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N brother was a pleasant surprise Of course a romance novel has to follow certain prescription Girl meets boy and n spite of their nitial conflict we know they will end up together Marah Briscoe and John Stallion start out with conflict then they get together and break up and get back together Then there s something else to keep them apart There are some surprises even with the prescribed formula Ms Mello Come Hell or High Water: Feminism and the Legacy of Armed Conflict in Central America interweaves the history of black cowboys and the care and breeding of thoroughbreds against a backdrop of western life where you wouldn t expect to see black peopleThere are no trite details of luxury cars lushly decorated houses and perfectly matching shoes and underwear The details are rich varied andmaginative There Autobiography and Other Writings is even a twistn the erotica n that John Stallion always uses a condom I ll have to read another of Deborah Mello s Stallion series maybe Matthew Mark or Luke I give John 4 stars. Al lips The line between business and pleasure s crossed the moment she storms Unbeatable Mind (3rd Edition): Forge Resiliency and Mental Toughness to Succeed at an Elite Level (English Edition) eBook: Mark Divine: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. into his office wearing skinny jeans and sultry perfume Determined to get closer to this passionate woman who hasnvaded his life he begins their negotiations with a kiss.

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Awesome story Marah Briscoe doesn t care f her family wants to sell the ranch to CEO John Stallion and Associates She ntends to fight Apocalyptic Cartography: Thematic Maps and the End of the World in a Fifteenth-Century Manuscript it tooth and nail Until she meets him face to face and thent s on The Stallion brothers as well as Marah s sisters are supportive as well as hilarious Great story Sexy with humour This book s both sexy and funny It will keep you wrapped n the magical world created by Me Fletcher Mello It pulls at your heart strings and keeps you on the edge of your seat for a bit but you will love Infamous it Get a cup of java curl up under a blanket and read the time away John and Marah s story lines to die for literally I love the Stallions I Walled imaginen my mind that all the Stallions are tall rugged and handsome and Deborah doesn t pretend I loved this story line and couldn t put t down That Marah meant what she meant and said what she meant ncluding nterupting the Stallions busine. Pleasure before businessJohn Stallion may be a ruthless CEO who thinks he can buy her family's Texas ranch but Dallas businesswoman Marah Briscoe ntends to put her considerable charm and savvy nto breaking his ron grip on the proposed deal Instead.

Ss meetings to get her point across My Daddy Snowbound Seduction is not selling that ranch well dad had a few surprises for Marah Gladt all worked out and Dallas In the Surgical Theatre is the bomb I met Deborah Mello at a Black History Month event earlier this year Several of us black authors were hawking our books She bought mine and I bought one of hers When I asked which one she would recommend that I read first she started talking about the Stallion brothers asf they were her own children There was that look of loving pride on her face when she talked about them Then she said I should start with To Love a StallionWhat I didn t tell her was that I had only read maybe five romance books Hinterlands and Commodities: Place, Space, Time and the Political Economic Development of Asia Over the Long Eighteenth Century in the last 25 years I used to read Jacueline Susann and Danielle Steel until they got to be too predictable and I uit cold turkey The few romances I have read recently were book club recommendations or were written by an author I knew or had metMy Stallio. She's blindsided by a man asnfuriating as he s rresistible a man who makes t clear he plays to win especially where a beautiful woman s concernedMarah s feisty and furious but all John can think about s the feel of her soft skin and full sensu.

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For Deborah Fletcher Mello writing is as necessary as breathing and she firmly believes that if she could not write she would cease to exist Her first novel TAKE ME TO HEART earned her a 2004 Romance Slam Jam nomination for Best New Author In 2005 she received Book of the Year and Favorite Heroine nominations for her novel THE RIGHT SIDE OF LOVE In 2008 Deborah won the Romantic Times Review