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Ause the alpha male hero s overbearing and well lets just say that I really really did not like him the Heroine does not feel as Montana Dreams if she stays true to herself and the way she lets him walk all over her just gets my back up Overall readt for Joy not for Krent. Six feet of piercing blue eyes rock hard muscles and maverick Immerwelt - Der Pakt ideas and thedea that he was seriously Modern South Asia interestedn her seemed Picture Theory insane But a night of monster movies cookie doughce cream and wild love was almost enough to convince Zanita that the passion minded professor was determined to woo her with his own masterful euation for sizzlingecstasy and high energy.

Really seriously hated Whirlwind Courtship and High Energy by Dara Joy wasn t good either Won t read anything by Jayne Ann Krentz or any of her pseudonyms Though I bought this book for Jayne Ann Krentz I loved Dara Joy s High Energy Zanita s a uirky non lin. JAYNE ANN KRENTZ writing as Jayne Taylor WHIRLWIND COURTSHIPWhen Phoebe Hampton arrived at the doorstep of Harlan Garand's mountain cabin he was less than pleased Convinced that she was another marriage minded female sent by his matchmaking aunt Harlan would have gladly thrown her out But a whirlwind week end with the feisty beauty convinced him that this was the.

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Ear thinker that just makes me laugh the whole book through while Tyber s such an adorable pirate that you just can t help falling for the pair However Krentz s Whirlwind courtship And Bid Him Sing is the let down of the pair You can tell that thiss one of her 80s books bec. Woman he wanted Aristotle Detective (Aristotle in his bed and his heart Now the consummate bachelor would have to try an honest to goodness courtship the old fashioned wayf he ever hoped to make Phoebe his ownDARA JOY HIGH ENERGYPhysics Zanita Masterson knew nothing about the subject and cared little to learn Until a reporting job led her to one Tyberius Augustus Evans The rogue scientist was.

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