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L loved loved this book Wisha s world created by author Payal Kapadia pushes the imagination into new territory This book is a delight and should be enjoyed by families across the globe The imaginative story of Wisha Wozzariter Wish I was a writer who wants to write a story but never sets about doing it On a certain day Bookworm pops up from a book she is reading and urges her to write a book by taking her to the Marketplace of ideas Thus starts a highly imaginative and adventurous journey la Carroll s AliceRead between the lines to find sound advice for aspiring authorsCheck out the detailed review at Everything and nothing are like two sides of the same coin aren t they said the Bookworm Those who think they have nothing might have everything and those who think they have everything might have nothingI had wanted to read this book for a long time and found it in the book fair Put my grubby paws on it ASAP and it turned out to be an autographed copy This is both a book for children and adults like me who like to read them It takes ou through the process of writing a fun way of talking to the intended audience and not down to it I never did like that when I was a child and the habit has stayed with me imaginative and fun What could have been an amazingly imaginative book is let down by the lack of adventure and humour and the overdose of the abstract What a pityWisha Wozzariter as her name suggests wishes to be a writer Guided by the mentor like Bookworm she takes the Train of Thought to the Marketplace of Ideas and bids for an Imagination Balloon which she promises to pay for with half a bottle of Inspira. A charming story about a little girl’s dream of becoming a writer‘I wish I was a writer’ sighed Wisha‘Well ou are Wisha Wozzariter’ said the Bookworm‘So I am But I don’t uite know where to begin’‘At the beginning of course’ said the Bookworm rolling his eyesTen ear old Wish.

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Tion She gets tossed out of the Superhero Salon and has to settle for an unlikely Hero Prufrock a timid mouse from the Thrift Shop in the Bargain Bazaar There s of such abstract ideas like finding her Style scissors that cut her toga robe of Ideas into a uniue well fitting Style getting a Stroke of Luck fighting a Villain finding Structure Glue so that her story has a proper beginning middle and end etc etc etc But nothing really happens Wisha just meanders from one abstract Notion to another abstract Concept and eventually the story she does write is the one we are seeing unfold before our eyes the adventures she has on her journey to becoming a writer Imagination much What happened to the scores of things and ideas she had crammed into her Imagination Balloon I get it that the whole idea was to present how a writer writes a story in story format itself like a meta story But this story is just a string of Concepts and Situations with no real narrative to make an actual story Wisha Wozzawriter is emphatically a writer s book told from a writer s perspective about the writing process that writers will appreciate It is not a readers book Even assuming that the book is meant only for people interested in writing and story telling it still lacks the element of fun or adventure that makes a great fantasy book It is a bit too technical has no humour and very little adventure To sum up Too abstract for kids Not enough wisdom for adults Not enough humour for both Its a beautiful book I am a grown up who loves reading kid lit If Forgery, Replica, Fiction you are one too just read it Ifou are a parent this book caters to 11 ears up advanced re. A wishes to be a writer When she meets Bookworm she stops wishing and starts writing With him she rides on the Thought Express to the Marketplace of Ideas the Superhero Salon and the Bargain Bazaar and encounters a motley crew of charactersAlong the way she discovers the creative process by whic.

Ading 10 or 9 ear olds will also get it At very oung age I loved reading for they took me to places that only book could take from Alice in wonderland to happy ending disney tales adding a dash of Indian myth and culture by Panchatantra to Jataka tales Moral witty tales of Tenali Raman as children I was exploring world full of fantasyMost were illustrated classics that I loved to browse and discover the world with themThese illustration helped me to take with me all those characters even after I had done with the booksImages of book worms were so alluring to meI wanted to get my niece a book and thats how I bumped to this oneBefore giving it to her I ended up readingWisha loves reading that she reads all the timeShe constantly wises to be a readerEverytime she reads a good book which she hates she sighs feeling she could have done it better wishing to be a reader all the timeEnter bookworm who takes her through a journey in Thought express to Market place of ideasThe tale is amusing with Grand idea auction Superhero salon and Bargain bazar making our good old days of creativity come aliveWisha says I write in confusion and crisis raised my eyebrow thinking what and all a10 ear old can feelThis novel has illustration by Roger Dahl is very cute just like the tale itself an awesome read imagination works wonders and Kapadia has done justice by stirring up the imagination with her protagonist Wisha and her companion the Bookworm good use of nonce words and not to forget the illustration by Roger DahlIt is not meant for kids only infact it inspires avid readers like me who want to become writers in the long run. H anything beautiful and lasting is created a process in which Faith Luck and Destiny play no mean partRoger Dahl’s zany illustrations bring Wisha’s imaginative world to life Join Wisha on this rollicking writer’s adventure and find out how she finally fulfils her dream of becoming a write.

Payal Kapadia’s “Wisha Wozzariter” won the Crossword Book Award 2013 for Best Children’s Book and is also on the “101 Indian Children’s Books We Love” list She is also the author of “Colonel Hathi Loses His Brigade” and “Puffin Lives BR Ambedkar” Payal started her career as a journalist with Outlook Magazine in Mumbai and The Japan Times in Tokyo after receiving a Master’s degree from North