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Ltilevel marketing If you would like to get a in depth look from the author imself check out episode 209 on the EL website or you can find the show on iTunes Excellent re interpretation of Napolean Hill s Think and Grow Rich aimed specifically at network marketers Includes exercises to do at the end of each chapter. Ough negative thinking I discovered the true 'issue' that was Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas holding me back from starting to achieve success flowing like it is supposed to beNow I can stop and decide what to think and focus on before even speaking When you said the difference is the intent behind the action BOOM thatit me I was taking action and doing stuff but not focusing on the intention just the results Oh boy i was wrongThanks to that and staying in daily action I achieved the first position of leadership on my primary business and in other activities online I am The Magic Rolling Pin having positive results with little effort Not rich yet butey it feels so good to move forward on a positive way without getting another SEO course and joining another company Basically my investment is recovered and I am not even into Chapter 2 yet I can not wait to finish it completely and apply everything into my life and bizThanks for writing that line on that page and the book Moises Colon LOVING the information presented in your book Really appreciate you laying yourself out on the line with personal examples that serve to drive your points om.

In is book Higdon provides a roadmap filled with practical advice assignments and principles that are designed to show you Not Without a Fight how to become the best network marketer in the field of multilevel marketing The goal of this book is theelp you train your brain to craft your own success master the art of networking enhanc. Fans of Napoleon Hill and Network Marketing will find valuable mindset advice in Vibrational Money Immersion Think and Grow Rich for Network marketers by Ray Higdon This book Garden Bouquets and Beyond helps Home Business Entrepreneurs to manage their mindset so that they are better able to earn a living fromome Readers are taken by the The Unseen Wonder hand through the principles first expressed by Hill and shownow these apply within the context of Multi Level Marketing and other The Management Bible home and small businesses The information is clear and simple to understand and includes assignments that bring you a better understanding of these principles If you ever struggled to understand Think and Grow Rich then this book is for you ABOUT THE AUTHORRay Higdon is the top income earner inis Network Marketing company and Zu schnell has been featured in leadingome and small business magazines including Better Networker Magazine and The Small Business Owner Magazine Vibrational Money Immersion Think and Grow Rich for Network Marketers as been described as this generation's translation of Napoleon Hill's immortal text specifically for Network MarketersRay.

E your sales skills and overcome multiple obstacles that get in the way For your convenience we ad Ray Higdon on our podcast The Entrepreneurs Library to give a deep dive on Vibrational Money Immersion With Ray s experience e gives amazing insight on ow to master the art of making money as a network marketer in mu. Has combined real life examples of is own struggles and triumphs as they apply to the concepts first outlined in Think and Grow Rich WHAT OTHERS SAY ABOUT VMIIf you wish to emulate Ray’s success and position in the industry then you ave two choices copy what Invisible (The Curse of Avalon he does or learnow Yummy Supper he thinks I suggest that if you copy whate does and use the tools e uses you may ave success You may get knocked off track if things don’t go your way and you may stumble but you should Deep Listening have some success if conditions are favourable However if you train your mind so that it works in the same way as Ray’s you willave the tools to craft success yourself If obstacles appear you will find a way around them If you stumble you will pick yourself up If others lose the plot or the map disappears or the company you are in crumbles into dust you will just keep on going Learn this stuff and the tools are within you You cannot lose your way when you are the map the compass and the navigator Rebecca Woodhead Foreword to Vibrational Money Immersion Ray Because of what you shared on page 19 about self sabotage thr.

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