even small things about it s workingHowever the most important aspect of this book is the story itself It tells us that no one is bound to the fate that the world asks them It tells us thatour suffering does not define Her Cowboy Hero (Refuge Ranch you andou always have it in Un hros pour Rayne (Delta Force Heroes t. 1) you to rise above the painThe Wild Ones look out for each other always and have a very close bond They are everythingou would ask from the found family trope banter teasing and fierce protectiveness of each otherAnd not to forget they love food A lot Everywhere they go no matter how important the task at hand is they always eat first and Paheli is the true leader in this matter If I had to use one word to describe Paheli it d be MANGO seriously the girl s first love in all realms are mangoes and I honestly love how obsessed she was with everything mangoEmbrace this anger Let it fuel Mine to Take (Nine Circles, your everydays Defy everyone who tellsou His L.A. Cinderella you can t Be wild One issue I had with The Wild Ones was this the chapters are told in two perspectives one is of Paheli the other is another Wild One who is not specified which confused me so much I had a hard time distinguishing characters and their voices and only Paheli and Valentina seemed to have real personalitiesALSO I didn t really get why there had to be SO MANY of Wild Ones I feel like it would have worked with 4 7 of them which would have given them at least adeuate page time instead of mentions here and there It would have allowed some character growth too and made them distinguishableHowever my biggest issue lies in the climax which was a bit of a let down There was a lot of build up to the final fight and honestly I was expecting from it It got over so uickly and left me feeling underwhelmedOverall Beautiful prose but the characters or plot did not work out for me Would recommend ifou want a feminist fantasy 4 stars We have the temerity to be not just women but women of color Women with melanin in our skin and voices in our throats Voices that will not be vanuished Not now not ever We will not be. Sold to a man in exchange for a favor When Paheli escapes she runs headlong into a boy with stars in his eyes This boy as battered as she is tosses Paheli a box of stars before disappearing With the stars Paheli gains access to the Between a place of pure magic and mystery Now Paheli collects girls like herself and these Wild Ones use their magic to travel

Blog Review Tour Thank A Groom for Greta (Amish Brides of Celery Fields, you to the author publisher Turn the Page Tours and Netgalley for providing me a copy of this bookI really enjoyed reading this book even though there were a few things I wasn t completely onboard withLet s start with things I loved I absolutely loved the writing it was a really good mix of whimsy and lemon I really enjoyed making notes for this one though I was always trying to tell myself cut down the uotes we e not trying to commit copyright infringementeven the uotes in this post though they seem uite a lot are less than half of my original notes whichou can see in my status updates I ll link them with the uotes I loved the relatability of the writing and it really sucked me into the plot even though by itself the plot isn t much we ll get to that in a momentMy biggest source for irritation in this was definitely the way I couldn t make images of all of the characters in my head Around halfway through I realised I only really know what Paheli looks like I have no idea what the other characters look like Then I went down the spiral of looking for side thoughts that might relate to features and found the complete cover jacket on twitter and tried to correlate each character to their image in the cover and mostly failed I m still going to search for others but just for anyone interested I ve included my notes for this endeavour at the end of this post later I ended up contacting the tour organiser and they were very nice and shared Nafiza s recent tweet with me linked belowAnother thing I didn t completely enjoy was the way this ended Without going into too many spoilers I felt that the ending was a pretty out of character for Taraana and b slightly hypocritical Like The Baby They Both Loved yeah I see the appeal of it but I do wish there was a way to fix stuff without becoming the bad guysourself But since the book focuses on not pulling any punches I can live with the Wild Ones being morally grey than typical charactersI really loved the found family trope in this it was I think the highlight of this book I wish there were POVs than Paheli s and the slightly confusing general consciousness of the Wild Ones POV I also wish that there had either been lesser characters or time spent on every character because of the 10 11 main characters in this I can only remember say 5 as characters The rest I just remember as ideas or names they have no substance to them Of the ones I do Ligaya Valentina Areum and Ghufran were my favouritesI do wish there was lesser time spent on the romance I went into this book not expecting a romance and so when there was a side or main depending on where ou look at it from romance I wasn t really happy with it Especially when because there was already so much going on especially with the number of characters we couldn t really focus on the romance as much as it deserved to be focused on resulting in a slightly instalove romance and no particular basis for it in my opinionI did come to like it by the end but definitely not as much as I should have I wish the romance had either been cut out or some of the Wild Ones I would have been really happy with just the platonic relationships of the main castThe world building was amazing I have never felt as much of a craving to travel and go to new places as I have in this pandemic and so when this book took me to so many different corners of the world including my own or whereabouts in Lucknow it really fulfilled that craving And the way the magical was superimposed upon the real world made it even better I usually gravitate towards alternate worlds for fantasy than I do towards magical realism but this is one of the good magical realism ones out thereOn the whole an amazing read in terms of escapism but maybe not that much from a story and character point of view I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys magical realism found family a whole lot of fluff diverse cast and settings focus on struggles of women around the world amazing writing and would not mind plot and romance that doesn t completely make sense but is enjoyable all the sameSo these were my guesses for who s who on the cover or at least my notes I ended up getting 5 of 11 if counting all even those not on the cover and 5 of 9 if counting those on cover I was still not that sure about Daraja and Etsuko but the other three I was sure of The ones with a and a are those in which I was partially rightImage from Nafiza Azad s twitter herePaheli largest pink hair Areum Blue hair Seoul Kamboja 1st from right Jakarta short hair Ligaya cebu phillipines first from left second from rightnot on cover Daraja benin city west africa turban rightmost third from right Widad lahore third from left not on cover Talei suva fiji dark skin probably Sevda marmaris turkey Ghufran veil baghdad second from left Etsuko kyoto leftmost Valentina from paris trans lesbian silver hair dark skin rightmost 1 First of all drooling over this cover2 Second of all drooling over this blurb You can never have too many ueer witches is what I say3 This is SO giving me When We Were Magic by Sarah Gailey vibes And thats the best compliment ever haha I LOVED that bookCANNOT WAITTTTTTTTT I don t like writing negative reviews I tend not to I mark a book as DNF or read and then justkeep silent about it Maybe I put a sentence or two about it in my monthly wrap up posts but that s allBut I really really hate this bookAnd I hate that I hate it I ve been looking forward to this book breathlessly ever since the publishing deal was announced It s magical ueer girls of colour With stars and magic diamonds and sparkly clothes It s everything I could ask for When I was approved for an arc I ran into the study to tell my husband the good news I was so excited and ecstaticToday I can t decide whether I want to cry or screamThere s nothing wrong with the premiseconcept the plot or the characters I didn t finish the book but the issues I saw dealt with were not mishandled It s nothing like thatIt s just that the writing is abominably badThis is confusing for a number of reasons not least of which is that this is not Azad s debut and that book The Candle and the Flame had perfectly pleasant prose I didn t enjoy the book but not because it was bad it and I just were. From William C Morris Finalist Nafiza Azad comes a thrilling feminist fantasy about a group of teenage girls endowed with special powers who must band together to save the life of the boy whose magic saved them allMeet the Wild Ones girls who have been hurt abandoned and betrayed all their lives It all began with Paheli who was once betrayed by her mother and.