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Let related stories and facts Magic words What weighs the same as a newborn baby Alcohol laws around the world Woodstock reunions TV goofs Origin of greenhouses And lots I like these books because the information is bite size informative and great when you feel like reading but don t ave the time or inclination to get into a novel or serious book And you surprisingly you can learn a lotIn addition to the sections there are tidbits of info along the bottom of the pages such as Three main ingredients in Mountain Dew are water corn syrup and orange juice Until 1972 you تعلم jQuery فى 120 دقيقة had to be aomeowner to sit on a British jury Chemicals in cockroach poop attract other roaches encouraging them to congregate Public ealth workers use negative Yelp restaurants reviews to track food borne illnesses Candy corn was originally called Chicken Feed In 1954 Ernest Hemingway was in a plane crash He was rescued by a second plane It crashed tooBlog review post I think it s a dirty rotten trick to be given an Uncle John s Bathroom Reader as an ebook Now I ll ave to get this one in paper as soon as it s published so that I don t Driven by Desire have to remember to takesend my tablet to the bathroom when there is business to be done No waiting for the book toit the sale table this time What can you say about trivia that isn t trivial But seriously this book is just as fun and informative as all the other Uncle John s bathroom readers If you aven t read one then this the twenty ninth is a good place to start I know that some may think that there is a lot of repeating in these books but if there is I ave yet to find it So do a little light reading in the reading roombathroom and În excavator (Trilogia Nomilor have a few laughs a few gollys and a few youave to be kiddings. Enjamin Franklin Silver Award winner 2017The World’s Weirdest ProtestsThe Wit and Wisdom of Bill MurrayForgotten Game ShowsDarth Vader’s Borderline Personality Disorder and Other Real Psychiatric Diagnoses of Fictional CharactersManly Historical Leaders and Their Manly TattoosNASA’s Pillownaut ExperimentThe Secret Lives of SuattersToilets Motorcycles and Other Strange Things That Have Fallen From the SkyThe Origins of Apples and Oranges and a Bunch of Other FruitsWhere to Visit Real Life Horror Movie LocationsCooking with Mr CoffeeOdd Alcoholic Drinks From Around the WorldThe History of the Tooth FairyZoo Escapes And much much.

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Uirky Fascinating Informative Fun I love this book So many great uips uotes trivia lists istorical nuggets scientific wonders My updates along the way are chocked full of fun bits and bytes Although I m really only about 34 finished I can onestly say without a shadow of a doubt it is Five Star Fabulous Uncle John s UNCANNY Bathroom Reader isn t to be found in my loo though Pontificating in the powder room is not my thing Instead I keep this spunky fun tome in the living room so that I always Poppet (Jack Caffery, have a uick word nibble atand between novels and tomes of length I received my copy of Uncle John s from Portable Press several months back The Siege Winter having won it via one of the many book blogs I follow which I will look upoping I still The Accidental Romance have the email to give proper credit where credit is due Thank you Net Galley for this advance read Iave loved the Bathroom Readers for YEARS There are no others despite others attempting to copy the genre This is such a fun informative read and 29 volumes later doesn t disappoint Definitely a must read I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my unbiased opinionThis reader was filled with trivia interesting stories and a few riddles Some of the stories interested me than others but overall this book kept me entertained I did not read it in the bathroom as the title suggests but it was perfec I find it Chalk Cheese hard to believe that the Bathroom Reader s Institute could come out with 29 annual editions of a book filled with trivia and yet theyave and the information between the pages is still entertaining I loved the fact that I could read a few bits and pieces Christmas with Grandma Elsie (The Original Elsie Dinsmore Classics here and there I guess some people really do display this in their bathroom but not me However Iave enjoye. The most trusted name in trivia Doctor Who has done it againWhat’s so uncanny about the 29th annual edition of Uncle John’s This enduring book seriesas been delivering entertaining information to three generations of readers so farand it’s still going strong How do they do it Back in 1988 Uncle John successfully predicted the way that 21st century readers would want their information in uick ഹിമവാന്റെ മുകള്‍ത്തട്ടില്‍ Himavante Mukalthattil hits concisely and cleverly written and with details so delightful that you’re compelled to share them with someone else Kind of like the Internet but without all those annoying ads This groundbreaking seriesas been imitated time and time again.

D reading it From stupid crooks to what you can cook on your coffee pot s ot plate amazing this book contains a lot of diverse information I ve ad fun reading through this Whether it s for an extended read or just a few pages I m always learning something My trivia nerd is showing It found a Myself and Other More Important Matters home on the end table not in the johnThanks to Shelf Awareness for the win As expected this bathroom reader was packed to the brim with interesting tidbits everything from weird laws to wacky products to crazy criminals was covered Apart from a very long and slightly tedious section on Lego pieces I enjoyed everything in this book The good thing about it s mammoth size is that there is truly something for everyone inere and you can skip whole sections whilst still Downhill Slide havingours of interesting facts left to read Highly recommend as a coffee table or porcelain throne read it sure beats scrolling 9gagBuy Borrow or Bin Verdict BuyCheck out of my reviews Capital Cities/Abc, The Early Years, 1954 1986 hereNote I received this book for free in exchange for anonest review This is one of those rare books that is incredibly frustrating to read as a Netgalley file they are so damned addictive and Audrey Hepburn hard to ration they take up your serious reading time you dope to get something edifying down in and they re so damned good you want to own them permanently and not just passingly Several typos aside this volume is absolutely brilliant as is the rest of the series I ve encountered anything in fact from the Uncle John franchise is bound to meet with my approval I ve bought a few of Uncle John s Bathroom Reader books over the years and find them entertainingThe contents in this one include uotes of Bill Murray David Bowie etc Forgotten game shows Celebrity collections Toi. But never eualed And Uncanny is the Bathroom Readers’ Institute at their very best Covering a wide array of topics incredible origins forgotten istory weird news amazing science dumb crooks and readers of all ages will enjoy these 512 pages of the best stuff in print Here are but a few of the uncanny topics awaiting youThe World's Weirdest Protests The Wit and Wisdom of Bill Murray Forgotten Game Shows Darth Vader's Borderline Personality Disorder and Other Real Psychiatric Diagnoses of Fictional Characters Manly Historical Leaders and Their Manly Tattoos NASA's Pillownaut Experiment The Secret Lives of Suatters And much IBPA

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