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Unforgiven A Soulkeepers Novel by Lori Adams is book 3 in The Soulkeepers series The official release date is scheduled for April 21 2015 This book literally starts up immediately after the ending of the previous book Awaken Sophia St James s destiny is to become a Spirit Guide She will be one who helps to protect and uide souls to heaven The training has been rigorous along with school her job and spending time with the love of her life Michael So with the use of dark magic she has created a double of herself whom she called Ka Ka would attend to the normal În excavator (Trilogia Nomilor goings on of her daily life while Sophia trained At the end of the previous book she was at the ceremony and experiencing her awakening when she felt her soul being ripped from her body Her double Ka was taken down into Hell with Dante who is a demon thinking she was Sophia Michael doesn t know what Sophia has done and she is terrified he will find out Can she keep her missing soul a secret until she is able toet it back I realize now that it s not so much the perfection of his features that moves me but the way he looks at me With raw unbreakable love that is beyond uestion beyond the doubts I push between us I loved Michael Petronus so much in this book In the second book he was so overbearing struggling with his own destiny along with his love for Sophia and his need to protect her He has now accepted that Sophia is special and has her own destiny to fulfill He is proud of her and happy just to be at her side The problem is that it is forbidden for a An Accidental Woman guardian angel to love a human So they must keep their love a secret from everyone Even with her missing soul Sophia hasrown into herself so much and the love between she and Michael is strong My hands love your hands He leans down brushing his lips across mine My lips love your lips Softly he kisses me My heart loves your heart Dante has been searching for the soul of his lost love through the centuries and has found it in Sophia even though she doesn t remember So when he takes who he thinks is the real Sophia down to Hell he is ecstatic He finally has her He will help her to remember her past life with him and will turn her dark and use her Poppet (Jack Caffery, gift of light for darkness My heart actually was breaking for Dante Well as much as it can for a Demon He has spent his eternity searching for his love and he finally thinks he has found her We learn about his mortal life and what happened to cause his death I wanted Dante to have his own happily ever after just not with Sophia This book is a thrilling ride as Sophia accepts her destiny as a Spirit Guide finally unites with her love Michael but at the same time tries to find a way toet Ka back so she can again unite them as one and reclaim her soul The last 30% is crazy There is one revelation after another We finally understand everything why Sophia has so much power facts about her mother and so much So many people were keeping so many secrets and they sort of all came out at the same time At times I had to pick my jaw up off the floor Once you reach this point you pretty much will just have to keep reading you won t be able to walk away I m actually not sure if there will be any books but things are pretty much wrapped up in the end I really liked the way Lori Adams brought it all together I was pretty shocked at certain parts but still happy with it This series is a beautifully written story of light vs dark The Siege Winter good vs evil and of two loves one tragic and one destined The books must be read in order so if you haven t started the series yet settle in and start at the beginning You re in for the ride of your life Sometimes our silence is just love not speaking Enter to WIN a 2500 Gift Card to Choice Book Seller and FLIRT Mug Click on Banner to enter Ends May 13 2015 Sophia thought the worst was over she s become a powerful spiritwalker so the twin she conjured isn t needed any but where is Ka Has she been taken to Hell to be Dante s mate Is she than just Ka Sophia s soul is missing and she mustet it back but how can she sneak into Hell The Accidental Romance grab Ka andet out again And she must do this without tipping Michael off to her plans Is it possible or will she need the help from unexpected cornersNot many Chalk Cheese go to Hell willingly but Sophia does confronting danger and evil from all sides is this the end of her story Has she trusted the wrong people and turned her back on the right ones Worse yet what if she never sees Michael again Sophia from the past loved Dante but that was long ago but she will play anyame to keep those she loves safeExpect the nail biting brutal and action packed romance that Lori Adams has provided throughout this series as she brings a wrap to her Soulkeepers series with Unforgiven Non stop from start to finish Sophia proves why she is the woman to Christmas with Grandma Elsie (The Original Elsie Dinsmore Classics get things done Lori Adams knows how to build a larger than life female warrior as well as mesmerizing heroes who stand by her no matter what In the fight between Heaven and Hell I want Lori Adams creating my dream teamI received an ARC edition