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Ing feelings both good and bad and for dusting off some of my deepest thoughts I am so grateful. Another day Praised for his ultra romantic style Torabi captures the truth n the human condition through haunting journeys told from five different narrators each dealing with nternal battles for survival and their hunger for true love Underneath Our Broken Wings will be available on paperback and Kind.

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To put words on a piece of paper s one of the most vulnerable acts a human can and chooses to. Like the great storytellers who nspire him everyday Masoud Torabi continues his captivating journey toward revitalizing true love through empathy understanding and the truth It's freeing to be truthful After the success of his debut novel Every Step Back n 2014 Masoud Torabi sets the bar even higher wi.

Do Torabi s honesty Hep Kavgaydı Yaşamım 2 Cilt is refreshing and I commend him for this work To Masoud Thank you for elicit. Th a collection of his most captivating and personal work to date Underneath Our Broken Wings a Collection of Short Stories from Our Times Beyond Vol 1 features five short stories that highlight the highs and lows we as humans facen our varying walks of life and the struggles we overcome to make t to.

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Masoud Torabi was born in Tehran Iran in 1990 While growing up in the rural streets of Tehran Masoud developed an urge to write short stories dealing with romance family and social issues and various societal topics​It was not until Masoud was introduced to the James Cameron classic Titanic in 1997 that his path to fiction writing was put front and center Titanic especially the scene wher