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One of the best books Ive ever read amazing thoughts and beautifully written On the one hand it is 5 stars but it does drag a little around 23rds through This is a very owerful book One knows at the beginning that it is a novel but I became uite convinced that it was true For me once read it brought on one of the worst nightmares that I have ever experienced and I sobbed for over an hour once awakened by my husband Powerful or The World of Critical Role The History Behind the Epic Fantasy perhaps it is a Mother thing Nolot spoilers here but then if you are reading for Làm như chơi plot best look elsewhere This is a uiet but trenchant meditation on the death of a loved one in this case the four year old son of the narrator a woman whose name we never learn Herersonal circumstances are revealed to us bit by bit filtered through her complex grief so that reading the book feels as if we are intruding on someone s Someday Matters of the Heart Book 3 private journals orersonal letters to a close friend The writing Mood Indigo Decorating with Rich Dark Colors parallels the narrator s emotional experience in its tone vacillating between numbness detachment guilt longing rage and raw anguish I felt as if I were having to hold on tight through this sensing but never knowing why the child died right up to the denouement where the circumstances of the boy s death are described in words as ordinary and spare as his life This was my introduction to Marie Darrieussec and I came away from it wanting to read of her work Tom is Dead is a beautiful book I couldn tut it down by which I me One of the best books. En mor har förlorat sitt barn och inget har hjälpt henne att komma över sorgen Men så börjar.

I ve ever read An absolute majestic and Roman Britain powerful masterpiece My God the narrative is incredible intensive and emotional I recognized the sorrow from own experiences which isn t similar to the main character s but I have never been able to fullyut words on it And here is Darrieussec describing it so obviously respectfully and absolutely amazinglyThis book alone earns a Nobel Prize Well written Set in Blue Mountains a mother writes 10 years later about her son Tom who died when he was 4 Long emotional and at times boring Having never experienced something like that I kept wondering why she didn t seem to be able to move on at all and how her husband could still be with her She didn t seem to make much affort to engage with life Tried counselling and group workshops moving house but nothing seemed to help It was all about her feelings about Tom and his death and robably could have been sh I read this book in one sitting I can t even remember the number of times I was on the verge of tears it s engaging chilling and thought altering A few ages in it already began to Le yoga mental present amazing insight It opened my eyes to death grief and mourning in a way that nothing else has before It is a novel that makes you confront your own mortality and humanity Exceptionally written almost feels as though it isart of the author itself I found myself thinking Is this a true story numerous times Darrieussec has a talent for being owerfully descriptive but mysteriou. Hon skriva ner sina minnen av Tom för att kunna ta avsked av honom Det är en gastkramande ber?.

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S at the same time only revealing details when the scene has been erfectly set Definitely a book that needs to exist and one that needs to be read by all For those who can t understand French I highly recommend seeking out a translation I cried throughout and after Very intense novel by French writer about the death of her 4 year old son Tom who dies while the family are in Australia The cause of death is never revealed though it is hinted at by the end The main focus of the novel is the mother s anguish which she can never seem to overcome even though her husband and family seem to be able to move on Tom Is Dead by Marie Darrieussec is an emotionally charged bookI first read it in French a few years ago and could not finish it Nothing to do with the uality of the writing which was superb but with the fact that it hit a bit too close to homeI just re read it in English this year and managed to go through I guess the timing was better and English remains a second language to me and I am detachedI could therefore appreciate the story better and not be too affected by the emotionsVery well written very well translated not over sentimental although it generates many emotions and to some extent some reliefThe author never retended that she experienced the loss of a child and the readers should not take this book as a testament of what a mother feels when she looses a child It is a good well grounded well researched and well written emotional fiction. ?ttelse som man som läsare värjer sig emot men ändå slukar för den starka skildringens skull.

Marie Darrieussec was born on January 3 1969 She was raised in a small village in the Basue CountryWhile finishing her PhD in French Literature she wrote her first novel Truismes Pig Tales which was published in September 1996 by Paul Otchakovsky Laurens POL who have published all her subseuent novels as well After the success of Truismes Darrieussec decided to uit her teaching po