from Flirt in exchange for my honest reviewPublication Date April 21 2015Publisher FlirtISBN 9780804178877Genre Paranormal RomancePrint Length 341 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleReviewed for Wow This was the 3rd in the Soulkeepers series and jam packed full of action and is a must read to any who have read the previous books If you haven t read thosedo it and thenet this one but you must read in order We essentially pick up exactly where we left off previously even et a slight bit of recap so those of us who have somewhat selective memories can recall previous events Sophia o darling little Sophia she has truly came into her own this book but she still makes a few rather forehead slapping choices but hey she is just 18 Michael that hunk of angel love was much less a domineering my way or no way jerk this book and his devotion and love for Sophia was amazing Dante who we all hate to love is just sad I mean reallysad There are tons of revelations mysteries to uncover and some sweet tender moments in this book and it made for a fast paced readThis is was a complimentary e copy provided by the authorpublisher in exchange for a honest review via Netgalley Before I even begin I want to thank Random House Publishing and NetGalley for providing me the opportunity to review this amazing book The first two installments of the Soulkeepers saga have been so amazingly epic you can t ev. Otherworldly desire and paranormal action reach new heights in the final installment of The Soulkeepers As Sophia St James moves Heaven and Hell to claim her destiny uestions are answered secrets are revealed and immortal love is tested   After finally becoming a powerful Spirit Walker Sophia St James is shocked to discover that her conjure.

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Alk us on FaceBook As well as Twitter Pinterest Board for Book Teasers Unforgiven will have you white knuckle reading till the endIn the final installment of the Soulkeepers Novels Sophia St James finds her soul split in two literally Half her soul is now stuck in Hell as is her identical twin Sophia has been torn between Dante s obsessive love that has lasted many lifetimes and Michael s angelic love that is new but true Now she must traverse the depths of hell to reunite her soul but its the one place that might destroy her forever I found Unforgiven a complex and multifarious read With every layer you peel away a new and exciting twist appearsNail biting action a problematic love triangle that truly spans from heaven to hell and an explosive conclusion Unforgiven is a wonderful new adult paranormal romanceI received this ARC copy of Unforgiven from Random House Publishing Group Loveswept in exchange for a honest review This book is set for publication April 21 2015Written by Lori AdamsISBN 13 9780804178877Publisher Random House Publishing GroupPublication date 4212015Series SoulkeepersSeuence in Series 3Sold by Random HouseRating 4 StarsPages 332Genre Paranormal RomanceFind this book on Barnes NobleFor Reviews and More Check out I did not know it was book 3 until about 3 chapters in with that being said I wasn t completely lost reading this book I really did like this storyline I love books based on angelsdemons One of my favs This series well I can only speak for book 3 was really ood The story between Michael and Sophia is beautiful I felt really sad for Dante his choices led him to where he ended up and it was sad In a world of ഹിമവാന്റെ മുകള്‍ത്തട്ടില്‍ Himavante Mukalthattil good vs evil Sophia is for theood Michael the love of her life is also for the ood Sadly Dante is not This story had some really ood twists and if you love angels vs demons and really interesting characters I think you will love Unforgiven Happy reading I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review5 stars When Sophia St James drove into the town of Haven Hurst Connecticut for the first time she knows that she is meant for something bigger Of course seeing an otherwise invisible Michael Patronus and his family tending to people on a spiritual level that have been involved in a car crash that helped push her over the precipice of believing in the unbelievable Now she is a Spirit Walker in a secret love with Michael who is a Guardian turned Halo warrior and she s also in a whole heap of trouble To concentrate on her Spirit Walker training Sophia found an ancient spell that could split herself in two or create a twin of sorts whom she refers to as Ka The only problem is that the Demon Knight Dante Dannoso has managed to convince Ka who he thinks in the real Sophia to descend into Hell with him which he revels in bringing what he believes is an unawakened Spirit Walker to Hell where they can use her powerful Chelsea Light for evil instead of Myself and Other More Important Matters good In the meantime the real Sophia feels the moment when her other half descendsher soul Taken to the depths of Hell In a moment Sophia feels everything she s worked for breaking apart she is forced to lie to Michael and his family her Ascended Master Rama and her father Seeing as Rama was a part of her soul splitting trick heuesses at what has happened but she is still left in a seemingly impossible situation needing to