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And get ready to feel like the terrible human ou are I know I didBooks like this tend to read like a self help book but for the most part it s really just a collection of all of his amazing ualities and responses and good deeds put together in 142 pages that s probably aimed at getting us to be better humansFrom charitable contributions to random acts of kindness his actions prove that if we are all a little Keanu the world would be a little betterWhat Would Keanu Do is a uick read and is great for anyone who is still recovering from the nightmare that was 2020 Enjoy. E Matrix and everything in between this humorous Agony And Epitaph; Man, His Art, And His Poetry yet helpful book provides all of the insight and guidanceou'll ever need And remember As noted in the immortal lyrics of Kansas and dramatically delivered by one Ted Theodore Logan All we are is dust in the wi.

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ConditioningAnyway I loved Keanu Reeves solely on the fact that he was and still is hot When Thomas Gets Tricked and Other Stories you reoung being hot is enough to think someone is perfect When The Long Way Home (Sequoyah, you get olderou realize hopefully that hot can only go so far We look for other traits such as they re loving caring smart have a great sense of humor Basically we hope they re an all around decent human beingWell guess what It turns out 11 The Reason I Jump year old me was right Keanu Reeves is perfect because he is all of those things Ifou don t believe me then ou should grab a copy of What Would Keanu Do by Chris Barsanti. Hey’re being entertained What Would Keanu Do examines everyday challenges faced by readers and helps solve those same problems by applying the philosophical lessons espoused by Reeves or one of his filmsFrom John Wick and Toy Story 4 to Dangerous Liaisons Th.

Keanu is my favorite so of course it was awesome uick read that had some good stories on his generosity but most fans should be familiar with them A good addition to my Keanu collection Here s a piece of trivia about me that might come in handy one day My first adult crush was Keanu Reeves I was 11 and because it was a simpler time I was introduced to him via his movie Speed I so badly wanted to be trapped on a bus that was about to explode if it meant he would save me Unfortunately the only bus I rode was the school bus and its biggest problem was it didn t have air. From Speed’s “What would ou do” to Point Break’s “If ou want the ultimate ou’ve got to be willing to pay the ultimate price” Keanu Reeves’s movies are consistently built around philosophical uestions that challenge viewers at the same time

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