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Son vampires of Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Dead and Gone The Vampyre Pandora La Morte Amoureuse The Giaour The Little Sisters of Eluria The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire Dead Until Dark The Silver Kiss Carpe Jugulum Dead in the Family 99 Coffins Blood Promise Fevre Dream Dead as a Doornail Thirteen Bullets Merrick Vampire Blood Canticle Vittorio the Vampire Frostbite Bloodstained Oz Elena Gilbert Canon From Dead to Worse The Night Flier Vampire Zero Demon in My View Definitely Dead Vampire The Dark Ages Blackwood Farm Two Blondes Dead to the World Victor Renuist Blood Sucker One for the Road Traveling with the Dead Som.

Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online Pages 201 Chapters Dracula The ueen of the Damned Varney the Vampire Interview with the Vampire The Vampire Lestat Vampire literature Memnoch the Devil The Tale of the Body Thief The Vampire Diaries House of Night Dracula in popular culture Characters in the House of Night series Twilight List of fictional vampires Black Blood Brothers Necroscope Vampire Earth The Vampire Chronicles Bunnicula Edward Cullen The Last Vampire The Informers Chicagoland Vampires Black Dagger Brotherhood The Record of.

A Fallen Vampire Bella Swan Vampire Academy Cirue du Freak Anno Dracula series Vampire Hunter D Midnight Secretary Thomas Raith Vampire Princess Miyu List of fictional dhampirs Vampire Knight Blue Bloods Vampire Kisses Genevieve Dieudonne Shiki The Little Vampire Peeps Shadow Kiss Shattered Mirror Millennium Snow Midnight's Choice Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories A Touch of Dead The Vampire Armand Lament of the Lamb Blood and Gold Jean Claude Living Dead in Dallas Fangland Count Saint Germain Spirit Bound Chia Black Dragon My Sister the Vampire Last Sacrifice Blood Coven Viy Thirsty Club Dead Christabel Asher Bran.

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