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BooI threw my Kindle by the end of this book I adored the first book and was so excited for the second but this book just didn t feel right The RHlove triangle was awful and unneeded I just wanted a continuation of the first I have read own and love all of Chanda s books I have been anxiously awaiting the continuation of Underland which I love loved I was disappointed I felt like the book was written just to et the storylineseries over with It was rushed and the ending was disappointing Chanda please have the book edited better next time too uite a few errors too Sad its o I LOVED the first book The world building was enchanting and the characters really Secret Santa (Bluegrass Brothers, grew on you I feel like it s been forever of I loved the first bookUnderland and could not wait for this book to be released The series reminds me of The Hunger Games meets Twilight but I think the heroine Kira is a strong and intelligent lead similar to Catniss than Bella I dohowever wish there was a third book Anyone else really put off about this love triangle Like it felt very forced And then ending it with Kira not even deciding like how selfish LIKE GIRL TAKE ALL THE TIME YOU NEED AND NOT EVEN WORRY ABOUT THEIR FEELINGSIts one thing to have romance in a book and then to shove a character who i actually loved and hated to jump in right at the last minute to fuck with airls feelings It sucks because the first book had such strong connections and i was actually looking forward too seeing Zekes and Kiras relationship develop like don t et me wrong im not cutting out the other characters the story wasn t just abou. Kira Lier thought she had escaped Underland and the monsters within but her freedom was only an illusion an extravagant lie created by the Underlords to keep her imprisoned To break free

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Shing out her characters and even though we saw a lot of rowth in Kira in the first book Kira continues to surprise and show us new elements to who she is We also uncover secrets about Zeke and are introduced to a new character Allyn While I did wish there was a different ending the story itself was exciting I started reading Chanda Hahn s books in either fifth or sixth The Legacy of Aaron Geist grade My older sister recommended I read a series she d read by her called An Unfortunate Fairy Tale and I was instantly hooked From there I ended up reading Chanda Hahn s other works because I enjoyed the stories and characters she came up withPerhaps that s why I was so disappointed with Underlord and why I ve been so hesitant to pick up her books since thenToet us up to date here s a uick recap of book one Underland Our protagonist Kira Lier is a Prisoner of Night (Black Dagger Brotherhood, girl living on the streets of Portland after her father died and her mother remarried an abusive man Shortly after her introduction she is kidnapped and we find ourselves accompanying her to Underland where the monsters of the world live They have not kid I didn t enjoy this one as much as the first book I have loved everything by the author so far unfortunate fairy tale series lostirl iron butterfly and underland but Underlord wasunderwhelming Not as exciting or well written It had its parts that were enjoyable and I loved seeinghearing the characters again It just lacked the wow factor of the other books that kept you wanting to read and not put it down Overall I enjoyed it because of the first book and it tied up the storyline but otherwise disappointed. Let her slip through their Insectissimo! grasp She has been chosen by the Fates to save Underland because their world is dying and their only hope lies in Kira surviving the deadliestame the Labyrinth.

T Kira s undecided heart but also about the impending doom on Underland and its inhabitants it would have been a 5 book if the love triangle didn t bother me so much but other than that the book was enjoyable and it was soooo nice to finally be able to read the end of Kiras journey Overall I think this was a Fields of Fire (Frontlines, great conclusion to the Underland chronicles and had a lovely unexpected ending My only problem with this book at all was Allyn I don t think he was a necessary character and it added a love triangle that wasn t needed In the first book Kiera was so caut Ok let me first say Chanda is probably my favorite author I love love love all of her books but I was sadly not very impressed with Underlord It broke my heart to see Zeke trampled over by Allyn and at first I liked Allyn because I didn t see him as a big part in Kira s love life but because he was I was extremely disappointed I think the love triangle was fun at first but I was always on Zeke s side Oh how I wish the ending was different also I just feel like it wasn t aood wrap to the story and left me with a sick feeling Loved Underland but I wish there was a third coming out to fix the problems for me in the second book Also there were many errors in the book that should ve been fixed Ughhhh I wish I could love this book but now I m left feeling empty from kinda how shallow Kira was to everyone I didn t like how her character developed That said I still love Chanda but I Redeemed (The MacKays guess my expectations are high because of her other books This was areat follow up to where we left in Underland Chanda does a reat job fle. Nd find Zeke and her friends she teams up with Allyn a mysterious young mage with a dangerous past When a bounty is put on their heads she becomes the hunted for the Underlord’s won’t.