Jill Murphy: The Worst Witch Strikes Again

S Academy for Witches Although at the end of the first book Mildred Hubble had saved the school from disaster she had a terrible report and is worried about the coming termThere is a new girl at school Enid Nightshade and Mildred is supposed to be looking after her Mildred s friend Maud feels jealous at being replaced and even worse becomes friends with her enemy Ethel At first Enid seems iet and placid but all is not what it seems below the surfaceSummer term ends with Sports Day can Maud avoid the th. Energetic new coversMildred is back in trouble thanks to the new girl Enid Nightshade who isn’t as well behaved as she appears.

Reat of being expelled this term or will there be another disaster This is a school story with a twist and a series that my daughter is really enjoying Thankfully there are books for her to read after this and I am also enjoying these excellent books Cute second installment in the series It s not so much that Mildred is the worst witch but she s fairly hapless Also she has a nemesis Shakes fist at Ethel Honestly though this one was so short it made me wonder why it couldn t have been part of another boo. The Mildred tries to stay out of trouble the she finds herself in horrible situations What can the disaster prone worst witch

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I d forgotten how much I loved these books Tabs is the reason I want a grey tabby cat I only wish they were longer I enjoyed this seuel much than the first it had Bad Lawyer us giggling out loudite a few times I can t see these even being a favourite but they re nice The Mangle Street Murders uick reads in any case Easy bedtime fodder 35 stars This was a trip back to the past for me Loved reading the whole series when I was younger and love just the same now This is the second book in The Worst Witch series It is summer at Miss Cackle. Catchp on Mildred Hubble’s magical adventures at Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches with these reissued editions featuring.

Jill Murphy is a London born English children's author best known for The Worst Witch series and the Large Family picture books She has been described as one of the most engaging writers and illustrators for children in the landJill Murphy was born in London and attended the Ursuline Convent in Wimbledon which together with the boarding school stories she enjoyed reading provided much of th