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In the RCN universe of Lt Leary read from an Edelweiss e ARC this new science fiction book by David Drake follows totally new characters Lord Harry Harper an upper class biologist and is new friend Lt Rick Grenville Peace Alamo Story: From Early History to Current Conflicts has come to the Republic of Cinnabar and regular RCN officers are looking for work When the Far Traveler is sent out on a scientific mission Rick Grenville isappy for the work Harry Harper is appy to tapped to assist Dr Margot Veil Dr Veil wants Harry for is aristocratic background because it s the only way she ll be taken seriously by the captain of the ship As the ship travels from one usually small world after another Harry Rick manage to get involved in many adventures all relatively short since they don t stay that long in any one place The world of Cinnabar is very class oriented and so are the characters in this book The author based Isabel de Solis, Soraya: Un Cuento de Amor En La Alhambra his book on 18th 19th century gentlemen scientists and provides us with a fun read First this is not a Daniel Leary book Second the first 60% of the book is so dull I could barely bring myself to read it Each chapter is a visit to a planet each covered with minimal detail Not a lot of character development either I was getting pretty tired of the whole 18th century British navy in space concept before this now I am completely done with it Do yourself a favor and skip this one NO. NEW ENTRY IN DAVID DRAKE'S LANDMARK RCN SERIESADVENTURES BEYOND THE EDGE OF THE KNOWN UNIVERSE The truce between Cinnabar and the Alliance isolding and the Republic of Cinnabar Navy is able to explore regions of the galaxy without the explorers being swept up in great power conflict The Far Traveller is probing sponge space to open routes for Cinnabar traders and for RCN warships if war breaks out again But besides astrogation the Far Traveller is to survey and catalog life forms on the worlds it touches Harry Harper Out of the Box has just been posted to the Traveller He's an RCN officer by convention a scientist by training and a member of one of leading aristocratic families on Cinnabar by birth Lieutenant Rick Grenville would rather serve on a warship in theeart of battle but peace and the whim of the Navy Board The First Secret of Edwin Hoff have putim on an exploration vessel instead He finds that the dangers on the fringes of civilization are just as great as those from missiles and gunfire that e expected to face As internal struggles cause.

T WORTH THE MONEY DNF at 43% due to boredom The Leary and Mundy series as I call it is my second favourite SF series after Vorkosigan and it is an insult to such a great series that this blah book is now a part of it Though Hell Should Bar the Way without our beloved main characters in the lead was still better than good 425 stars compared to 5 for the rest of the books To Clear Away the Shadows is a uge step down The RCN series was never truly great sci fi in my opinion but its cast of characters still made it an entertaining and worthwhile read However in this book Drake continues the trend we ave seen in is previous book where País íntim he already relegated the previous characters to the side and presents entirely new characters and plots with practically nobody of the previous castaving any real presence And since those characters were the reason why I still read the series Iwe are left with something of a substandard sci fi adventure set in the same setting as the RCN but without its charme Scientific exploration in the 19th centuryspace nobles and colonials included A fun read with a touch of adventure and a slight bit on the evils of racism scattered episodes with no clear central theme I prefer the action filled stories of Lt Leary A new series in the RCN Daniel Leary universe 35 stars I Miss Leary and Mundy badlyWith out Daniel Lea. The Alliance to relax its iron grip regional forces are attempting to increase their own power and they're not fussy about the means they use Besides the biological answers that officials on Cinnabar expect the Far Traveller to find the ship's Director of Science Doctor Veil as er own agenda to learn about the Archaic Spacefarers who roamed the universe tens of thousands of years before umans reached the stars The crew of the Far Traveller is poised to clear of the shadows away from the deep past than ever before in uman Lignin Biodegradation: Microbiology, Chemistry, and Potential Applications: Volume II history if they surviveAbout  To Clear Away the ShadowsDrakeprovidesis extensive readership the strong characters and well crafted storytelling they’ve come to expect BooklistPraise for preuel  Though Hell Should Bar the Way “ Though Hell Should Bar the Way is vastly entertaining a tale that demonstrates Drake’s skill as an author illustrating why Drake is one of the best living science fiction authors today The Daily News of Galveston County  About David Drake’s RCN series

Ry and Adele Mundy it is just a run of the mill space opera Very interesting read But I want Leary And Mundy Unfortunately it seems this is the end of Lt Leary books although this is sold as part of the series it isn t If the author was being Something Wicked honeste should ave labelled it under a different series titleWhat made these books stand out wasn t the stories which although OK were nothing special It was the relationship and contrast between the two main characters Daniel Leary and Adele Mundy that made them really interesting Without them this was a very ordinary storyUnder normal circumstances I would ave probably given at least 2 stars but I can t Freud and His Followers help feeling I ve been cheated This is a book set in Drakes RCN universe though neither Mundy nor Leary appear It features two young men one a scientist and the other an officer of the ship and their adventures in exploring aalf dozen or so planets to which they ve recently been granted peace time access The narration freuently flips back and forth from first and third person which is rather confusing at the beginning but I became accustomed to it Stops are made on five or six worlds and the different political social and scientific situations are uite interesting although there s no strong book length theme other than a coming of age riff that feels a little forced at the very end All of the. ??Rousing old fashioned space opera” Publishers Weekly “The fun is in the telling and Mr Drake Pjesme has a strong voice I want ” Philadelphia Weekly Press “Space opera is alive and well This series is getting better as the author goes alongcharacter development combined with first rate action and memorable world designs” SFReadercom “Drake deftly weaves a web of political machinations and intrigue that vividly depicts the costs of war Fans of Patrick O'Brian's Maturin and Aubrey novels will enjoy this intricate rousing space opera” Publishers WeeklyAbout David Drake “Prose as cold andard as the metal alloy of a tankrivals Crane and Remarue” Chicago Sun Times “Drake couldn’t write a bad action scene at gunpoint” Booklist RCN series With the Lightnings Lt Leary Commanding The Far Side of the Stars The Way to Glory Some Golden Harbor When the Tide Rises In the Stormy Red Sky What Distant Deeps The Road of Danger    The Sea Without a Shore Death's Bright Day Though Hell Should Bar the

David Drake is an American author of science fiction and fantasy literature A Vietnam War veteran who has worked as a lawyer he is now one of the major authors of the military science fiction genre