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And writes laws for his sland a rather hilarious exercise given that he s the only citizen of his sland When the clock stops one day Robinson finds he kind of likes the freedom he gains when freed from the tyranny of time but he manages to wag the finger at himself until he s back Bridging Liberalism and Multiculturalism in American Education in line Good analysis of the stage of nature A Semblance of Company I am completelyn the desert I have never seen people nor do I magine that another man s even possible At that very moment an analogous creature appears Cruise Control in my field of vision which while not being mes nevertheless the same principle n an alien body Someone dentical but alien nevertheless And suddenly I experience at precisely the same moment a wondrous fulfillment and a painful division Yet one revelation stands out above all the rest I have become boundless unpredictable to myself multiple City Limits in possibilities through this alien fresh butdentical power which approaches me as f I were approaching myself from the outside Witold Gombrowicz Diary 1 I was unfairly suspicious of this book the way I m unfairly suspicious of musicians who mostly sing other people s songs chalk t up to my adolescent and than just slightly Puritanical obsession with originality But of course that s all bullshit Friday gains a lot from being a story whose plot we already know to put this graphically we might say that ts horizontal axis shrinks while ts vertical one elongates We ve been to this Culture and Enchantment island before we know the drama of use that Defoe managed somehow to put together out of banana leaves and coconut shells but what we don t or didn t knows what would happen f the entire drama took place within the playful and exorbitant mind of a contemporary French philosopher What s that you say You d rather be stuck n a tank of pissed off cobras than trapped n the mind of a French philosopher for two hundred pages But before you dismiss this book out of hand as an exercise or circle of hell know that Tournier like his master Bachelar. Suspendu entre ciel et enfers dans les limbes en somme Plus près de la mort u'aucun autre homme je suis du même coup plus près des sources mêmes de la sexualité.

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Phenomenal read I have been longing for the entertaining meditation on the self n a rich artful even exotic way that Friday delivers Tournier s retelling of Robinson Crusoe kept me up at night reading 50 or pages late Baroque Personae into the night High recommendation for fans of retellings and philosophically profound literature I readt Democratic Art in French while my husband readt Did the Greeks Believe in Their Myths? in English and agreet s a faithful translation We were both riveted Michel Tournier s novel Friday or The Other Island as known n English Codependent Forevermore: The Invention of Self in a Twelve Step Group is a retelling of the famous novel by Daniel Dafoe Robinson Crusoe Its the classic tale of a man who Conscience and Memory: Meditations in a Museum of the Holocaust is shipwrecked on a desertedsland and This was a bit of a parody or re Conscience and Memory interpretation of Robinson Crusoe andnteresting but bleak bleak bleak like most of Tournier s writing I think that these days Robinson Crusoe Pansy Vol. 6 is as anntrinsic part of the modern mythology as Odysseus or Flying DutchmanAnd Michel Tournier s retelling of the myth Edible Memory: The Lure of Heirloom Tomatoes and Other Forgotten Foods is anronic allegory of the conuering of the globe by civilization and progress and a philosophical parable on the nature of manFriday had learned to be a soldier when his master was the general a choir boy when his master prayed a mason when he was building a porter when he went on a journey and a beater when he hunted and he had learned to chase the flies away with a palm frond when his master was taking a napMan believes Elizabeth I in God Man doesn t understand God s ways so he serves God trying to oblige God and deserve a better life And deep downnside every man dreams to play a role of God Even to become GodSo now Robinson Crusoe Education in a New Society is the god and Fridays a man serving his god he doesn t understand his god s motives and purposes but he believes that one day he will manage to become a god too Despite the title this Education in a New Society: Renewing the Sociology of Education is actually a retelling of Robinson Crusoe as a whole not a story with Friday as the protagonist or main focus Asn the original he doesn t appear until about two thirds nto the book Tournier s theme s the psychology of Tous ceux ui m'ont connu tous sans exception me croient mort Ma propre conviction ue j'existe a contre elle l'unanimité uoi ue je fasse je n'empêcherai pas ue dans.

Olitude a dimension completely The Baby Swap Miracle ignored by Defoe whose Crusoes an embodiment of English civilization than an actual human character Tournier s exploration of madness solation sexuality and the disintegration of self and ego draws heavily from Freud and Jung In the absence of social reinforcement Crusoe s sense of reality blurs nto his dreamlike perceptions of the sland as a fecund maternal entity named Speranza who both seduces and succors him Really weird yet thought provoking stuffFriday himself though described as a mulatto n the GR description s actually mixed black and Araucanian Mapuche Of all the Crusoe adaptations I ve read I found that this one actually comes closest to replicating the original s happy go lucky personality It actually works better here as Tournier s Friday s only fifteen rather than a grown man approaching thirty and a combat veteran and escaped POW to boot I almost saw Tournier s version as another example of the vibrant person of color brings excitement to the life of the boring straitlaced white person trope basically a racialized Manic Pixie Dream Girl but then I realized that s a modern American perspective Tournier was French and writing Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation in the 60s Tournier s points that Crusoe himself becomes the Other rather a British guy with a sidekick This Gender Justice is bestllustrated at the very end when view spoilerFriday leaves and Generations and Collective Memory is replaced by a white boy Crusoe who has elected to remain on Speranzas now the primitive man and offers an alternative to rigid European civilization hide spoiler 35 stars This s a fast read a retake on the famous Daniel Defoe Robinson Crusoe It gets a bit didactic at the end n making From Notes to Narrative its points butt s mostly well written The difference Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America in this 1969 renditions that contrast between Robinson and his man Friday Tournier s point s to show us that the often lazy always fun seeking Friday s the superior man to the dour and rule abiding European Robinson pre discovery of Friday even creates a water clock. L'esprit de la totalité des hommes l y a l'image du cadavre de Robinson Cela suffit non certes à me tuer mais à me repousser aux confins de la vie dans un lieu.

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Michel Tournier was a French writerHis works are highly considered and have won important awards such as the Grand Prix du roman de l'Académie française in 1967 for Vendredi ou les limbes du Pacifiue and the Prix Goncourt for Le Roi des aulnes in 1970 His works dwell on the fantastic his inspirations including traditional German culture Catholicism and the philosophies of Gaston Bachelard