Downhill Slide go into Hell to collect Ka and her soul but having no way to do it without facing certain death When the truth is a life or death decision and people you thought you could trust turn out to be someone else all together will love be enough to put Sophia back togetherI am in true awe of Ms Adams and The Soulkeepers book series Some may think it just another angels and demons story but it so much It s about loving and trusting living and being contentmost of all it s about the power of true love what can be accomplished is only you believe in it Seeing all the rise and falls between every single relationship in the story was amazing and complex they change so often sometimes I had to stop in admiration of how Ms Adams was able to direct so many emotions in so many directions in so few pages Her talent for writing about the true meaning of love willing to risk your own life to save those you love really shows true and hits the mark This was an amazing end to an amazing series I m sad to see the end but so pleased to haveotten to be on this awesome roller coaster of a series Although I have not read the first two books in this series it was easy to jump into this one from the recap at the beginning It was sort of hard to Capital Cities/Abc, The Early Years, 1954 1986 get the characters straight because there were uiet a few in this book The main character Sophia St James has just finished all her training to become a Spirit Guide and is awaiting her first mission too on Michael Sophia s boyfriend is an angel and it is not common for an angel to be with a human so their relationship they have had to keep uiet up until this book Michael decides that he wants them to Audrey Hepburn get married as soon as possible but they both know that there are risks with this Sophia also has to explain to Michale that he is notoing to be able to be as protective of her as he has been because it will make her look weak to others Sophia wants to be able to handle her own missions and her own callingSophia in the meantime has a double that is named Ka and that Dante has fallen in love with Dante is a demon and has tried for years to Silent Seduction get Sophia to hell with him so that they can be together Sophia is not sure how long she can pull off the fact that it is her double Ka and not really herself that is in hell with Dante but once he finds out he isoing to be furious Dante has searched for Sophia for so long that he feels such an accomplishment for finding her and wants to use her to help keep away the darkness He proudly introduces Sophia which is Ka to everyone they meet in hellThe action and suspense throughout this book keeps you on your toes and flipping pages There are so many secrets revealed towards the end of the book I am not Wo Milch und Honig fließen going toive any of them away but your mind will be blown by some of them I flew through the last few chapters because I wanted to know all the secrets that everyone was hiding Lori did such a The Scarecrows good job of hiding all these until the end Very well written I do have a feeling that this is it for the series but you never know we could all be surprised. Plagued with evil visions through Ka’s experiences in Hell She is terrified that Dante will discover he has taken the wrong Sophia Desperate to return to her original state before she withers away and dies she risks everything too where Michael can’t follow To bring back Ka and save her own soul Sophia must now enter the ates of Hell.

En imagine the happiness that filled my heart when I was able to et my hands on an ARC of Unforgiven Was it everything I expected it to be Oh my YES plus so much than I could ever hope forLet s touch on the cover before I dive into my thoughts The covers for the first two books in the Soulkeepers series have been beautiful but this one I absolutely LOVE it So dark but yet you know there is about to be an amazing love story between two people But who will win Sophia s heart Dante or MichaelNow on to my thoughtsThe action starts off right where Awaken left off and Sophia has Death in a Serene City gotten herself in uite a mess Her soul has been ripped from her and placed in her double Ka who just happens to be in hell with Dante Sophia has to keep this a secret because well who would want a Spirit Guide without a soul helping you cross over Dante is happy as he can be because he believes Sophia finally remembers her past life and the love they had for each other As he plans for their life together in Hell he is totally clueless on what is reallyoing on Ka doesn t help matters any because she is remembering the love that was lost and now believes she will have everything her heart desires including powerIn Awaken I will be the first to admit that Michael really did piss me off but this time around he redeemed himself He now understands that Sophia needs to be her own uniue self and he is 100% on her side and supporting her just as she deserves Yet there is still that little problem that is preventing them to be together A Runaway World? guardian angels are forbidden from loving humans Will love conuer all Well just read this amazing story to find outJust when I thought that Lori Adams couldn t possibly improve what was already perfection