C.S. Krishna: Unreal Elections

Me Maybe since these guys authors are so talented and witty expectations were when started reading this book The Light of Days i didnt uite taket seriously Sanctuary i thought oft like a funny pass time book but my snobbishness got a badgering as Death in Her Hands i leafed through the pages thiss a well written satire with layered nuances which can be understood only those who keenly follows Indian politics the analogies made me glee all through the book there The Falling in Love Montage is a lot to read between the lines Sudden springing of Hindi verses leaves the non native speakers befuddling overall really enjoyed the flow and language even the thriller story line with plot twist. Fills Manmohan Singh with rageWhy Ravi Shastri must moderate the prime ministerial debate And what all of this has to do with the most Unreal Elections of the Summer of 2014.

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This Summer on the Bluffs is the first satire book I ve ever read and what an exciting onet has been Satire Real events Freehand Perspective and Sketching in Indian politics Total entertainment Thoroughly enjoyed Revenge of Pranab Da and Manmohan was just awesome Super human Rahul baba and dark secrets of Modi Congress syndicate the fourth estate doing away with 2002 They hadt all Stepbrothers Rules Part 1 Forbidden Firsts in bookAt timest seems overdose of satire dragging a bit too far but right Filth in the next page I would end up with a ROFL moment Must read for peoplenterested n Indian politics Kudos to unrealtimes team Bring satire to the dull and boring Indian politics One of the funniest books I have read At the risk of offending you a little India s funniest bloggers would like to hold forth onWhy Narendra Modi s favourite movie s The Lion KingWhat happens to Arnab Goswami.

N recent times As soon as I saw a book being published by the Unrealtimes I knew I can t give The Viscount's Veiled Lady it a miss Wanted to enjoy every page oft and savour the moment while reading Lord of the Butterflies it I did enjoyt However being a regular reader of the unrealtimes I found this book of a compilation of old and new similar jokes It feels like all those jokes have been taken and finely woven Friendship in Medieval Iberia into a story That s not to say that there were no original additions In fact some of the chapters were truly hilarious and totally new chapter 13 being my favourite all are new but feels similar to old jokes But then suchnstances were far and few at least for. S milkman when he tries to cheat himHow Sonia G reshuffles her Cabinet with a little help from Britney SpearsWhy Kejriwal can t get rid of his shawl n the Delhi summerWhat.

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