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Mpressed by this excerptThe mechanics of the writing are poor The story is written in the present tense which made it a chore to read I ve only read one novel The House of Sand and Fog by Andre Dubus that used the present tense well but in all the others including this one I ound it awkward and distracting The story is also written in the Forensic Nursing first person and I and my are grossly overused a common pitfallor beginning writersThe dialogue is a particular weak point The author very rarely uses said or in this case say as a dialogue tag Instead we get comment confirm add purr direct observe etc and also non dialogue tags misused as tags such as smile snigger and clears his throat Avoiding said is another beginner mistake and a major pet peeve of mine The dialogue also oftens sound stiff and Devil Takes His Innocent The Fall of the Four Horsemen forced and as you know Bob statements crop uprom time to timeFinally the story is without context or setting All we are told is that it s a hotel it s in Alaska and it s shaped like a T The hotel room in the opening scene is barely described at all The overall lack of description makes it impossible or me to connect with the world in the story The world doesn t seem concrete or realBeyond the simple mechanics listed above other things bothered me as wellFor instance some Huh moments occurred A murder victim with a dent in his head and no other obvious injuries loses half his body s blood volume How does that happen without any open wound It s supposedly dark twenty hours a day at the time of the story but that means there s about the same amount of daylight in the summer months so this really isn t the best place to have resort or vampires At one point Dria the narrator has to lean in close to determine that someone is human even though his blood is saturating the room and another time she can tell Dr No James Bond 007 role playing game 35006 from manyeet away that a non bleeding person standing in a group of vampires is human by her scentDria also comes across as shallow and unlikeable to me For instance she tapes her visitors in their bedrooms without their knowledge to indulge her voyuerism Yuck I also think my dislike Pour protger Chloe - Cohabitation force (Black Rose) for her has to do with the overall tone of the writing which is inconsistent Sometimes it s light hearted wise cracking then it s erotic then it s I think the story would be vastly improved if the writing wasocusedIn summary I made it to the end of the excerpt but I was glad when I got to the last word I can t recommend this to anyone The concept or the story might be interesting but the execution is uite poor. Rodding give them the answers they need or will it uncover secrets Vivian would kill to protect The V V Inn in reading order Vampire Vacation Book 1 The Hunt Book 2 Big Game Book 3 Death Times Two Book 4 A Grim Reality and V V Inn novel co authored with Boone Brux Blood Legacy Book 5 Sharpen the Blade Book 6 Blood Reckoning Book 7 late 2017 Preuel Stories Death's Servant Before the V V Inn Book One Jon's Tale.

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Wow was all i could say when i read this book I loved the characters right away and the sex was great the little hints os bdsm was good addition to the book I read this book second by accident and didnt get lost or confused these books can stand alone or read in the series These books are or the vamoire lover that doesn t want to be a twilight reader I strongly reccommend this whole series to anyone that wants to read a good book by an good new author Let me start by saying this is an as yet unpublished work by an as yet unpublished author I m sure that won t remain the case The Arrangers of Marriage for long I very much enjoyed this read inact once I got past the Why Zebras Have Black and White Stripes Why Series first chapter or so I couldn t stop readingMs Ellisson was generous enough to provide me with an ARC of her novel with 3 stipulations that I write a review of the work that should I rate her work to be less than 3 stars I withhold posting my opinion until publication of the work and that I not pass the work along to others The review you llind below As I can honestly rate this work closer to a 35 than a 3 I have no ualms about posting this review And if you d like to read the book contact Ms Ellisson or pass her name on to your Giants Monsters and Dragons An Encyclopedia of Folklore Legend and Myth favorite publisherDria aka Vivian and Rafe have been togetheror 65 years when we meet them and the depth of understanding and affection in their relationship was very well written I loved this couple and really enjoyed their connection I like the idea of the Vampire Vacation Inn an erotic Studying Ethnic Minority And Economically Disadvantaged Populations fantasy destination vacation spotor Vampires yes reminiscent of Nina Bangs Castle of Dark Dreams Trilogy in a good way but missing the lol humor I enjoyed the mystery aspects to the story in parts the novel read very much like a WhoDoneIt And I Fiebre de amor found the secondary charactersor the most part interesting and the backstory of Dria s history Seraphic Feather, tome 7 fascinating hopefully we ll see of the past inuture titles in the series This novel came close to hitting 4 stars Aşkımız Eski Bir Roman for me my ultimate criteriaor 4 stars is re readability My issues are mostly those we Eres un Cabrón de las Ventas: Rompiéndola en las Ventas Otorgando Valor a los Clientes (Spanish Edition) find withirst time authors I The Seeker The Host felt the opening chapters were bit abrupt and confusing I honestly wondered what I had gotten myself into thereor a moment The novel has a bit of a multiple personality issue when it comes to genre it s erotica it s paranormal it s mystery and the different pieces don t always play well together And I Отчаяние Otchayanie found the Inn s Vampiric guests just a little too nice and understandingor my taste I wanted the visiting masters to have a adverse reaction when Vivian. In the Alaskan darkness it's not just the cold that bites Meet Vivian She's a 580 year old vampire who exudes sensuality has a talent or drama and is passionate about two things her human husband Rafe and their resort or the undead Her ability to project physical illusions has created the perfect vacation spot a dark isolated Alaskan hideaway where visitors can have their wildest antasies come true Vivian.

