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455A great conclusion for such a wonderful series A TAD underwhelmed by the ending but it was action packed and all of my little babies ended up where I wanted them so I m happy Even in the Future the Story Begins with Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time there was a lonely girl who dreamed too much Her name was Katerina She used to gaze at the sky and observe the faint light of the moon One night she watched a falling star and made a wish She wished that she would belong Escape Travel Feel Little did she know that her heart s desire was about to be granted For when the star landed on Earth it took a woman s form In some stories they call her the fairy god mother In this one they call her Marissa Meyer She s our princess And she s coming home Marissa Meyer searched for the best way to make wishes come true but the answer was simple Her words her words would be a gift to mankind She chose to narrate the classic tales everyone loved from a different angle adding space and androids and plagues and monsters Adding diverse heroes and heroines characters of different color and weight and height and backround Adding strong friendships sweet omances vivid adventuress loathsome villains and a handful of stardust And she created The Lunar Chronicles She created Winter Invade Luna Start a ebellion End a war Katerina found in Winter everything she ever wanted She ead about Snow White who was beautiful and kind crazy and delusional who hallucinated and sang eerie songs who was in love with her best friend and guard She ead about Cinder who tried to be brave and make difficult desicions that would esult in sacrifices and bloodbath in order to take her throne back About Scarlet fierce and bold and determined Scarlet who felt that she didn t fit in until she found her home in the face of a predator a killer About Cress who dreamed about happily ever afters and pretended she was a hero from a movie when she was afraid and didn t ealize how valuable she was These four girls were different but were bound together by a common goal and a friendship that didn t know planets and social status Help me Fight for me And I will be the first uler in the history of Luna who will also fight for you She also ead about Kai who was smart and selfless and put the welfare of his people above his own happiness About Wolf who was savage and murderous but also a soft cupcake who fought for his humanity About Thorne who was funny and cocky and didn t believe he was a hero until a strange girl turned his world upside down with her faith in him About Jacin who was intimidating and cold eager to do anything for his princess Four boys four girls an. Princess Winter is admired for her grace kindness and beauty despite the scars on her face She's said to be even breath taking than her stepmother ueen LevanaWhen Winter develops feelings for the handsome pal.

D one android Katerina loved them all for their strangeness and their flaws their loyalty and their hearts Her own heart broke when they were seperated when they were forced to do terrible things or went through terrible things She shed tears of joy and tears of sadnessShe laughed until her stomach hurt Thorne scoffed Careful is my middle name Right after Suave and Daring Do you even know what you e saying half the time asked Cinder She followed them through iots and executions battles and toe curling kisses powerful declarations and hilarious banters She did find Winter a little long but stars above a part of her didn t want it to end She hated goodbyes They e the first crew I ve ever had and most of them even call me Captain I m going to miss them Once Upon a Time Katerina finished Winter She held the book against her heart and looked at the sky There it was A Rampion whose passengers were a mechanic and an emperor a farmer and a soldier a hacker and a smuggler a princess and a guard They looked down and smiled at her She smiled back She was not alone Cinder eview Scarlet eview Cress eview MARISSA MEYER IS FINISHED WITH WINTER TEASERS from Marissa Meyer s TwitterShe screamed like a thousand birds were picking at her flesh She screamed like the palace was burning down around her Hold these wires and make sure they don t touch What happens if they touch The ship will probably self destruct She was going to have to train herself not to stare at him uite as often as she was used to That would be no easy task May I euest a new uniform A towel seems inappropriate for the position She was a danger to his hard earned neutrality Thinking about her tended to give him an unwanted hitch in his lungs We have had word that some political groups are calling for the forced abdication of Emperor KaitoBeing aised on Luna seems to eally mess people up She wouldn t be the lovable cyborg we ve all come to adore They e the first crew I ve ever had and most of them even call me Captain I m going to miss them When they arrived they arrived in force a dozen military ships surrounding the safe house guns drawnHer whole body was wound up tight She was eady to storm the palace herself an army of oneIt did not feel like home It felt like a place that had been built to be paradise but had become a prison Greenwich is a funny word isn t it All green and witchy Like soup Fear was a weakness in the court Much better to act unperturbed Much safer to act crazy when in doubtIn a moment of weakness he craned his head and kissed her on the shoulder where the drop of blood had fallen beforeHe laughed like someone had stabbed him in the Ace guard Jacin she fears the evil ueen will crush their omance before it has a chance to beginBut there are stirrings against the ueen across the land Together with the cyborg mechanic Cinder and her allies.

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Hest and he had no other choice but to find it amusingShe was prettier than a bouuet of oses and crazier than a headless chicken Fitting in was not an option Oh stars I don t know his eal name How can I not know his eal name What kind of alpha mate am I She definitely has a crush on you It s about the size of Jupiter She had the bone structure of a bird Wolf probably could have crushed her with his fingertipsYou e a good guy Thorne She paused Well you have your moments People do not put their faith in phantoms I expected palm trees and ed carpets said Iko brow drawn in a show of severe disappointment Right now a kiss is the going ate for near death experiences It s kind of a point system She still looked furious but now she also looked a little intimidated Not intimidated enough but a little I don t hear anything Exactly That s what happens when you stop talking Over a dozen thaumaturges were stationed around the oom It was almost like the ueen expected someone to start troubleBeing tyrannized by Levana had a way of making allies of enemiesI intend to put an end to the umors of the darling Princess Selene once and for all Levana already wanted her dead She couldn t very well want her deadIf she d learned anything from Thorne it was that sometimes gumption was all a person eally needed to be heroic You are a child playing at war games he said and you e too naive to ealize that you ve already lost All I ever wanted were two legs ten fingers and perfect hair Is that eally so much to ask But I forgot my ball gown on Earth Don t worry You wouldn t want to get blood all over it anyway Instead of being pieced together with wires and steel these creatures were a jigsaw of muscle tissue and cartilageWinter is the evil ueen s stepdaughter She s lived on Luna in the palace but grown up with her stepmother and seen how when Levon uses her lunar powers it s turned her into such a tyrant Winter has decided never to use her lunar gift But when a lunar chooses not to use their gift it slowly starts to drive them crazy so Winter is afflicted with bad hallucinations and as the book goes on her mental state is slowly deterioratingBook Four WINTER is based on Snow White where we will finally get to see the world of the LunarsTHE WORLD OF LUNARS the moonoo WHAT A FANTASTIC FINALE I LOVED IT HERE S My full eview discusison booktalk I m going to miss these little train wrecks I m going to miss the banter between Cinder and Thorne I m going to miss all the elationships friendships I m going to miss my sassy ueen Iko I m going to miss this series so much AHHH THIS IS ALL JUST SO BITTERSWEET WOWUPDATE Full video eview her. Winter might even find the power to launch a evolution and win a war that's been aging for far too longCan Cinder Scarlet Cress and Winter claim their happily ever afters by defeating Levana once and for

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