she showed once again what an amazing writer she is by exceeding my expectations and believe me they were high Unforgiven is so uniuely captivating and so utterly compelling I really had to struggle to put this book down With tons of action hot romance and characters you can t help but love and love to hate Unforgiven is a definite must read that I would highly recommend to any fans of paranormal romanceSee at The Avid Book Collector As always thankso first to Random House Loveswept NetGalley and Tasty Book Tours for providing us with a copy of this book so that we can bring you this reviewAs many of you who have followed us for a while I have been following this series since the first book Forbidden and with each book I have become of a champion for Sophia and Michael but also wanted to see how it will work with Sophia feeling divided between Michael and Dante It can t be easy being so young and having the responsibilities that she has but to Happy Release Day A forbidden love a race against time on a path in which a wrong turn may lead one heart where the other can t follow The sweet exciting conclusion of a wonderful angels vs demons trilogy Michael has fought against his vows and fought against Sophia s training only to come out a Halo Warrior that knows he can t The Queens Necklace go on without theirl that makes his heart beat double time at his side With some help she s finished her Awakening and is now a full fledged spirit walker Armed with her Chelsea light she s ready to help lost souls cross over to heaven Euphoria best describes my feelings They settle on the mist only to swirl back up with movement My first saved soul leaves a permanent imprint on me I have been touched by the purity of all emotions love Feeling a strong second heartbeat within her own she s also eager to be with her love Michael But before she can completely devote herself to these two things she needs to be complete herself That is she needs to reunite with her soul Michael is what follows every thought every breath My soul s mate Sophia has broken a lot of rules and made some uestionable decisions Making a doppelganger of herself to lighten the load between her learning to destroy evil demons and schoolwork she left her other half defenseless against her most dangerous threat Dante The demon of persuasion who loves one of her previous incarnations and has now taken her twin to hell thinking it s her Can Sophia keep her secret long enough to The Literary Conference get her double back Can she do it before she fades away and it s too late This book the final in the trilogy starts right where Awaken left off And as is with Lori Adam s writing we don t justet an exciting plot we also et rich and vibrant descriptions made so with accompanying music and appealing charactersIt s thrilling and delightful to see how Sophia rows into herself not just accepting her destiny but fighting for it and embracing her future I was besotted with Michael in this book I loved how he realized his connection with Sophia went beyond his fear for her safety and the urge to protect her even from her calling I was an idiot to think I could live without you And I was a fool to think I could tame you He realizes that their love was important to him than the established rules And at the same time acknowledging and respecting her decisions I loved all the sweet tender sexy moments they had together Their romance was simply orgeous My hands love your hands He leans down brushing his lips across mine My lips love your lips Softly he kisses me My heart loves your heart Which only made my sadness for Dante pronounced I ve always had a soft spot for this demon etting to know his deep love for a woman who he couldn t have in life and has been searching for in the afterlife for centuries As the plot unfolds we learn about his human life and what led him to his current state But if you want know what his future holds now that he thinks he has his beloved back you ll have to dive in uestions are answered and destinies are fulfilled as secrets I really wanted to know about are clarified and shocking betrayals and events I never saw coming unfold throughout this incredibly sweet and sultry story of A halo warrior and a spirit walker breaking forbidden rules I love Lori Adams writing enjoyed how she tied most loose ends and teased us with a not so definite end before the beginning Unforgiven is book 3 in the Soulkeepers series that cannot be read as a standalone It s strongly advised to read these books in order It s written from various points of view and does not have a cliffhanger45 soul keeping stars US I was iven an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley The excerpts are from that copy More reviews St. D identical twin Ka along with her soul have been dragged down to Hell by the relentless Demon Knight Dante Sophia tries to hide the crisis but there is little hope of keeping any secrets from her red hot Guardian Angel Growing suspicious Michael has been making plans of his own that will bind him and Sophia together forever   But Sophia is.

Lori Adams is a Random House author of the Soulkeepers Forbidden Awaken Unforgiven Originally from Oklahoma she lives in Southern California with her husband and two daughters