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Begins to show her true self or at least a humorous one All things considered this would definitely be a series I would read and re read given a good editor s hand and if a new novel ever deserved a good editor it s this oneI m looking orward to seeing this novel in print and reading those as yet unwritten by Ms Ellisson Vampire Vacation This has to be one of the most attention getting books I have read in a long time The last author to have this effect on me was Laurell K Hamilton Having said that the characters in this book are well rounded to the point that I can almost see them I Wild Texas Blossom feel as if I want to vacation at this resort as CJ Ellisson has made this place come alive in my mind I was not able to put the book downor very long before wanting to continue reading again And the ending of the book is not an ending in the usual sense this story ends but leaves you hungry or the next one Not many authors are able to write a series that leaves you wanting to start the next book at the exact moment you inish the current book Yes there is explicit sex in the book but it does not detract rom the storyline but serves to ill out the characters and make them Bulan Luka Parah fit into todays timeline All in all this was an excellent book and is on my list of books I want to read again It deserves 5 stars Holy Vampire Alaska vacation spots Batman This was myirst read of author CJ Ellisson and I must say this was a very good read Big Mal The High Life and Hard Times of Malcolm Allison Football Legend for me As you all know I m a vampireanatic so when I spotted this vamp author on FB I jumped to check her out Loved the character especially the lead Hikmah ketulusan female Dria aka Vivian Lest weorget her ever so hot sexy hubby Rafe I was also happy to see a Werewolf in this one as well This author also writes some of the most awesome love scenes She Said: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped Ignite a Movement fanning myself just remembering them The story line was very interestingkiller on the loose in the wilds of the backwoods of the Alaska at a Vampire vacation resort hot spot The owners enlist the help of the willing patrons of said resortthinking it ll be greatun Don t worry Vivian it ll all work out in the endI recommend this one to all my Atomik Aztex fellow vampire lovers No icky bloody stuff in this one justun sexy exciting good Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls funI lookorward to the other books in this series Disclaimer This review is based upon the 13000 word Victoria The ueen An Intimate Biography of the Woman Who Ruled an Empire free excerpt posted on the author s web site However this was a DNFor me so I wouldn t have Suddenly Expecting finished the entire novel even it were availableI m sorry to have to give this such a low rating but I really wasn t Knows the best performance reuires perfect timing but the powerful vamp is put to the test when she discovers a corpse in a locked guestroom minutes before the next arrivals Always cool headed Rafe hides the body convinced he and Vivian canind the culprit without disturbing their guests Juggling the increasingly outrageous demands of their customers while tracking a killer isn't easy Will their poking and

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