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Incing plot Wickedly They Come The Wickedly Series Book 1 s highly recommended Wickedly They Come by Cathrina Constantine s dark ominous YA thriller I love dark and ominous and t s perfect for older YA and adult readersThe story revolves Seeley love that name and her daughter Jordan Jack Seeley s husband and Jordan s father belonged to The Black Order then abruptly changed his alliance after falling Love for Imperfect Things in love and having a daughter This doesn t set well with the evil powers that be at the Black Order and after Jack s death they want Jordan to be consecrated as their own It s now up to Seeley and Jordan to fight them with the help of two angels Mark and Zeke I don t give away spoilers or too much of the plotn my reviews but this was a fast paced action packed story sprinkled with humor The characters were well developed both good and evil adult and teenager Ms Constantine nailed her writing of normal teenage angst Jordan must deal with a new school trying to fit A Heart of Stone in with new friends some of which may not be her friends decidingf her feelings are for the handsome angel Mark or the hot thrill seeking high school heartthrob all while being stalked by demons It was a perfect fit for those of us who love dark a bit gory and graphic but not overly so paranormal tales But beware the wonderfully eerie ending will leave you wanting. A High to combat soulless demons She encounters Mark a mysterious new classmate who s hell bent on keeping her unscathed from the forces of evil The battle between Heaven and Hell s escalating and Earth s their battleground.

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Ok like I said on CW network needs to contact this author Love this series I read the second book first and I just had to get Wickedly they come to get me up to speed I did receive both of these books for free to give an honest review But I would have paid for them both Thanks Cathy Although Wickedly They Come s categorized as young adult I enjoyed Divertimento it and I think any adult who loves paranormal genre will enjoyt First of all the heroine of the story may be only sixteen but she has the depth and strength of an adult and at times has to make decisions like one She Love Is a Fairy Tale is likable than her mother Seeleyn this readers humble opinion I have to say that all the characters were very well written Jordanas well as Jordan s frienemy Ronan and all the supporting characters are Promise at Dawn interesting and believable This novel hast all nonstop action angels demons Review Rating5 stars Download your free 5 Star SealReviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers FavoriteWickedly They Come The Wickedly Series Book 1 s a Christian based young adult contemporary fantasy written by Cathrina Constantine Jordan was a young child when she and her mother Seeley confronted The Black Order n an attempt to rescue Jack Jordan s father and Seeley s husband Asa Trebane was furious with Jack who had been his protege until he renounced his allegiance to the devil While Ja. A Gripping Dark Paranormal ThrillerA Destined Prophecy along with haunting visions and supernatural talents are the norm for the sixteen year old Jordan and her mother Seeley Together with their formidable angels they find the.

Ck died despite their best efforts they were still able to release him from the cross he d been nailed upon As he lay dying he told them where to find his manuscript and his guardian angel told Seeley and Jordan about Jack s struggles against the proliferation of satanic cults With the help of their guardian angels the mother and daughter continue his efforts however Asa Trebane still considers Jordan his to consecrate to LuciferCathrina Constantine s young adult contemporary paranormal fantasy Wickedly They Come The Wickedly Series Book 1 Bangkok Wakes to Rain is a fast paced and action packed story about a motherdaughter team whose lives are devoted to fighting Lucifer s minions on earth and warning anyone who ll listen about the ever present dangers they face Seeley and Jordan are complex and believable characters as are their two guardian angels Zeke and Markus Wickedly They Comes also a coming of age story as The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery it shows the previously home schooled young womannteracting with her peers for just about the first time Constantine s battle seuences are dynamic and a lot of fun to follow and her demons are suitably awful and terrifying This Darkmere is a well written fantasy which while predominantly Christian baseds suitable for contemporary fantasy readers regardless of their religious background It s well written has outstanding characters and a conv. Mselves Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? in peril when a wicked sorcerers determined to fulfill the prophecy to his lord Lucifer After an ominous vision of spirits Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den inhabiting teenagersn a local school Jordan enrolls n the social culture of teendom at Elm.

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I am blessed with a loving family and forever friends My world revolves around themI grew up in the small village of Lancaster NY where I married my sweetheart I'm devoted to raising 5 cherished children and now my grandchildren I love to immerse myself in great books of every kind of genre which helps me to write purely for entertainment and hopefully to inspire readers When not station